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 Michael Shayne

2 MP3 CDs - 59 episodes

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"Tahlans Tears"
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Michael Shayne
Private Detective drama (1944 - 53)

Michael ShayneMichael Shayne, "the reckless, red-headed Irishman" was a popular hard-boiled detective created by American crime novelist Brett Haliday. Mike blew into Miami just after WWII, making crime pay by fighting it with a license and an attitude. Like Mike Hammer and other Phillip Marlowe wannabes, he was a loner. He was a guy with a sense of humor, like Sam Spade or Richard Diamond. He was different from the others, however, because in the first of the Haliday novels, Mike's happily married, but suddenly his wife is tragically murdered, and that hits Mike like no sucker punch before or after. Grief-stricken, Shayne loses himself the gumshoe grind, prowling the darker streets of the American dream complete with the (then) very adult themes of drugs and middle-class adultery. Shayne was the genuine fighting Irish, and his believability made him a popular private eye with the Post World War veterans who had lived more than their share of violent morality.

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The radio version of Mike's exploits debuted as Michael Shayne, Private Detective in the fall of '44 with the fine radio actor Wally Maher as Mike. In the fall of 1946, the show went national for a year. Mutual did it again in 1948, titled The New Adventures of Michael Shayne, starring the hunky movie star Jeff Chandler. Many like Chandler's Shayne, Jeff did the job for two years, of which nearly three dozen episodes or so are available. (Chandler played the love interest in Our Miss Brooks, proving he could handle comedy as well as tough guys.)

Jeff ChandlerIn 1952-53, Donald Curtis took over for Mike for another ride, with Robert Sterling jumping in as replacement along the way, calling this one Michael Shayne, Private Detective. During these years, the Michael Shayne novels by Halliday kept the public tuned in and wanting more of their boy Shayne.

Halliday didn't do the old time radio show scripts, but took the money for his creation, as well he should. That's the American way. In the early 1960's, Mike Shayne took a stab at TV, with Richard Denning playing the part. Still, many of us agree radio's the best place for noir drama, where the shadows grow longer until the words are everything in the dark. The best of it is simply as good as it gets.

Other private eyes on radio that play it rough are The Adventures of Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Pat Novak for Hire and Jeff Regan, both done by Jack Webb. Also there's Richard Diamond, Nero Wolfe, The Saint, Boston Blackie, The Falcon and The Fat Man. Adventure shows with mystery and action abound on radio, including Bold Venture, Broadway is My Beat, Box 13, Dangerous Assignment, Escape, I Love a Mystery and many more.

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Volume 1: 30 episodes: total playtime 14 hours 39 minutes

Michael Shayne 450402 25 Meet Me At Oakland Depot
Michael Shayne 450409 26 Haunted House
Michael Shayne 450416 27 Date At Cliff House
Michael Shayne 450423 28 Body In The Trunk
Michael Shayne 450430 29 Pirates In San Francisco Bay
Michael Shayne 450507 30 Big Voice Means A Big Body
Michael Shayne 450514 31 Date With A Wedding
Michael Shayne 450521 32 Murder Trial Of Jack Holmes
Michael Shayne 450528 33 Re-Create A Murder
Michael Shayne 450604 34 Judge Stanton Murdered
Michael Shayne 450611 35 Mary Noble Suspects Uncle Briggs
Michael Shayne 450618 36 Investment In An Invention
Michael Shayne 450625 37 Body By The Piano
Michael Shayne 450702 38 Malcolm Boyd Case
Michael Shayne 450709 39 Gossip Writer
Michael Shayne 450716 40 Tire Oriental Lines
Michael Shayne 450723 41 Strange Business Call
Michael Shayne 450730 42 Museum Thefts
Michael Shayne 450806 43 Missing Body
Michael Shayne 450813 44 Dr Grant's Dilemma
Michael Shayne 450820 45 Red Lead Mystery
Michael Shayne 450827 46 Behind The Footlights
Michael Shayne 450903 47 Signed, REM
Michael Shayne 450910 48 John M Crowder's Body
Michael Shayne 450917 49 Mr Dixon's Life In Danger
Michael Shayne 450924 50 Shadow William P Pringle
Michael Shayne 460000 The Left Handed Clue
Michael Shayne 461105 01 Return To Huxley
Michael Shayne 461112 02 Poisoned Fan
Michael Shayne 470114 03 Judge Shot, Motive Revenge

Volume 2: 29 episodes: total playtime 13 hours 4 minutes

Michael Shayne 490507 01 Man Who Lived Forever
Michael Shayne 490514 02 Hunted Bride
Michael Shayne 490521 03 Blood Stained Pearls
Michael Shayne 490528 04 Phantom Gun
Michael Shayne 490604 05 Hate That Killed
Michael Shayne 490611 06 Greyeyed Blonde
Michael Shayne 490618 07 Model Murder
Michael Shayne 490625 08 Generous Killer
Michael Shayne 490702 09 Pursuit Of Death
Michael Shayne 490709 10 Crooked Wheel
Michael Shayne 490716 11 Wandering Fingerprints
Michael Shayne 490723 12 Purloined Corpse
Michael Shayne 490730 13 Lefthanded Fan
Michael Shayne 490806 14 Deadly Dough
Michael Shayne 490813 15 Popular Corpse
Michael Shayne 490820 16 Bayou Monster
Michael Shayne 490827 17 Problem In Murder
Michael Shayne 490903 18 High Priced Twins
Michael Shayne 490910 19 Carnival Killer
Michael Shayne 490917 20 Constant Companion
Michael Shayne 490924 21 Borrowed Heirloom
Michael Shayne 491001 22 Mailorder Murders
Michael Shayne 491008 23 Phantom Neighbor
Michael Shayne 491015 24 Tahlanis Tears
Michael Shayne 491022 25 Eager Victim
Michael Shayne 491029 26 Corresponding Corpse
Michael Shayne Pilot 530403 Queen Of Narcotics
Michael Shayne Pilot Body In Trunk
Michael Shayne Pilot Too Many Suspects Too Many Alibis


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