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 Radio City Playhouse

1 MP3 CD - 61 episodes

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"Witness For The Prosecution"
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Dramatic anthology (1948 - 50)

old time radio pictureThese half-hours of drama and sometimes comedy were often very exciting and suspenseful. The cast was very good New York veterans of radio and stage, including Jan Minor and John Larkin as featured performers. The director, Harry W. Junkin, also served as the show's host and narrator. Each week the show introduced a new story, often written by well-known writers of fantasy and suspense such as Ray Bradbury, Cornell Woolrich, Agatha Christie and Paul Gallico. They were dramatized with a full orchestral soundtrack and excellent sound effects.

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old time radio pictureAlthough overshadowed by the earlier classics of anthology such as the Lux Radio Theater, the Radio City Playhouse is fondly remembered for its solid dramatic content, and quality radio acting. One of the dramas, "Long Distance," starred Jan Minor as a distraught wife trying to reach a judge on the West Coast to sign an immediate stay of execution that will take her innocent husband's life in a matter of hours. That show is considered as a classic that ranks with Lucille Fletcher's "Sorry, Wrong Number," starring Agnes Moorehead of Suspense fame.

For more dramatic anthologies, please see Lux Radio Theater, Mercury Theater and Campbell Playhouse (separately, or in the Orson Welles collection.) See also The Corsican Brothers, Scarlet Pimpernel, and Frankenstein for classic adaptations. For anthologies of well-known suspense tales, you should see Escape and Suspense.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

61 shows - total playtime 29 hours 18 minutes
RCP 480703 Long Distance
RCP 480710 Ground Floor Window
RCP 480717 Of Unsound Mind
RCP 480731 Whistle Daughter Whistle
RCP 480807 Special Delivery
RCP 480814 Hit and Run
RCP 480821 Fanny
RCP 480830 Betrayal
RCP 480906 King Of the Moon
RCP 480911 Mother
RCP 480918 Soundless
RCP 480925 Dark Hour
RCP 481108 The Promise
RCP 481115 First and Last
RCP 481129 Temporarily Purple
RCP 481206 Five Extra Nooses
RCP 481213 Heritage Of Wimple Street
RCP 481220 Three Men
RCP 481227 Strange Identity
RCP 490110 Correction
RCP 490117 Portrait Of Lenore
RCP 490124 The Wisdom of Eve
RCP 490207 Machine
RCP 490214 Elementals
RCP 490221 One From Three
RCP 490228 Deadline
RCP 490307 Two Moods From the Past
RCP 490314 Weather Ahead
RCP 490321 Blind Vengeance
RCP 490328 Luck
RCP 490404 Wardrobe Trunk
RCP 490418 Only Unto Him
RCP 490425 Witness for the Prosecution
RCP 490502 The Hands of Dr Otermole
RCP 490509 No Shoes
RCP 490523 Murder Is a Matter of Opinion
RCP 490530 The Promise
RCP 490606 Note On Danger B
RCP 490613 How Love came to Prof Guildea
RCP 490620 Motive For Murder Q2
RCP 490627 The Legend of Teresa
RCP 490704 Murder Is the Easiest Way
RCP 490725 The Birthday Party
RCP 490801 Tension In 643
RCP 490808 Level Crossing
RCP 490815 Blackout
RCP 490822 Joey Was Different
RCP 490829 The Unguarded Moment
RCP 490925 Affliction
RCP 491009 The Plotters
RCP 491016 Duet
RCP 491023 Ground Floor Window
RCP 491030 The Wind
RCP 491113 Problem Child
RCP 491120 Deception
RCP 491127 Interval
RCP 491204 Local Storm
RCP 491211 Sibling
RCP 491218 The Wine of Ora Paula
RCP 491225 Twas the Night before Christmas
RCP 500101 Reflection


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