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01.Sam Spade
02.Philip Marlowe
03.Have Gun Will Travel
04.Sherlock Holmes
05.Best of Suspense
06.Amos and Andy
08.Inner Sanctum Mysteries
09.Johnny Dollar (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar)
10.I Love a Mystery
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Old Time Radio Theme Music S
  • Sam Spade, The Adventures of - Close Theme: "Good Night, Sweetheart" [from the 1931 revue "Earl Carroll Vanities"] - Ray Noble; Jimmy Campbell; Reg Connelly
  • Sammy Kaye [big band shows]
    1. "Swing and Sway" - Pat Paterson; Sammy Kaye
    2. "Until Tomorrow" - Sammy Kaye
    3. "Kaye's Melody" - Sammy Kaye
  • Saturday Night Serenade - Pet Milk Sponsorship "Pet Lullaby Theme, The" [aka: "Pet Milk Theme, The"] - Gustave W. ["Gus"] Haenschen
  • Screen Director's Playhouse (aka: NBC Theater/Screen Directors' Guild) - "N B C Theater/Screen Directors' Guild Theme" Henry Russell (professional name of Henry Russell Olson)
  • Screen Guild Players/The Camel's Show [sponsor: Camel Cigarettes] (NBC, 1948) - "Camel Theme" [expanded arrangement] - Freddie Rich (probably adapted/arranged by Wilbur Hatch
  • Screen Guild Show/Theatre, The Gulf - "Romeo and Juliet (Fantasy Overture)" (aka: "Moon Love") - Piotr Ilyich ["Peter"] Tchaikovsky; Oscar Bradley (arr.)
  • Sealtest Village Store, The [with Eve Arden and Jack Carson]
    1. "On Wisconsin" - Carl Edwin Beck Jr.; W. T. Purdy
    2. "Great Day [aka: It's a Great Day...]" - Vincent Youmans; William Rose; Edward Eliscu
    3. "Smile For A Smile, (I'll Give You) A" - Stanley Cowan; Bobby (aka: Bobby Scott Worth
  • Second Husband [aka: "The Famous Actors Guild"]
    1. "If Love Were All" [from the 1929 Musical "Bittersweet"] - Noel Coward
    2. " Diane" [aka: "(I'm In Heaven When I See You Smile) Diane", from the 1927 film "Seventh Heaven"] - Lew Pollack; Erno Rapee
  • Second Mrs. Burton, The
    1. "My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice" [from the opera "Samson and Delilah"]
      Camille Saint-Saens
    2. [original theme - title unknown] - Chester ["Chet"] Kingsbury
  • Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (Challenge of the Yukon) -"Donna Diana" [opera] Overture [aka: "Challenge of the Yukon"] - Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek
  • Shell Chateau, The (with Al Jolson)
    1. Open Theme 1 (1935): "Good Evening, Friends" [from the 1931 Al Jolson musical "The Wonder Bar" ] - Robert Katscher (m); Irving Caesar (w); Karl Farkas (w)
    2. Open Theme 2 (1936): "Golden Gate" [from the 1928 Al Jolson film "The Singing Fool"] - Billy Rose; Dave Dreyer; Joseph Meyer; Al Jolson
    3. Open Theme 3: "About A Quarter To Nine" [from the 1935 Al Jolson film "Go Into Your Dance"] - Harry Warren (m); Al Dubin (w)
    4. Close Theme: "Thank You, Father" [from the 1930 musical "Flying High"] - Ray Henderson (m); Buddy G. De Sylva (w); Lew Brown (w)
  • Sheriff, The - "Sheriff, The" [Sheriff Theme & Finale] - Josef Bonime
  • Sherlock Holmes- " March of the Ancestors" [from the 1937 British musical "Crest of the Wave"] - Ivor Novello
  • Show Boat (The Maxwell House Show Boat) - " Here Comes The Show Boat: [from the 1929 film "Show Boat"] - Maceo Pinkard (m); Billy Rose (w)
  • Skinnay Ennis [music shows] - "Got A Date With An Angel" - Jack Waller (m); Joseph Turnbridge (m); Clifford Grey (w); Sonny Miller (w)
  • Skippy Hollywood Theater - "Hollywood Theater Theme" - Mahlon Merrick
  • Si Zentner [big band shows] - "Lazy River" [aka: "Up A Lazy River"] - Hoagy Carmichael; Sidney Arodin
  • Silver Dust Twins [Goldy and Dusty, aka: "The Gold Dust Twins"]
    1. "Bright On The Corner"
    2. "Where You Are"
  • Silver Eagle - "Winged Messenger" - Charles Williams
  • Sing It Again - "Sing It Again" - Raymond A. ["Ray"] Bloch
  • Singin' Sam (the Barbasol Man)
    1. "Barbasol, Barbasol" [jingle set to the air: Tammany] - based upon the old English air "Tammany" Traditional
    2. "Reminiscing" (1930) - Harry Warren; Edgar Leslie
  • Singing Sweethearts [with Frank Crumit and Julia Sanderson] - "Sweet Lady" [from the 1921 musical "Tangerine"] - Howard Johnson; Carlo Sanderson
  • Six Shooter, The - "Highland Lament, A" - George Basil ["Buzz"] Adlam
  • Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar [$64,000] Question, The - " Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question Theme [aka: Love Is The $64,000 Question]" - Norman Leyden
  • Small Town D.A.- " Theme from Small Town D.A" - Nathan Van Cleave
  • Smile Time - " It's Smile Time" - Stephen Valentine ["Steve"] Allen
  • Snow Village Sketches - " Sunshine" - Irving Berlin
  • Society Girl - " Sunrise Serenade" - Jack Lawrence; Frankie Carle
  • Song Of The City [aka: "Rainbow Court"] - "Sweetest Story Ever Told, The" [aka: "Tell Me, Do You Love Me?"] (1920) - Robert Morrison ["R. M."] Stults
  • Songs For Sale - " Songs For Sale Theme" - Raymond A. ["Ray"] Bloch
  • Sonny Dunham [big band shows] - " Memories Of You" - Eubie Blake (m); Andy Razaf (w)
  • Sons of the Pioneers, The [vocal group shows]
    1. "Blue Shadows On The Trail" - Eliot Daniel; Johnny Lange
    2. "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds- Bob Nolan
    3. " Cool Water" - Bob Nolan
  • Spike Jones Show, The
    1. "Charlie, My Boy" - Gus Kahn; Ted Fiorito
    2. "Cocktails For Two" [from the 1934 film "Murder at the Vanities"] - Sam Coslow; Arthur Johnston; Spike Jones (comedy arr.)
