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 Rex Stout Collection

1 MP3 CD - 32 episodes


"Impolite Corpse"
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Rex Stout
Rex Stout on Presidential YachtFew mystery writers since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle can boast a protagonist with as many personality quirks and foibles as the great Sherlock Holmes. What made Holmes eccentricities so much fun for his audience is that no matter how unappealing or just plain strange they were to the others in his world, they always helped him to expose the bad guy.

For all his eccentric and demanding behavior, Holmes could not hold a candle to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe. Wolfe was a detective who was both defined by and cultivated his eccentricities. He managed to straddle the line between hard and soft boiled detecting by sending his "legman" Archie Goodwin out to do the actual investigating and clue gathering (and deal with any rough stuff) while Wolfe remained very happily ensconced in his New York brownstone house, cultivating his orchids and enjoying his comforts.

Mitch Miller with four other bearded men: Burl Ives, seated, Cmdr. Edward Whitehead, top left, mystery author Rex Stout, center, and musician Skitch HendersonRex Stout probably had the most literary background of any popular detective writer. Born into a Quaker family in Noblesville, Indiana, in 1886, books were a constant friend to Rex. Soon after he was born, his father, a school teacher, moved the family to Kansas. Rex read the entire bible twice by the time he was 4, and won the state spelling bee when he was 13. He served in the US Navy as a yeoman on President Teddy Roosevelt's official yacht from 1906 to 1908. After leaving the service, Stout worked a variety of jobs, and occasionally sold a poem, story or article to various magazines. He invented a banking plan for schools that allowed school children to built a savings plan. It was the royalties for this rather than his writing which financed a trip to Europe in 1916.

Stout began writing for the pulps around 1910, and became a full time writer in 1927 (the Crash of 1929 would wipe out all the money he had made in business). Previously, he had worked with the American Civil Liberties Union, and helped to create the Marxist magazine The New Masses. Believing that the magazine would bring arts and letters to the masses, Stout disassociated with the publication when he realized it had room for little else than propaganda.

Case of Red BoxFer-de-Lance, the novel which introduced Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, was first published in 1934. He concentrated on detective fiction full time beginning in 1938, and published at least one Nero Wolfe adventure a year until 1966, with the exception of 1943, when he was working for the War effort.

As a "man of letters", Stout was just the sort of panelist Clifton Fadiman wanted for Information Please. Politically, Stout described himself as a "pro-Labor, pro-New Deal, pro-Roosevelt left liberal". During the War he worked on the CBS "anti propaganda" program, Our Secret Weapon. The secret weapon was "the truth", and Stout and his staff spent many hours each week reading transcripts of Nazi propaganda which he would refute on the air. His anti-propaganda efforts may have won Nero Wolfe a few more fans.

Of course, the body of Nero Wolfe stories are what Rex Stout will be remembered for. The team of Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are introduced in Fer-de-Lance, which has been called one of the most influential works of crime fiction. All the Nero Wolfe stories are narrated by Archie Goodwin. Unlike Dr. Watson acting as Sherlock Holmes' biographer, Goodwin is major part of the action in the story. In fact, since Wolfe is a definitive "arm chair detective", he depends on Goodwin to bring him the clues in each case. Wolfe did his best to never leave his home, in fact he rarely left his chair if he did not have to except to tend his orchids.

Stout was overall pleased with the casting of Sydney Greenstreet and Gerald Mohr as Wolfe and Goodwin in The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe, although he was less enthused about the writing. The listening public, however, enjoyed the program immensely.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

32 shows - total playtime 15 hours 30 minutes
Author Meets Critics 490102 Larks In Popcorn
Info Please 390328 Rex Stout Moss Hart
Info Please 390829 Rex Stout Wilfrid Funk
Info Please 390926 Rex Stout Carl Van Doren
Info Please 410418 Rex Stout Henry Curran
Nero Wolfe 400700 Last Laugh Murder Santos Ortega
Nero Wolfe 461215 Shakespeare Portfolio Francis Bushman
Nero Wolfe 501020 e01 Stamped for Murder
Nero Wolfe 501027 E02 Care Worn Cuff
Nero Wolfe 501103 E03 Dear, Dead Lady
Nero Wolfe 501117 E05 Careless Cleaner
Nero Wolfe 501124 E06 Beautiful Archer
Nero Wolfe 501201 E07 Brave Rabbit
Nero Wolfe 501208 E08 Impolite Corpse
Nero Wolfe 501215 E09 Girl Who Cried Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 501222 E10 Slaughtered Santas
Nero Wolfe 501229 E11 Bashful Body
Nero Wolfe 510105 e12 Deadly SellOut
Nero Wolfe 510112 E13 Killer Cards
Nero Wolfe 510119 E14 Calculated Risk
Nero Wolfe 510126 E15 Phantom Fingers
Nero Wolfe 510202 E16 Vanishing Shells
Nero Wolfe 510216 E17 Party For Death
Nero Wolfe 510223 E18 Malevolent Medic
Nero Wolfe 510302 E19 Hasty Will
Nero Wolfe 510309 E20 Disappearing Diamonds
Nero Wolfe 510316 E21 Midnight Ride
Nero Wolfe 510323 E22 Final Page
Nero Wolfe 510330 E23 Telltale Ribbon
Nero Wolfe 510406 E24 Slight Case Of Perjury
Nero Wolfe 510420 E25 Lost Heir
Nero Wolfe 510427 E26 Room 304


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