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 Oscar Levant Collection

4 MP3 CDs - 175 episodes

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Oscar Levant

Oscar Levant"Oscar Levant is a character who, if he did not exist, could not be imagined."
-Sam Behrman (biographer)

Oscar Levant's mother took him to New York City after his father passed away in order to further his musical apprenticeship. His early repertoire included Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Schumann, but he soon became caught up in the glamor of Broadway. At the age of 18 in the film Ben Bernie and All The Lads, an early Sound-On-Film picture.

In 1928,  Levant traveled to Hollywood to try his hand at composing for the movies. During this period,  he was befriended by George Gershwin, a long lasting and influential friendship for both. Levant went on to compose for and appear in numerous films, including Romance On The High Seas (1948), Doris Day's film debut, and as Gene Kelly's piano playing buddy in An American In Paris (1951), a film inspired by the Gershwin's 1928 symphony.

Americans got to know Oscar Levant best as a panelist on the popular Information, Please radio program. Levant was an early guest panelist, but his quick wit and sometimes caustic answers made him popular enough with audiences to gain him a permanent spot on the panel. Host Clifton Fadiman pointedly called on "Mr. Levant" for music related questions, but his wide ranging knowledge on numerous topics made him nearly as popular as his ability to quickly turn a joke. Fellow panelist John Kieran said that Levant had "a positive genius fir making offhand cutting remarks that couldn't have been sharper if he'd honed them for a week in his mind."

Oscar LevantFrom 1947 to 1949, Levant teamed with Al Jolson on The Kraft Music Hall. The entertainers each had ties to George Gershwin. Both appeared in the 1945 biopic, Rhapsody In Blue, playing themselves.

Although Jolson was the host of Music Hall and top banana, Levant's caustic humor was a terrific balance for the vaudevillains cloying sweetness. For his part, Jolson was able to keep Levant, who was beginning a personal descent into mental illness, somewhat in check.

In 1950 Levant hosted talk show on KCOP TV from LA which went into national syndication. Fred Astaire made his TV debut on the program, and paid to have a kinescope made so he could evaluate his performance. It is one of few times we get to see Astaire turn in a less than perfect performance because it was live. Levant changing the tempo of his playing during Astaire's songs probably didn't help.

Levant became well known for his neuroses and hypochondria. After a heart attack in 1953,  he became addicted to prescription drugs, but he was able to continue appearing as a guest in many venues. He told Jack Parr on the Tonight Show "There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased that line."

Oscar Levant and Wife, JuneIn August, 1972, Levant was scheduled for a sit down interview with Candice Bergen (Charlie McCarthy's little sister) then working as a photo-journalist. When his wife went in to wake him for the interview, she discovered that a heart attack had taken him in his sleep. Levant's well known hypochondria led comics to claim that his epitaph would read "I Told them I was ill!"

This collection contains Oscar Levant's many appearances in episodes from the old time radio series:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 41 minutes

Bell Telephone Hour Music From America 440918 098 Oscar Levant
Command Performance 420623 019 Loretta Young, Phil Silvers
Fred Allen Show 460623 076 50th Anniversary Of Telephone Company
Guest Star 480502 0058 Al Jolson
Information Please 380621 006 Oscar Levant
Information Please 380705 008 Oscar Levant
Information Please 380726 011 Oscar Levant, John Gunther
Information Please 380809 013 Alton Cook, Alice Dever Miller
Information Please 380913 018 Percy Waxman
Information Please 381011 022 Lillian Gish
Information Please 381115 027 John Gunther
Information Please 381129 029 Kathleen Norris
Information Please 381227 033 William Lyon Phelps, Yale Professor
Information Please 390110 035 Alxander Wolcott
Information Please 390124 037 General Hugh Johnson
Information Please 390207 039 Univ Michigan Student Myron Wallace
Information Please 390221 041 Moe Berg
Information Please 390321 046 John Gunther
Information Please 390418 050 H V Kaltenborn
Information Please 390516 054 John P Marquand
Information Please 390530 056 Stanley Walker
Information Please 390613 058 Helen Wills Moody
Information Please 390627 060 Wilber Cross
Information Please 390711 062 Elliot Roosevelt
Information Please 390725 064 Maury Maverick
Information Please 390822 068 H Napier Moore
Information Please 390905 070 Raymond Graham Swing
Information Please 390919 072 P Cal Simms
Information Please 391003 074 Dean C Mildred Thompson-Vasser College
Information Please 391031 078 Carl Sandberg
Information Please 391114 080 James Farley
Information Please 391212 084 Walter B Pitkin
Information Please 400820 120 Walter Wanger
Information Please 400903 122 Henry Beedle Hough
Information Please 400917 124 Otto Tallicious
Information Please 400924 125 Alva Johnson, Marc Connolly
Information Please 401001 126 Clair Boothe
Information Please 401015 128 Louis Hacker
Information Please 401105 131 Christopher Morley
Information Please 401115 132 Fred Allen
Information Please 401129 134 Leon Henderson
Information Please 401213 136 Professor Ernest Albert Hooton
Information Please 401227 138 Walter Edmonds
Information Please 410117 141 Owen Davis
Information Please 410228 147 John Ohara, Deems Taylor
Information Please 410314 149 Claude Wickard
Information Please 410328 151 Elsa Lanchester
Information Please 410411 153 Philip Merivale
Information Please 410425 155 Paul Lukas
Information Please 410509 157 Gene Tunney