    3. "Coca-Cola Company Theme, The" [aka: Coca-Cola Signature] - Leonard Joy
  • Spotlight Bands [aka: "Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands"] - "Coca-Cola Company Theme, The" [aka: Coca-Cola Signature] - Leonard Joy
  • Stan Kenton [big band shows] - "Artistry In Rhythm" - Stan Kenton
  • Standard Hour, The
    1. " Soconyland" (Is Everywhere You Go) (1928) - Wright; Alger
    2. "This Hour is Yours (1943) - Julius Haug (m); Adrian Michaelis (w)
  • Standard School Broadcast - " This Hour is Yours" (1943) - Julius Haug (m); Adrian Michaelis (w)
  • Stars In The Air / Screen Guild Theatre - " Stars In The Air" - Alexander Courage
  • Stars Over Hollywood -"Stars Over Hollywood" - Ivan Dale Ditmars
  • Stella Dallas -
    1. 1938-40: "Memories" - Egbert Van Alstyne (m); Gus Kahn (w)
    2. 1938-40: "Old Refrain, The" - Johann Brandl (orig. composer); Fritz Kreisler (adapter)
    3. 1940-55: "How Can I Leave Thee?" - Henry Bishop (m); John Howards Payne (w)
    4. Sub-Theme: "Stella Dee" - Ann Leaf
  • Stepmother - " Minute Waltz, The (Op. 64, No. 1)" - Frederick Chopin
  • Stoopnagle and Bud - "Chopsticks [aka: The Celebrated Chop Waltz]" - Arthur [pseudonym of Euphemia Allen] de Lulli
  • Stop The Music
    1. 1948-51: "Stop The Music" - Al Goodhart (m); Leni Mason (w); Arthur Berman (w)
    2. 1951-52: "Stop The Music" - Sam Coslow (m); Lou Halmy (arr.)
    3. 1954-55: "Stop The Music" - Raymond Arthur ["Ray"] Bloch; Robert Arthur
  • Story Behind The Headlines (with Cesar Searchinger) - "Spectator March" - Harry Sosnik
  • Story of Mary Marlin, The
    1. "Clair de Lune" [from the "Suite Bergamasque"] - Claude Achille Debussy
    2. Sub-Theme: "Gramercy Square "(1935, pub. Clayton F. Summy Co.) - Allan Grant
  • Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters, The - " Will You Remember (Sweetheart)" [from the 1917 musical "Maytime"] - Sigmund Romberg (m); Rida Johnson Young (w)
  • Strike It Rich (with Warren Hull) - "Strike It Rich Theme" - Henry ["Hank"] Sylvern; Walter H. Framer
  • Studebaker Champions, The
    1. "It Isn't Fair" - Richard Himber; Frank Warshauer; Sylvester Sprigato
    2. "Falling In Love With You" [aka: (Was I To Blame For) Falling In Love With You?] - Victor Young; Gus Kahn; Chester Conn
  • Studio One
    1. "Studio One" - Glenn ["Abe"] Osser
    2. "Prelude To The Stars" [aka: Studio One Concerto] - Vic Oliver
  • Summerfield Bandstand, The (NBC, 1947) - " Summerfieled Cadets [aka: The All American March]" - Jack Meakin (m); Foster Carling (w)
  • Superman (WOR/Mutual/ABC, 1940-51) -"Superman March" - Sammy Timberg
  • Suspense
    1. Main & End Theme: "Suspense Theme" - Bernard Herrmann
    2. Alternate End March Theme: "New Suspense Closing" - Lucien Alfred E. Moraweck
  • Sylvanians, The - "Sylvania Song, The" - Keith McLeod

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