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 Ronald Colman Collection

7 MP3 CDs - 247 episodes

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Ronald Colman (DISK 1 ONLY) Guest Aprcs 1
Ronald Colman (DISK 2 ONLY) Guest Aprcs 2
Ronald Colman (DISK 3 ONLY) Guest Aprcs 3
Ronald Colman (DISK 4 ONLY) Favorite Story 1
Ronald Colman (DISK 5 ONLY) Favorite Story 2
Ronald Colman (DISK 6 ONLY) Halls of Ivy 1
Ronald Colman (DISK 7 ONLY) Halls of Ivy 2

"Suspense: August Heat"
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 A Tale of Two Cities: Reginald Owen, Edna May Oliver, Ronald Colman, Benita Hume, and Billy Bevan
Laurence Olivier said of Ronald Colman: "He had a deep but gentle masculinity: the ideal of the dark Englishman."

Ronald ColmanColman was the second son and fourth child in a silk merchant's household in Surrey, born 1891. Young Ronald was attending boarding school where he discovered a fascination with acting, for which he seemed to have a natural talent. He had planned to go on and study engineering at Cambridge, but had to leave school when his father died suddenly of pneumonia.

Ronald went to work as a clerk in the London Office of the British Steamship Company, and in 1908, he joined the London Scottish Regiment as part of the Territorial Army. His was one of the first units mobilized at the outbreak of WWI, and he took a piece of shrapnel in the ankle at the battle of Messines in 1914. The injury left him with a limp he spent his entire career trying to hide. Invalided out of the Army in 1915, he decided to try his hand at professional acting.

He became part of the company at Gladys Cooper's Playhouse. Miss Cooper said that Colman play "with amiable but remarkable clumsiness." His natural good looks caught the attention of filmmakers on both sides of the Atlantic. His first major Hollywood role was opposite Lillian Gish in The White Sister (1924). Ronald Colman would be remembered as one of MGM's great silent stars but for one thing; he had a terrific speaking voice.

Ronald ColmanRelatively few actors were able to make the transition from silents to talkies, Colman was nominated for the 1930 Academy Award in Acting for both Condemned and Bulldog Drummond. He finally won his Oscar for A Double Life (1947) (much to the delight of his neighbor, Jack Benny).

Colman's earliest radio appearance is on the Hollywood promotional program, The Circle, broadcast in January, 1939, along with Cary Grant, Groucho and Chico Marx, Carole Lombard and Jose Iturbi. Like many A-list stars, Colman reprised several of his movie roles for radio plays on Lux Radio Theater and The Screen Guild Theatre. These included "The Prisoner of Zenda", "None Shall Part Us", "The Juggle of Notre Dame", "Libel!", "Rebecca", "A Tale of Two Cities", "The Talk Of The Town", "Lost Horizon", "Random Harvest" and others.

One of Colman's most dramatic pre-War radio appearances was on Mar 16, 1940, on Arch Oboler's Plays in Oboler's adaptation of "The Most Dangerous Game". For the British community, the War started before Pearl Harbor, and Colman lent his support to Radio Tribute to the King and Queen in 1939. Once America joined the War, Colman served on the front lines of the "Battle of Hollywood". Along with numerous appearances on Command Performance, Colman hosted NBC's Everything For The Boys, featuring plays by Arch Oboler.

One of Ronald Colman and his wife Benita Hume's best loved contributions to Old Time Radio was as a part of a running gag on the Jack Benny Program. On the Dec 9, 1945, broadcast, Jack is invited to dinner at his supposed next door neighbors, the Colman's (in real life, the Benny's and the Colman's lived a few blocks apart). The gag went on for years, and included Jack getting robbed after he "borrowed" Colman's Oscar statuette. It was such a popular routine that Jack revived it for his television program using James Stewart and his wife as the neighbors.