Volume 2: 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 24 minutes

Information Please 410523 159 Third Anniversary Show
Information Please 410606 161 Sally Benson
Information Please 410613 162 William Tilden
Information Please 410627 164 Alfred Hitchcock
Information Please 410711 166 Mary Boland
Information Please 410808 170 Larry Macphale
Information Please 410905 174 Deems Taylor
Information Please 410919 176 Stephen Vincent Bonet
Information Please 411003 178 Lefty Gomez, Mayor Fiorellio Laguardia
Information Please 411017 180 Fred Allen
Information Please 411107 183 Douglas Miller
Information Please 411121 185 Cornelia Otis Skinner
Information Please 411128 186 Drew Pearson, Robert Allen
Information Please 411212 188 Dr George N Shuster
Information Please 420227 199 Emil Ludwig
Information Please 420327 203 Wallace R Deuel
Information Please 420417 206 Grantland Rice
Information Please 420529 212 Wallace R Dual
Information Please 420717 219 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr
Information Please 420814 223 Dr Mildred Mcafee
Information Please 420828 225 Quincy Howe
Information Please 420925 229 Leon Henderson
Information Please 421009 231 Gregory Ratoff
Information Please 421106 235 Hanson W Baldwin
Information Please 421120 237 Louie Bromfield
Information Please 421204 239 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Jr
Information Please 421218 241 Ilka Chase
Information Please 430101 243 Gregory Ratoff
Information Please 430108 244 Will Rogers, Jr
Information Please 430122 246 Alfred Hitchcock
Information Please 430205 248 Jan Struther
Information Please 430215 249 Fred Allen
Information Please 430301 251 Will Rogers, Jr
Information Please 430308 252 Gregory Ratoff
Information Please 430329 255 Colonel Carlos Romules
Information Please 430412 257 Wendell Willkie
Information Please 430426 259 Leon Henderson
Information Please 430510 261 George V Denny, Jr
Information Please 430531 264 Sir Thomas Beecham
Information Please 430614 266 George Saunders
Information Please 430628 268 Walter Yust
Information Please 430712 270 Jan Struther
Information Please 430920 272 Clair Booth Luce
Information Please 430927 273 James W Fulbright
Information Please 431101 278 Bette Smith
Information Please 431115 280 Gregory Ratoff
Information Please 431129 282 Artur Rubenstein
Information Please 431220 285 Jesse Stewart, Oscar Levant
Information Please 440103 287 Louis Bromfield
Information Please 440117 289 John P Marquand

