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1 MP3 CD - 102 episodes

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Old Time Radio Al Jolson belts it out, Bulldog Drummond sucks it in, and Henry Morgan give a salute on this fantastically fantastic Sampler #3. You will enjoy music of Duke Ellington, great mysteries from Scotland yard, and shooting through space with Tom Corbett when you sit down to an evening of various old time radio shows on this set. OTRCAT SAMPLER CD #3 is a crowd pleaser!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

102 shows - total playtime 47 hours 23 minutes

A Date w Judy 460409 Oggies Band
Adv Ellery Queen 470305 E21 Nikki Porter, Killer
Al Jolson Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491130
Al Pearce 400306 Sells Insurance Gene Autry
Anderson Family Cowboy Boots
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E07
Arthur Godfrey 490418 Lenny Bruce
Benny Goodman 371106 Madhattan Room
Big Show 501203 Fred Allen Phil Silvers Margaret Truman
Big Town 481019 06 An Angel Of The Street
Bill Stern 491028 e521 Red Grange
Black Crows Side 7
Bob Burns Show 430218 For Lifebuoy
Bulldog Drummond 470117 Claim Check Murders
Calling All Cars 018 340328 Spinoza Case
CBSRW 560127 01 Brave New World 1o2
Ceiling Unlimited 440000 Gremlin Troubles
Chamber Music 400804 Lead Belly
Christmas on the Moon 381129 01
Complete Day Broadcast 1 45 pm coverage
Corwin 440704 17 Home For The Forth
Crime Does Not Pay 500529 Imported Hedaches
Curtain Time 480710 C105 Dishonest Ghost
Danger with Granger Larry Simmons
Dangerously Yours 440820 08 Monsieur Beaucaire
Danny Kaye 450217 07 Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks
Ed Wynn 350222 T S Ed Writes A Book
Elmer Davis and the News 391003
Empire Builders 301111 Armistice Day
Father Coughlin 381204 Jew, Christian & Persecution
FBI Peace War 520807 The Fence
FireFighters 004 Jimmy Not Guilty Of False Alarms
Ford Show 461016 Guest Lilly Pons
Ford Theater 480111 15 Storm in a Teacup
Francis Langford 470821 12 Cleaning The House
Frank Merriwell 480612 089 Tap Day
Frank Sinatra 451017 Nat King Cole Trio
Front Page Drama 401122 Case Of The Devils Derringer
Frontier Fighters 1935 E19 Wild Bill Hickok
GI Journal 441015 065 Sullivan Berle Andy Russell
Good News 380414 e024 Judy Garland Fannie Brice
Grand Central Station Traditional Christmas Program
Grand Marquee 460709 01 Half a Dog is Better than None
Great Moments Hindenburg Disaster
Gregory Hood 460715 South Of The Border
Guest Star 012 Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
Guiding Light e793
Hardy Family 447a Becomes A Bachelor
Helen Trent Walks Into A Trip
Hello Americans 421115 01 Carman Miranda
Henry Morgan 470507 A Salute to the School
Hollywood Barn Dance 461130 San Antonio Rose
Horation Hornblower 521017 13 Takes on the French Fleet
In the Name of the Law 360705 06 Phantom Gang
Jack Armstrong 401014 Ep1526 Blackbeard Becomes An Ally
Jerry of Circus 001 Letter For Sam Randall
JFK Assissination 145pm Coverage
Jubilee 421009 Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters, Rochester
Kraft Music Hall 471127 Guest Dorothy Lamour
Laurel Hardy Mr Slaters Poultry Market 1944
Leo Is On The Air A Day At The Races 1937
Leonidas Witherall 441008 Murder On The Train
Life In Your Hands 500525 Carol Carson Murdered
Life Of Mary Southern 296
Lightning Jim 12 Disorder In The Court
Little Orphan Annie 36 1019 Flint Sell Stock To Jake Levy
Mail Call 440823 106 Nelson Eddy, Burns & Allen
Majestics Master Of Mystery 340127 05 Phantom Spoilers
Marriage 531115 E07 Liz Fights For A Traffic Light
Martin Lewis 490403 01 Premier W Lucille Ball
Melody Ranch 490917 Lonesomest Cowboy
Mr Moto The Kurloff Paper
Murder By Experts 490702 Two Coffins To Fill
Music & The Muse 500319 One Firm Faith
Music Depreciation 441231 10 Bori Bori (Pavanne)
National Barn Dance 421212
NBC Short Story 510525 12 The Piano
NBCUT 490508 039 Red Badge Of Courage
People Are Funny 500207 Cinderella Gets Her Greatest Wish
Perry Mason 2727 Perry At Wallaces Home
Point Sublime 471208 Refused Blood Transfusion
Proudly We Hail 560715 E406 The Coolest Cat
Rail Road Hour 500123 069 The Merry Widow
Raleigh Kool Program 370118
Readers Digest 470724 073 Prisoner Of The Night
Red Ryder 420319 Back To Painted Valley
Reefer Madness Whisperer 510708
Rex Saunders 510509 02 Shocking Still Life
Screen Guild Theater 500709 471 Twelve Oclock High
Secrets Of Scotland Yard 57 Bone From A Voice Box
Silver Theater 390326 26 For Us, The Living Part 1
Smiths Hollywood 470117 E02 Cecil Thinks Eviction
Stand By For Crime 21 Handicap Murders
Stroke of Fate 531206 Our Neighbor in Alaska
Studio One 470000 Alibi Ike
Tennesse Jed 460111 Dalton Series
That Hammer Guy 530407 The Saddle Shoes
Thin Man 441006 Noras Night Out
Tom Corbett 520115 05 Space Station Of Danger 1o2
Topper 450000 Malvenas Mother Visits
Treasury Star Parade 058 Edward G Robinson
WPA 1939 02 Manhattan Concert Band


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