Ronald Colman Jack BennyThe Colman's had so much fun doing comedy with Jack Benny that when Fibber McGee and Molly writer Don Quinn came up with a new project, they were all ears. Quinn had envisioned his Halls of Ivy to star Gale Gordon and Edna Best. At the time Gordon was co starring as a high school principal on Our Miss Brooks, so when the Colman's found out about the concept, they jumped at it. The Halls Of Ivy ran for 109 episodes on the radio, including "The Goya Bequest" which Colman wrote himself. The show was more than light sitcom fare, featuring stories which flew in the face of racial bigotry, the traditions of fraternity hazing and one that dealt with an unwed pregnancy. Thirty eight episodes of The Halls Of Ivy followed the Red Skelton Show on CBS TV, mostly using scripts adapted from the radio program.

Ronald Colman passed away in May, 1958, battling acute emphysema. At the time of his death,  he was contracted to star in MGM's Village of the Damned. The film was eventually made by a British Production company starring George Anders. Anders also married the widowed Benita Hume.

Two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honor Ronald Colman, one at 1623 Vine Street for his work in Television and one at 6801 Hollywood Blvd for Motion Pictures.

Ronald Colman and Peggy Cummins performing The Late George Apley on (I believe) The Screen Guild Theater in early 1948

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: Guest Appearances 1
40 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 16 minutes

Academy Award Th 460511 07 If I Were King
Academy Award Th 461127 36 Lost Horizon
America Calling 410208 Sp 1o2 Salute To Greece
Anthology 540704 Ep18 Special July 4th Edition
Bbc Memorial Program S&d
Bergen Mccarthy 430418 Ronald Coleman
Columbia Workshop 450710 002 Daybreak
Command Performance 430710 074 Ronald ColmanElla Mae Morse
Command Performance 430918 085 Ronald Colman, Jascha Heifetz, Lena Horne
Command Performance 440708 128 Claudette Colbert Jimmy Durante Ronald Colman
Command Performance 440722 130 Ronald Colman, Ginny Simms, Cary Grant
Command Performance 450814 Victory Extra Part 1
Command Performance 450814 Victory Extra Part 2
Command Performance 480529 Sixth Anniversary Special
Everything For Boys 440118 01 Petrfied Forest
Everything For Boys 440201 03 Lost Horizon
Everything For Boys 440208 04 Berkeley Square
Everything For Boys 440215 05 Man To Remember
Everything For Boys 440222 06 Woman Stayed Home
Everything For Boys 440307 08 Of Human Bondage
Everything For Boys 440314 09 Ghost Goes West
Everything For Boys 440321 10 Girl On Road
Everything For Boys 440328 11 An Ostrich Bed Broken Gla
Everything For Boys 440404 12 This Living Book
Everything For Boys 440411 13 Citadel
Everything For Boys 440418 14 Jarvis Bay Goes Do
Everything For Boys 440425 15 Death Takes Holiday
Everything For Boys 440502 16 Buried Alive
Everything For Boys 440509 17 This Above All
Everything For Boys 440516 18 Blithe Spirit
Everything For Boys 440523 19 Quality Street
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 461112 0490 Expecting Visit Ronald Colman
Good News 400208 057 Ronald Colman & Ida Lapino
Hallmark Playhouse 480916 015 Goodbye Mr Chips
Hallmark Playhouse 500119 070 Around World In 80 Days
Halls Of Ivy 500106 001 Reappointment
Hedda Hopper Show 501119 X Andy Devine
Jack Benny 451209 564 Jack Is Invited To Colmans For Dinner
Jack Benny 451223 566 English Butler
Jack Benny 460203 572 Contest Winners Names Announced

Volume 2: Guest Appearances 2
34 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 56 minutes

