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 Ozzie and Harriet

2 MP3 CDs - 83 episodes

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"Randolfph’s Party"
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Ozzie & Harriet Nelson Family
Family Situation Comedy (1944 - 54)

Ozzie and HarrietOzzie Harriet AdvertisementThe full title is The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Well, maybe adventures might be a stretch, compared to a superhero's exploits. The "adventures" of Ozzie and Harriet are based on the daily stuff that happens to all good suburban couples, as seen through the rose colored glasses of Ozzie Nelson. Behind his easygoing exterior, Ozzie was a very hard-working media producer. In fact, Ozzie Nelson and Bing Crosby are perfect examples of that American style called "laid back," though both diligently worked their way up via years of music on the road.

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Ozzie rode the dance band craze out of college and kept going. He saw a wonderful girl singer in a movie short feature and hired her. Harriet Hilliard was her name. Together, Ozzie and Harriet sang duets, and they really clicked. Via radio remotes, the nation grew to know their names.

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Ozzie, Harriet, and Joe Penner
Ozzie, Harriet, and Joe Penner
"America's favorite young couple," with two bouncing baby boys, David and Ricky, moved to Hollywood, Ozzie felt he and Harriet knew as much about vocal delivery as anyone else in the radio business, and decided to give it a try. Why not be themselves? He began working on scripts instead of music. Ozzie played himself as the well-meaning but sometimes slightly goofy Dad who is aided and abetted by his next-door neighbor Thorny (John Brown). Harriet is the wise, loving and quietly hip Mom who makes everything just right. Boys will be boys (and grow up). Several youngsters played David and Ricky, with Tommy Bernard best known as David, and Henry Blair as Ricky. Finally, Ozzie gave in to public pressure, and let the boys join the radio show as themselves.

Like The Life of Riley, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet served as a perfect example for family sit-coms to come on TV, and both went from radio to TV without missing a beat. For more family situation comedies, see also:BlondieThe Aldrich Family, The Life of Riley, The Goldbergs, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, The Great Gildersleeve, and Vic and Sade.

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Poster with the Nelsons
Volume 1: 45 shows - total playtime 21 hours 8 minutes

Ozzie & Harriet 441203 The Lost Wallet
Ozzie & Harriet 450128 A17 Ozzie & The Hypnotist
Ozzie & Harriet 450311 A23 Tax Return & The Blue Suit
Ozzie & Harriet 450520 A33 The New Arrival
Ozzie & Harriet 450812 B01 Ozzie Sells A Vase
Ozzie & Harriet 450826 B03 David Sells Ozzies Suit
Ozzie & Harriet 450902 B04 The Drip
Ozzie & Harriet 450909 B05 David Fights The Jones Boys
Ozzie & Harriet 450916 B06 Lodge Of Unicorns
Ozzie & Harriet 450923 B07 Apartment Bldg Next Door
Ozzie & Harriet 450930 B08 Exaggeration
Ozzie & Harriet 451007 B09 The Prince's Gift Aka The Camel
Ozzie & Harriet 460120 B20 Ozzie Runs For Office
Ozzie & Harriet 461201 C14 Ricky'S Third Prize
Ozzie & Harriet 470223 C26 Unique Bowling Approach
Ozzie & Harriet 470914 C13 New Dress
Ozzie & Harriet 480116 D21 Jury Duty
Ozzie & Harriet 480123 D22 The Argument
Ozzie & Harriet 480220 Community Baseball Team
Ozzie & Harriet 481017 E03 Ozzie Promises Take Boys
Ozzie & Harriet 481024 E04 The Matchmaker
Ozzie & Harriet 481031 E05 Haunted House
Ozzie & Harriet 481107 E06 Ozzie Is In A Rut
Ozzie & Harriet 481114 E07 Evening Alone
Ozzie & Harriet 481121 E08 The Third Degree
Ozzie & Harriet 481128 E09 Intelectual Curiosity
Ozzie & Harriet 481205 E10 A Visit From Bing Crosby
Ozzie & Harriet 481212 E11 Worying About Worrying
Ozzie & Harriet 481219 E12 Christmas Gifts
Ozzie & Harriet 490102 E14 The Knitting Contest
Ozzie & Harriet 490109 E15 Sports Heroes
Ozzie & Harriet 490116 E16 The Neglected
Ozzie & Harriet 490123 E17 Card Tricks
Ozzie & Harriet 490130 E18 Ozzie Takes Bus Driving Test
Ozzie & Harriet 490206 E19 House Cleaning
Ozzie & Harriet 490213 E20 Ozzie Buys A Valentine
Ozzie & Harriet 490220 E21 Invitation To Dinner
Ozzie & Harriet 490227 E22 The Nelson Bank
Ozzie & Harriet 490306 E23 Crystal Ball
Ozzie & Harriet 490313 E24 Income Tax Problems
Ozzie & Harriet 490313 The Valentine Card
Ozzie & Harriet 490320 E25 Argument About Rover Boys
Ozzie & Harriet 490327 E26 Compliments
Ozzie & Harriet 490410 E28 Nosy Neighbors
Ozzie & Harriet 490417 E29 Easter Sunrise Services

Volume 2: 38 shows - total playtime 16 hours 31 minutes

Ozzie & Harriet 490424 E30 Man & Superman
Ozzie & Harriet 490424 E30 Torn Pants
Ozzie & Harriet 491028 F03 Advice
Ozzie & Harriet 500526 The Bridal Shower
Ozzie & Harriet 500526 The Gardners
Ozzie & Harriet 501027 G08 Halloween
Ozzie & Harriet 501103 G09 New Dress
Ozzie & Harriet 510601 Cigar Smoking
Ozzie & Harriet 511005 H02 Sales Resistance
Ozzie & Harriet 511005 The Manicure
Ozzie & Harriet 511102 H06 David'S Date, Yes Man
Ozzie & Harriet 511116 H08 Sidewalk Superintendents
Ozzie & Harriet 511130 H10 Thorny'S Gift
Ozzie & Harriet 511214 H12 Going To A Concert
Ozzie & Harriet 520125 H18 The Dental Receptionist
Ozzie & Harriet 520404 H28 Building A Boat
Ozzie & Harriet 520418 H29 Home Town Ball Team
Ozzie & Harriet 520425 H31 Too Much Change
Ozzie & Harriet 520606 Buried Treasure
Ozzie & Harriet 521128 I09 The Handy Man
Ozzie & Harriet 530501 131 Baseball Coach
Ozzie & Harriet 530626 I39 Be On Time
Ozzie & Harriet 530918 J02 David Discovered Girls
Ozzie & Harriet 530925 J02 Upholstry Prize
Ozzie & Harriet 531009 J04 Trading Neckties With Thorny
Ozzie & Harriet 531016 J05 The New Street Light
Ozzie & Harriet 531030 J07 Homemade Ice Cream
Ozzie & Harriet 531106 J08 Redecorating The Women'S Club
Ozzie & Harriet 531225 J15 Lost Christmas Gift
Ozzie & Harriet 540108 J17 Fifi La Plume
Ozzie & Harriet 540129 J20 The Electric Train
Ozzie & Harriet 540212 J22 The Loud Shirt
Ozzie & Harriet 540219 J23 Come As You Are
Ozzie & Harriet Backyard Treasure Hunt
Ozzie & Harriet Episodic Log.htm
Ozzie & Harriet Magazine Contest
Ozzie & Harriet Nelson Two Sleepy People
Ozzie & Harriet North Woods
Ozzie & Harriet The Drip



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