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 Pirates Collection

1 MP3 CD - 60 episodes


"ESCAPE Misfortune Isle"
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Pirates Flag RadioAn OTRCAT original, The Pirate Old Time Radio Collection includes a listener's treasure chest of "arrghs", "aye, mateys", "ahoys" and wild pirate-themed adventure

Raise your hook-hand and tap your peg-leg, all pirate fans will enjoy the wide variety of old time radio shows from Suspense, Dangerous Assignment, You Are There, Escape, Burns and Allen, Voyage of a Scarlet Queen, Mercury Theater, and much more.

  • Errol FlynnA psychic woman who dreams of dead people is visited by the spirits of pirates.  Frequently in the episode she describes an ivory object as "evil, evil, evil!" but he husband insists that it will help find Blackbeard's hidden treasure.  (Suspense 620429 923 Blackbeards Ace)
  • We witness Captain Kidd's execution in 1712 in London England.  The 56 year old man condemned to death for piracy.  (You Are There 481219 55 Hanging Of Captain Kidd)
  • Steve Mitchell on Dangerous Assignment dons a diving suit and heads to Trinidad to look for a pirate's treasure. (Dangerous Assignment 500410 13 Pirate Loot)
  • A ship lands in Manila in 1790 in the Escape old time radio show Misfortune Isle.  The show includes swashbuckling, a beautiful maiden, headhunters, "a wooden ship and an iron man." (Escape 480321 044 Misfortune Isle)

Get on your eye patch and slap a parrot on your shoulder; it's time to venture through the loot of the pirates' treasure of old time radio shows

Be sure to read more in Tim Deforest's article, Pirates in Old Time Radio.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

60 recordings - total playtime 26 hours 37 minutes

Adventures in Research
Adventures In Research 450 Pirates Pit

Barry Craig
Barry Craig Corpse And The Pirate

Blue Beetle
Bluebeetle 400828 43 & 44 Whaleofpiratesfolly Pt 1&2

Burns and Allen
Burns & Allen 421222 Santa And The Pirates

Calling All Cars
Calling All Cars 380104 215 The Buccaneer

Casey Crime Photographer
Casey Crime Photo 460326 134 Buccaneers Cove

Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade Of America 400206 173 Jean Laffite

Challenge of the Yukon
Challenge Yukon 490228 River Pirates
Challenge Yukon 490923 Case Of The River Pirates

Cinnamon Bear
Cinnamon Bear 08 Candy Pirates

Counterspy 490920 The Postal Pirates Pt1
Counterspy 490922 The Postal Pirates Pt2

Crime Classics
Crime Classics 531111 20 Blackbeards Fourteenth Wife
Crime Classics 540224 34 The Good Ship Jane Why She Be

Dangerous Assignment
Dangerous Assignment 500410 13 Pirate Loot

Dangerously Yours
Dangerously Yours 440709 02 Pirate Of Orleans

Dr Christian
Dr Christian 381206 Ep 33 The Pirate Of Rivers End

Escape 480321 044 Misfortune Isle
Escape 501224 138 The Cave
Escape 530614 200 Clear For Action

Front Page Drama
Front Page Drama 350426 Pirate Group
Front Page Drama 390630 A Tale Of Treasure Island
Front Page Drama 400203 Molly Reed Pirate Queen

I Love Adventure
ILA 480425 01 The China Coast Incident

Its Maritime
Its Maritime 450814 Mogo Mckenzie The Pirate

Jack Benny
Jack Benny 541017 2604 The Purple Pirate

Lets Pretend
Lets Pretend 470621 Bluebeard

Lux Radio Theater
Lux 370222 121 Captain Blood
Lux 381114 193 The Buccaneer (Clark Gable)

Man Called X
The Man Called X 480905 China Sea Pirates
The Man Called X 510203 Pirates Off The Coast Of India

Mercury Theater
Mt 380718 102 Treasure Island

Phantom Pirate
Phantom Pirate 050 Last Voyage Of The Sally Anne

Planet Man
Planet Man 22 Encounter With Pirates
Planet Man 23 Pirates Attack Dantro
Planet Man 24 Alarm Alerts Pirates

Proudly We Hail
Proudly We Hail 521102 The Patriotic Pirate

Pursuit 520212 Pursuit Of The Thames Pirates

Screen Guild Theater
Screen Guild Theater 450326 238 Princess And The Pirate

Strange Adventure
Strange Adventure 1945 096 Oyster Pirate

Strange as It Seems
Strange As It Seems 74 Pirates Revenge [Jean Lafitte]

Strange Wills
Strange Wills 460629 04 The Lady And The Pirate

Suspense 551220 629 The Cave
Suspense 620429 923 Blackbeards Ace

Tarzan 510426 Pirates Of Cape Bandeira

This is Your FBI
470314 102 The Fugitive Pirate

Voyage of Scarlet Queen
Vsq 470202 00 The Death Of David Malone Pilot Episode
Vsq 470703 01 The Shanghai Secret
Vsq 470710 02 Report Of The White Jade Buddha
Vsq 470717 03 The Spaniard & The Laskar Pirat
Vsq 470724 04 The Boston Geisha And Chesapeak
Vsq 470731 05 Lily In Chimolpo Bar

You Are There
You Are There 481219 55 Hanging Of Captain Kidd

Young In Heart
Young In Heart 471204 Treasure Island (Audition)

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
Ytjd 551010 238 Molly K Matter
Ytjd 551011 239 Molly K Matter
Ytjd 551012 240 Molly K Matter
Ytjd 551013 241 Molly K Matter
Ytjd 551014 242 Molly K Matter



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