Jack Benny 460414 582 Violin Practice Interrupts Ronald Colmans Rehearsal
Jack Benny 460414 Violin Practice Interrupts Ronald Colmans Rehearsal
Jack Benny 460505 1732 Leaving For
Jack Benny 461117 596 Guests Ronald And Bonita Colman
Jack Benny 461117 Ronald And Bonita Colman
Jack Benny 470427 619 Leaving For Chicago
Jack Benny 471109 629 Corner Drug Store
Jack Benny 480201 641 Jack And Mary See Colmans Movie
Jack Benny 480328 649 Jack Is Robbed Of Ronald Colmans Oscar
Jack Benny 480328 Stolen Oscar
Jack Benny 480425 653 Charlies Aunt
Jack Benny 480509 Ronald Colmans Oscar Is Returned
Jack Benny 481024 2004 Colmans
Jack Benny 481223 Closed Circuit Moving To Cbs
Jack Benny 490116 678 Jacks Scrapbook
Jack Benny 490306 2023 Day At The
Jack Benny 491113 707 Last Weeks Mistakes
Jack Benny 510218 759 Jack Watches Tv
Jack Benny 510415 Irs Visits Jack Again
Jack Benny 511028 Jack Loses His Song
Lux 390605 222 Prisoner of Zenda
Lux 410113 290 Libel
Lux 410203 293 Rebecca
Lux 410915 317 Lost Horizon
Lux 430315 387 Libel
Lux 430517 396 Talk Of Town
Lux 430621 401 In Which We Serve
Lux 440131 425 Random Harvest
Lux 441218 463 Berkeley Square
Lux 450423 E481 Petrified Forest
Lux 451119 502 Keys Of Kingdom
Lux 460318 519 Tale Of Two Cities
Lux 521222 808 Les Miserables
Lux 531123 856 Browning Version

Volume 3 Guest Appearances 3
22 recordings - total playtime 12 hours 29 minutes

NBC War Bond Parade 440207 07 Ronald Colman Kay Kyser
Over Here 421212 Milton Berle Part 1
Over Here 421219 Susan Hayward
Poem and prayer for invading army 440606 nbc
Radio Hall Of Fame 441105 049 Evil War
Request Performance 451007 01 Tour Of New Orleans Ronald Colman
Romance 451016 126 Reverie
Screen Director's Playhouse 490220 007 The Prisoner of Zenda
Screen Guild 401222 066 Juggler Of Notre Dame
Screen Guild 460513 297 Talk Of Town
Screen Guild Theater 391015 026 None Shall Part Us
Screen Guild Theater 421221 Ep123 Juggler Of Our Lady
Screen Guild Theater 440508 195 Dark Angel
Sealtest Variety 481007 04 Pirate Of New Orleans
Suspense 450531 August Heat
Suspense 451101 165 Dunwich Horror
Suspense 490407 335 Noose Of Coincidence
Suspense 510308 419 Vision Of Death
Suspense 530601 515 Vision Of Death
Suspense 531207 529 Trents Last Case
The Circle 390122 02 R Colman, C Lombard, G & C Marx, C
Theater Guild On Air 461020 046 Green Goddess

Volume 4: Favorite Story 1
31 shows - total playtime 14 hours 13 minutes

Favorite Story 470913 001 Les Miserables
Favorite Story 470920 002 Diamond Lens
Favorite Story 470927 003 Little Women
Favorite Story 471004 004 Wuthering Heights
Favorite Story 471011 005 Connecticut Yankee In King Arthurs Court
Favorite Story 471018 006 Cyrano De Bergerac
Favorite Story 471025 007 David Copperfield
Favorite Story 471101 008 Queen Of Spades
Favorite Story 471108 009 Huckleberry Finn
Favorite Story 471115 010 Arabian Nights
Favorite Story 471122 011 Jane Eyre
Favorite Story 471129 012 Vanity Fair
Favorite Story 471206 013 Joan Of Arc
Favorite Story 471213 014 Frankenstein
Favorite Story 471220 015 20000 Leagues Under The Sea
Favorite Story 471227 016 Importance Of Being Ernest
Favorite Story 480110 017 Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Favorite Story 480117 018 Man Who Sold His Shadow To The Devil
Favorite Story 480124 019 Lodging For The Night
Favorite Story 480131 020 Alice In Wonderland
Favorite Story 480207 021 Rapaccinis Daughter
Favorite Story 480214 022 Moby Dick
Favorite Story 480221 023 Great Expectations
Favorite Story 480228 024 Phantom Rickshaw
Favorite Story 480306 025 Sire De Maletroits Door
Favorite Story 480313 026 God Sees The Truth But Waits
Favorite Story 480320 027 Debt Collector
Favorite Story 480327 028 Gullivers Travels
Favorite Story 480409 029 Mayerling
Favorite Story 480410 030 Mister Shakespeare
Favorite Story 480417 031 Casey At The Bat

