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01.Sam Spade
02.Philip Marlowe
03.Have Gun Will Travel
04.Sherlock Holmes
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
08.Inner Sanctum Mysteries
09.I Love a Mystery
10.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
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 OTRCAT SAMPLER 01 (Purchase an extra copy)

1 MP3 CD - 105 episodes


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Old Time RadioWhether you decide to blast along the American Trail in an oxen train, listen to ol' Babe smacking a high flyer, or snicker at the Marx Brothers' antics, you'll enjoy this mighty fine sampler. It contains a single episode from over 100 series and is included free-of-charge when you add it to your shopping cart at checkout.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

105 shows - total playtime 43 hours 12 minutes

Adv In Research George Westinghouse
Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen 1039
American in England 420824 04 Woman of Britain
American Trail 01 Dispatch From NY
Amos & Andy Cat Burglar 531101
Avenger 02 Mystery Giant Brain
Babe Ruth 340416 ep 001 Dusty Collins
Barrie Craig 511205 Paper Bullet
Bing Crosby 431230 with Cass Daley
Black Museum Bedsheet
Black Stone Magic Detective 481121 Organ Murder
Bold Venture 500616 Blue Moon
Boston Blackie 470903 Fifty Dollar Shoeshine
Box 13 481107 Suicide or Murder
Broadway Is My Beat 500724 Celia Jordan Case
Burns Allen 400529 Sweeping into Office
Campbell Playhouse 390324 16 Twentieth Century
Can You Top This 420421 Restaurants
Captain Midnight 391123 Episode 28
Casey 470424 The Gentle Strangler
Cavalcade Of America 480927 579 Incident at Niagara
Chandu the Magician 481208
Charlie Chan 451 The Case Of The Marching Ants
Cisco Kid 530714 ep 103 War at Oak Pass
Command Performance 421224 1942 Christmas Special
Commercial 1943 WWII Waste Kitchen Fat
Corsican Bros Episode 01
Dangerous Assignment 500424 The Nazi & The Physicist
Dark Fantasy 411128 The Thing from the Sea
Dimension X The Martian Chronicles
Dr Christian 371114 steve and charlotte story
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Pt 2
Dr Six Gun 541031 No Guns Ordinance
Dragnet 501221 22 Rifle for Christmas
Easy Aces 0002 Jane buys Johnny 2 suits
Escape 500505 Man Who Stole The Bible
Exploring Tomorrow 12 The Liar Isaac Asimov
Falcon Curious Cop
Fat Man Murder Sends A Christmas Card
Fibber McGee 411230 FixIt McGee
Five Min Mystery 103 Too Early Bird
Fort Laramie 560205 Squaw Man
Frank Race 37 Pharaohs Staff
Frontier Gentleman 580615 The Well
Fu Manchu 390508 Insidious Dr Fu
Gildersleeve 431031 Halloween Party
Glen Miller 400710 c
Green Hornet 421114 Torpedo on Wheels
Gunsmoke The Imposter
Hall of Fantasy 530601 022 The Tell Tale Heart
Harry Lime 0051 Blue Caribou
Have Gun Will Travel 590222 014 Winchester Quarantine
I Love a Mystery 491031 Things that Cries in the Night 01
I Was a Communist for the FBI 520507 The Little Red
Inner Sanctum 490925 Lonely Sleep
Jack Benny 480201 Jack and Mary See Colman s Movie
Journey into Space 541006 The Red Planet
Let George Do It 471003 Forty Two on a Rope
Life of Riley 480103 Two Dates For Junior
Lights Out 380330 Valse Trieste
Lone Ranger 381207 The Origin of Tonto
Luke Slaughter 580303 Tracks out of Tombstone
Lux Radio Theater 470310 Its A Wonderful Life
Maisie 500119
Marx Brothers Attorney At Law With Bing Crosby
Mel Blanc 461119 The Astrologer
Mr District Attorney Bank Killer
My Favorite Husband 480820 Liz teaches the samba
Mysterious Traveler 511106 behind the locked door
Mystery in the Air (Peter Lorre) 470807 Marv. Barrastro
Nero Wolfe 501020 Stamped for Murder
Nick Carter 430706 Echo of Death
Nightbeat 001 Zero
Our Miss Brooks 490116 Student Government Day
Ozzie & Harriet Randolph s Party
Pat Novak For Hire (Jack Webb) 490423 Rita Malloy
Philip Marlowe 470617 001 Red Wind 1 st
Philo Vance 490215 Butler Murder Case
Quiet Please 480202 035 Pathetic Fallacy
Richard Diamond 490515 Ralph Chase Case
Ripley One Minute Shorts 001 Egyptian Shoe
Rocky Fortune 531222 Plot To Murder Santa
Saint 500806 The Corpse Said Ouch
Sam Spade 501208 The Dry Gulch Caper
Sealed Book Design For Death
Sgt Preston of the Yukon 431030 Bank Robbery
Sherlock Holmes 450430 Unfortunate Tobacconist
Six Shooter 18 540117 The Silver Buckle
Space Patrol 530425 Prisoner of Pluto
Superman 410210 Dragon s Teeth The Part 1
Suspense 561111 Three Skeleton Key Vincent Price
Tarzan 511220 Congo Christmas
Texas Rangers 520120 062 Blood Trail
This is your FBI 520208 The Face
Tom Mix 1945 Vanishing Village Pt 1
Two Thousand Plus Men From Mars
Unexpected The Cripple
Voyage Scarlet Queen 471210 Wandering Master & Warlord
Weird Circle ep05 Declared Insane
Whistler 500507 417 Fatal Error
Wild Bill Hickock 013 Warpath or Peace
WWII Soldiers of the Press 3
X Minus One 550508 Mars Is Heaven
You Bet Your Life 491001 Secret Word Clock
Ytjd 590329 632 Jimmy Carter Matter



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