Volume 3: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hours 0 minutes

Information Please 440228 295 Franchot Tone
Information Please 440612 310 Admiral Emory Land
Its Time To Smile 410402 027 Oscar Levant
Jack Benny Program 430117 465 Spoof On Information Please
Kraft Music Hall 471002 254 Edgar Bergan And Charlie Mccarthy
Kraft Music Hall 471016 256 Bing Crosby
Kraft Music Hall 471023 257 Groucho Marx
Kraft Music Hall 471030 Almost Like Being In Love, William Bendix
Kraft Music Hall 471106 259 Humphrey Bogart
Kraft Music Hall 471113 Fella Needs Girl, Victor Moore
Kraft Music Hall 471120 Hello, Tucky, Hello, Charles Boyer
Kraft Music Hall 471127 262 Dorothy Lamour
Kraft Music Hall 471204 263 Red Skelton
Kraft Music Hall 471218 265 Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music Hall 471225 266 Boris Karloff
Kraft Music Hall 480101 Avalon, Madeleine Carroll
Kraft Music Hall 480108 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go, William Powell
Kraft Music Hall 480115 Toot Toot Tootsie, Bing Crosby
Kraft Music Hall 480122 Yacka Hula, Hickey Dula, Lucille Ball
Kraft Music Hall 480129 Alabamy Bound, Walter Okeefe
Kraft Music Hall 480205 Ed Gardner
Kraft Music Hall 480212 For Me And My Gal, Charles Laughton
Kraft Music Hall 480219 Im Sitting On Top Of World, Charles Boyer
Kraft Music Hall 480226 Chicago, David Niven
Kraft Music Hall 480304 Yacka Hula, Hickey Dula, Cary Grant
Kraft Music Hall 480311 Im Looking Over Four Leaf Clover
Kraft Music Hall 480318 Edward G Robinson
Kraft Music Hall 480325 Baby Face, Clifton Webb
Kraft Music Hall 480401 Shes Latin From Manhattan, Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music Hall 480408 Im Just Wild About Harry, Vera Vague
Kraft Music Hall 480422 Alexanders Ragtime Band, Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music Hall 480513 Baby Face, Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music Hall 480520 April Showers, Henry Morgan
Kraft Music Hall 480603 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along
Kraft Music Hall 480610 Alexanders Ragtime Band, Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music Hall 480930 Judy Garland
Kraft Music Hall 481007 Baby Face, Edward G. Robinson
Kraft Music Hall 481014 Just One Of Those Things, Ezio Pinza
Kraft Music Hall 481021 For Me And My Gal
Kraft Music Hall 481028 Im Just Wild About Harry, Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music Hall 481104 Swanee, George Burns And Gracie Allen
Kraft Music Hall 481111 Bright Eyes, George Jessel
Kraft Music Hall 481118 Bright Eyes, Groucho Marx
Kraft Music Hall 481125 That Certain Party, Victor Mature
Kraft Music Hall 481202 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along
Kraft Music Hall 481209 Dennis Day
Kraft Music Hall 481216 Dinah Shore
Kraft Music Hall 481223 Is It True What They Say About Dixie, Kraft Choral Club
Kraft Music Hall 481230 Smile, Doris Day
Kraft Music Hall 490106 Yacka Hula, Hickey Dula, Larry Parks

Volume 4: 25 shows - total playtime 12 hours 49 minutes

Kraft Music Hall 490113 Grouch Marx
Kraft Music Hall 490120 Im Just Wild About Harry, Victor Moore
Kraft Music Hall 490127 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along
Kraft Music Hall 490203 Hello, Tucky, Hello, Dennis Day
Kraft Music Hall 490210 Oh, You Beautiful Doll, Peggy Lee
Kraft Music Hall 490217 Hello, My Baby, Joan Davis
Kraft Music Hall 490224 Bright Eyes, Andrews Sisters
Kraft Music Hall 490303 Waiting For Robert E. Lee, Phil Harris
Kraft Music Hall 490310 After Youve Gone, Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music Hall 490317 At Sundown, Roy Rogers And Dale Evans
Kraft Music Hall 490324 Chinatown, My Chinatown, George Jessel
Kraft Music Hall 490407 Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along
Kraft Music Hall 490414 Give My Regards To Broadway, Jack Kirkwood
Kraft Music Hall 490421 Ma! Shes Making Eyes At Me, Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music Hall 490428 Swanee, Doris Day
Kraft Music Hall 490505 California, Here I Come, Dennis Day
Kraft Music Hall 490512 Victor Moore
Kraft Music Hall 490519 Look For Silver Lining, Dorothy Kirsten, Jack Kirkwood
Kraft Music Hall 490526 Waiting For Robert E. Lee, Groucho Marx
Philco Radio Time 480211 056 Oscar Levant
Philco Radio Time 481110 079 Oscar Levant
Radio Hall Of Fame 451111 100 Honoring Oscar Levant
Texaco Star Theater 420503 69 Great Side Show Mystery
Texaco Star Theatre 430131 18 How Do You Feel About Dining Out
Texaco Star Theatre 440423 59 North Dakota



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