Volume 5: Favorite Story 2
31 shows - total playtime 14 hours 7 minutes

Favorite Story 480424 032 Light That Failed
Favorite Story 480501 033 Man Without A Country
Favorite Story 480508 034 Mary Queen Of Scots
Favorite Story 480515 035 Doctor Heideggers Experiment
Favorite Story 480522 036 Oliver Twist
Favorite Story 480529 037 Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
Favorite Story 480605 038 Three Musketeers
Favorite Story 480612 039 Mystery Of Room 323
Favorite Story 480619 040 Tom Sawyer
Favorite Story 480626 041 Peter Ibbetson
Favorite Story 480703 042 Necklace
Favorite Story 480710 043 Jamie Freel
Favorite Story 480717 044 Strange Mister Bartlesby
Favorite Story 480724 045 Lost Horizon
Favorite Story 480731 046 Lady Of The Lamp
Favorite Story 480807 047 Moonstone
Favorite Story 480814 048 Pride And Prejudice
Favorite Story 480821 049 Bottle Imp
Favorite Story 480828 050 Cashel Byrons Profession
Favorite Story 480904 051 Ben Hur
Favorite Story 480911 052 Mutiny On The Bounty
Favorite Story 480918 053 Mam Who Made Gold
Favorite Story 481009 056 Marco Polo
Favorite Story 490101 068 The Glass Eye
Favorite Story 490122 071 Man Who Married A Dumb Wife
Favorite Story 490129 072 Young Years
Favorite Story 490305 077 The Bet
Favorite Story 490528 089 Time Machine
Favorite Story 490604 090 Monkeys Paw
Favorite Story 490723 097 Around The World In 80 Days
Favorite Story 491224 119 A Christmas Carol

Volume 6: Halls of Ivy 1
50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 58 minutes

Halls Of Ivy 490622 AUD Dr Halls Reappointment
Halls Of Ivy 490623 AUD Dr Halls Reappointment
Halls Of Ivy 500106 001 Reappointment
Halls Of Ivy 500113 002 Student Editorial
Halls Of Ivy 500120 003 Gangsters Son
Halls Of Ivy 500127 004 Wellmans Nose Charter Day Ceremonies
Halls Of Ivy 500203 005 Dr Bromley Shakespeare Expert
Halls Of Ivy 500210 006 Snowman
Halls Of Ivy 500217 007 Chinese Student
Halls Of Ivy 500224 008 Student Thief
Halls Of Ivy 500303 009 Merton Savadas Crush
Halls Of Ivy 500310 010 Victorias New Review
Halls Of Ivy 500317 011 Dirty Politics
Halls Of Ivy 500324 012 Professor Gerhardts Secret
Halls Of Ivy 500331 013 Ivy Chamber Music And Knockwurst Society
Halls Of Ivy 500407 014 Toddy Plays Hooky
Halls Of Ivy 500414 015 Mrs Fosters Lost Dog
Halls Of Ivy 500421 016 Traffic And Cocoanuts
Halls Of Ivy 500428 017 Scofield Prize
Halls Of Ivy 500505 018 Student Actress
Halls Of Ivy 500510 019 Mrs Whitneys Statue
Halls Of Ivy 500517 020 Dr Abel
Halls Of Ivy 500524 021 Fighting Med Student
Halls Of Ivy 500531 022 Sexton Award
Halls Of Ivy 500607 023 Dday
Halls Of Ivy 500614 024 Stolen First Edition
Halls Of Ivy 500621 025 Bentheimers And Census
Halls Of Ivy 500628 026 Faculty Raffle
Halls Of Ivy 500705 027 Poetry Reading
Halls Of Ivy 500712 028 Education Of Annie Belle
Halls Of Ivy 500927 031 Leslie Hoff Painting
Halls Of Ivy 501004 032 New English Teacher
Halls Of Ivy 501011 033 Phone Problems
Halls Of Ivy 501018 034 Scandal
Halls Of Ivy 501122 039 Jack Benny Visits Ivy
Halls Of Ivy 501129 040 Honor Student
Halls Of Ivy 510103 045 Professor Barrettes Play
Halls Of Ivy 510124 048 Goya Bequest
Halls Of Ivy 510131 049 Professor Warrens Retirement
Halls Of Ivy 510221 052 Calhoun Gaddy
Halls Of Ivy 510228 053 French Scholarship
Halls Of Ivy 510307 054 Eddie Grays Wedding
Halls Of Ivy 510314 055 His Fathers Image
Halls Of Ivy 510418 060 Romiette And Julio
Halls Of Ivy 510425 061 Note Quote
Halls Of Ivy 510502 062 Student Vandalism And Draft
Halls Of Ivy 510509 063 Gloria Golightly
Halls Of Ivy 510523 065 Cooks Night Out
Halls Of Ivy 510530 066 Finals Day Award
Halls Of Ivy 510613 068 Finals Season

