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 Open Road Collection

1 MP3 CD - 85 episodes


"Death on Highway 99"
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On the RoadRoute 66The culture of the open road and exploration of our great country is the epitome of the American Dream. Since the opening of continental Route 66, road trips have been a stable of American relocation and vacation travel.  The open road opens new possibilities of new places and the unknown—the perfect setting for dramatic radio shows but even some family-friendly tales.  This is a fascinating collection of the stories of life and death on American Highways. 

  • A husband throws his wife off a cliff after she threatens to report a hit and run accident in Suspense "Death of Highway 99".
  • Dinah Shore sings her hit song "Hit the Road to Dreamland" adds a musical break to the collection.
  • Lux Radio Theater presents "No Highway in the Sky" starring Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich reprising their roles from the popular film.
  • Suspense "Hitchhiker" with Orson Welles is the perfect traveling thriller show—a classic of the radio medium.
  • Big Town's "Death Rides the Highway" warns against becoming an overconfident driver, talkative driver, impatient maniac causing the tragedies on the road.  A truck driver avoids a grey convertible with a fuming mother only to crash head on into a school bus of orphans returning from a happy day in the country.

Grab your Samsonite suitcase and polka-dotted scarf and hop into your convertible, because there are hours of pavement and radio shows ahead.  These shows won’t help fill your gas tank on vacation but they will fill your mind with laughs and thrills.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

85 shows - total playtime 34 hours 17 minutes

Aldrich Family 521214 13 The Roadside Stand
AllStarW 461222 0020 THE PHANTOM RIDER
Ambrosebierce Black Mass Moonlit Road
Avalon Hour 390902 35 Killer Hitchhikers
Beyond Our Ken 600415 Tobacco Road
Big Town 400000 Death Rides the Highway
Black Mass Moonlit Road
Call For Music 480504 'Highway to Love'
Calling All Cars 350528 e079 Youth Rides Rough
Calling All Cars 351218 e108 Corpse by the Road
Calling All Cars 370317 e173 Hit and Run Driver
Calling All Cars 370907 e198 Tobaccoville Road
Casey 540113 Road Angel
CBSRW 570317 57 The Endless Road
Charles Boyer 501026 17 Parismarseilles Highway
Clock 470209 The Hitchhiker
Columbia Workshop 360808 104 Experiment Highway Incid
Creaking Door 33 Death On the Road
Dangerously Yours 440621 Aud2 The Highwayman
Dangerously Yours 440702 01 The Highwayman
DF 490807 056 TheLongRoad
Diamond Dramas 450627 Highwayman's Diamond
Dimx e022 TheRoadsMustRoll
Dinah Shore 430108 41 In Person 'I'm On The Road To Morocco'
Dinah Shore 430319 51 In Person 'Hit The Road To Dreamland'
Durante 480107 The Road To Pismo Beach
FBI 520328 e365 The Phantom Hitchhiker
fm510501 Hitchhiking Bureau
fm540414 Freeway Ride
GG520917 Leroy Gets His Driver's License
GreenHornet 451122 SuperhighwayRobbery
ILA 480711 12 Hearse on Highway
IS460521 Detour to Terror Mason Adams
IS490606 Death On Highway Ted Osborne Alice Reinhart
John Steele, Adventurer 501128 The Circle Road
LR 380805 0087 FourDay Ride
Lux 520428 789 No Highway In the Sky
LWTL 521121 Hole In The Road
Marlene Dietrich Lux520428 789 No Highway In The Sky
Matinee Theater 450225 19 The Highwayman
MT 460621 303 [MST] The HitchHiker
MT 501006 Highway of Terror
Our Miss Brooks 551113 315 Outpost Road [incmplt]
Ph500521 Alice & Phil Take Drivers' License Exams
PM 2774 In On A State Road
SkyKing 450731 Mountain Detour
Superman 411114 e0276 PanAmHighway,ThePart1
Superman 411117 e0277 PanAmHighway,ThePart2
Superman 411119 e0278 PanAmHighway,ThePart3
Superman 411121 e0279 PanAmHighway,ThePart4
Superman 411124 e0280 PanAmHighway,ThePart5
Superman 411126 e0281 PanAmHighway,ThePart6
Superman 411128 e0282 PanAmHighway,ThePart7
Superman 411201 e0283 PanAmHighway,ThePart8
Superman 411203 e0284 PanAmHighway,ThePart9
Superman 411205 e0285 PanAmHighway,ThePart10
Superman 411208 e0286 PanAmHighway,ThePart11
Superman 411210 e0287 PanAmHighway,ThePart12
Superman 411212 e0288 PanAmHighway,ThePart13
Superman 411215 e0289 PanAmHighway,ThePart14
Superman 411217 e0290 PanAmHighway,ThePart15
SUSP 420902 011 The Hitchhiker
SUSP 430126 026 Death Went Along for the Ride
SUSP 440106 073 One Way Ride To Nowhere Alan Ladd
SUSP 440427 089 Death Went Along for the Ride
SUSP 451004 161 Death on Highway 99
SUSP 460321 185 The Lonely Road
SUSP 470206 231 The End of the Road
SUSP 490203 326 Backseat Driver
SUSP 501116 403 On A Country Road
SUSP 510827 436 The Report on the Jolly Death Riders
SUSP 581108 776 Two for the Road
SUSP 590118 786 Ride Down Cajon
SUSP 620708 933 The Sin Eater
SUSP 620715 934 Snow on 66
Texas Rangers 510527 Joy Ride
Thrills Highway Patrol 002 Tom Mix
Thrills Highway Patrol 026
Thrills Highway Patrol 031
Thrills Highway Patrol 032
True Det Mystery 571014 Body in the Road
Whistler 420822 e015 Death has a Thirst
Whistler 450709 e164 Highway Of Escape
Whistler 531227 e603 Lonley Highway
Witch's Tale 370212 Haunted Crossroads



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