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 News Recordings 1938

1 MP3 CD - 44 episodes


"First Air Raid Drill in USA 1938"
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Hitler's Mustache being combed in 1938
Although historians tell us that the Second World War began when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in September 1939 the “winds of War” had been swirling for months even years before that date. The seeds of the Second World War were planted and grew with those of the First World War and by 1938, the sprouts were nearly ready to bloom. Radio was there in 1938 to comment and document the happenings. Many of the events were not completely understood at the time, but their significance glares in the light of history.

In February of 1938, The March Of Time dramatized the sinking of an English freighter by an unidentified submarine. The next week, we hear Admiral Leahy discussing the growth of the Japanese Navy and their cooperation with Germany and Italy. In the same episode, we hear Adolf Hitler receiving advice to cut ties with Italy and Spain. The following week, NBC's Story Behind the Headlines discusses the policy of Appeasement and how it is doomed to fail.

Commentator Raymond Gram Swing covered the First World War for the Chicago Daily News before migrating to radio. He was so successful reporting the 1932 Presidential election that he was offered a top position at CBS. He declined (the job would eventually go to Edward R. Murrow) and joined the Mutual Network. His was a strong voice in opposition to Fascism and Nazism. We hear him in early March 1938, speaking about the oppression of religion in Germany, and an anti-Trotsky trial in Russia.

1938 Anschluss
By mid month, both CBS and the British radio are reporting on the Anschluss, Germany's annexation of Austria. Hitler's next ambition was the conquest of Czechoslovakia, and we hear a report from a Prague shortwave station about the political situation, dated May 16. On the same day, Mutual station WOR reports on the first air raid and black-out drill held in the United States with correspondents both on the ground and in the air. Both sides of  the drill reported success.

Super Electra 1938
Mutual affiliate, WDGY in Fairbanks, covers the refueling of Howard Hughes' Lockheed Super Electra while on the final legs of his record setting 91 hour flight around the world. “Mrs. Winchell's little boy Walter” offers an affectionate salute to Irving Berlin on August 3.

Murrow ShirerA conference was held in Munich in August, apparently an attempt by the great European powers to avert all out war. Both CBS and Mutual broadcast commentary on the Munich Conference on August 28. On September 13, Fulton Lewis on Mutual reports of the declaration of martial law in the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia (Lewis managed to get the Czech Ambassador on the air). The next day, British Radio reports Prime Minister Chamberlain's offer to meet with Hitler as soon as possible.

CBS News, featuring Bob Trout and Edward Murrow in London, reported on the upcoming Munich Conference on  September 23. On the 26th, the British reported preparations for war in England. The next evening, Chamberlain spoke to the British Nation from 10 Downing Street about his efforts to secure peace before going to sign the Munich Agreement. A triumphant Chamberlain returned to London on September 30, and by October 4 the German occupation of Czechoslovakia was a fait accompli, as reported by British Ralph Murray.

Roller Derby FightNBC News took the time to analyze the significance of the Four Powers Pact on Behind the Headlines. The Roosevelt Administration was watching the situation, while Winston Churchill called for Great Britain to arm itself. American hero Charles Lindbergh made speeches on the need for America to remain neutral, and in Nebraska, the Roller Derby remained popular.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

News 380000 BBC Chamberlain on National Health
News 380000 Charles Lindbergh Speaks On US Neutrality
News 380000 IBC Radio Normandie
News 380000 Roller Derby Omaha 1
News 380000 Roller Derby Omaha 2
News 380203 NBCB March Of Time
News 380210 CBS The March Of Time
News 380210 NBCB March Of Time
News 380217 NBC Story Behind The Headlines Appeasement Marches On
News 380221 MBS John Steele On Nazis
News 380222 Gov A Harry Moore Speaks During National Defense Week
News 380304 MBS Raymond Graham Swing On Russia And Germany
News 380304 MBS Raymond Graham Swing On World Events
News 380304 MBS Raymond Gram Swing End of two trials Niemoller and the old Bolsheviks
News 380311 BBC Reports Resignation Of Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg
News 380313 CBS World News Roundup Austrian Invasion
News 380313 CBS World News Roundup
News 380323 Radio Coloniale France Interval signal ID
News 380430 BBC Winston Churchill To The Royal Academy Of Arts
News 380516 Radio Prague News
News 380516 WOR First Air Raid Drill in USA
News 380523 Radio Berlin News
News 380600 Oswald Mosley Speaks To British Blackshirts
News 380714 WDGY Howard Hughes at Wold Chamberlin Field
News 380803 MBS Tribute To Irving Berlin
News 380828 CBS William Shirer In Berlin Before Invasion
News 380828 MBS Sigrid Schultz On Munich Conference
News 380913 MBS Fulton Lewis Czechoslovakia Declares Martial Law
News 380914 BBC Chamberlain Offers To Meet Hitler
News 380923 CBS News
News 380926 BBC Britain Begins to Prepare for War
News 380927 BBC Chamberlain Addresses the Nation on His Negotiations for Peace
News 380927 BBC Chamberlain On Czech Crisis
News 380927 NBC Fred Bates Reporting
News 380928 BBC Chamberlain Before Munich Conference
News 380930 BBC Chamberlain Returns from Munich with Anglo German Agreement
News 380930 BBC Neville Chamberlain Just After Munich Conference
News 380930 BBC Neville Chamberlain On His Return From Munich
News 380930 NBC Max Jordon On Big Four Meeting In Munich
News 381004 BBC Ralph Murray Reports From Prague After Invasion
News 381014 NBC Story Behind The Headlines Minorities And The Threat To World Peace
News 381016 BBC Winston Churchill We Must Arm
News 381021 NBC Story Behind Headlines Great Britain And The Four Power Pact 1
News 381021 NBC Story Behind Headlines Great Britain And The Four Power Pact 2


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