Volume 7: Halls of Ivy 2
39 shows - total playtime 17 hours 36 minutes

Halls Of Ivy 510620 069 Pork Barrel Politics
Halls Of Ivy 511003 071 Adoption
Halls Of Ivy 511010 072 Editorial In Ivy Bull
Halls Of Ivy 511017 073 Student Council Election
Halls Of Ivy 511024 074 Mrs Why
Halls Of Ivy 511031 075 Football Coach
Halls Of Ivy 511107 076 Halloween
Halls Of Ivy 511114 077 Late Student
Halls Of Ivy 511121 078 Ministers Son
Halls Of Ivy 511128 079 Professor Warrens Romantic Folly
Halls Of Ivy 511205 080 Calhoun Gaddys Agricultural Development
Halls Of Ivy 511212 081 Professor Royce Returns
Halls Of Ivy 511226 083 Sweet Sorrow
Halls Of Ivy 520102 084 Hell Week
Halls Of Ivy 520109 085 Nelson Carters Son
Halls Of Ivy 520116 086 Art Exhibit
Halls Of Ivy 520123 087 Medal Of Honor
Halls Of Ivy 520130 088 Track Star
Halls Of Ivy 520206 089 Glee Club Donation
Halls Of Ivy 520213 090 Dean Huxley
Halls Of Ivy 520220 091 Voice Of Ivy Vine
Halls Of Ivy 520227 092 Budget Problems
Halls Of Ivy 520305 093 Astronomy Exam
Halls Of Ivy 520312 094 Lame Girl And Hypochondriac
Halls Of Ivy 520319 095 Oldest Living Graduate
Halls Of Ivy 520326 096 Stolen Money
Halls Of Ivy 520402 097 Professor Grimes
Halls Of Ivy 520409 098 Faculty Marriage
Halls Of Ivy 520416 099 French Exchange Student
Halls Of Ivy 520423 100 Professor Waldens Son
Halls Of Ivy 520430 101 Faculty Follies Part 1
Halls Of Ivy 520507 102 Faculty Follies Part 2
Halls Of Ivy 520514 103 Student Singer
Halls Of Ivy 520521 104 Doctor Spatzen
Halls Of Ivy 520528 105 Mummynapper
Halls Of Ivy 520604 106 Pregnant Student
Halls Of Ivy 520611 107 Wellmans Come To Dinner
Halls Of Ivy 520618 108 Math Professor
Halls Of Ivy 520625 109 Summer Vacation

+ extras including two scripts from the series...



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