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1 MP3 CD - 86 episodes


"Jan 19, 1950 Broadcast"
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Situation comedy, based on MGMs "Maisie" films (1945 - 53)

Ann SouthernAnn Sothern was Maisie Ravier, a sassy and street-smart American working woman turned woman of the world.That's in the best sense of the words, of course.

MGM Studios had created the series of ten motion pictures based on a brash blonde with a heart "of spun gold." Maisie, the first in 1939, was from the book "Dark Dame" by the writer Wilson Collison, who did decades of scripting for the silver screen along with Broadway plays and magazine fiction.

From the first, MGM wanted Ann Sothern to play Maisie. She began in Hollywood as an extra in 1927. "Maisie and I were just together - I just understood her," Sothern, born Harriette Arlene Lake, said after several of the films made her a star.

Throughout the 1940s, the Maisie pictures continued to be released every couple of years. "Your pictures pay for our mistakes," Arthur B. Mayer told her. "And you'll just keep making Maisies as long as you do that."

In July, 1945, Ann took Maisie to radio in a half-hour weekly radio. Famed radio actor Elliott Lewis co-starred as boyfriend Bill, with other parts going to such seasoned radio players as John Brown and Lurene Tuttle. The series ran two seasons, and was revived in 1949 as a syndicated program, now called The Adventures of Maisie. Included in the repertory cast were Hans Conreid (later on Life with Liugi), Sheldon Leonard, Joan Banks, Elvia Allman, Bea Benadaret, and Sandra Gould.

Ann SothernThe old time radio show continued in the tried and true Maisie tradition of one part adventure of the emotional kind, one part romance, and one part laughs. To the end Maisie was the single girl, as this allowed her to get involved in continuing adventures of many kinds. These radio adventures of a liberated American "dame" from Brooklyn were tailored to post-WWII, and featured Maisie making her way (and having her way, most of the time) on both sides of the Atlantic. Maisie's favorite comment - "Likewise, I'm sure."

Sothern, due in great part to the Maisie films type-casting, would ultimately admit she was "a Hollywood princess, not a Hollywood queen." But in its time, the Maisie series in film and on radio made her known and loved the world over. And for many of us, Ann Sothern was a beautiful and intelligent actress whose warmth and charm were singularly beguiling. She continued to do TV (Private Secretary, The Ann Sothern Show) and movie work (A Letter to Three Wives, '49), and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1987 for The Whales of August. She died March 15, 2001.

Other exceptional actresses with radio shows were Lucille Ball, in My Favorite Husband, Eve Arden in Our Miss Brooks, Lauren Bacall in Bold Venture, Gertrude Berg of The Goldbergs, and of course, Gracie Allen of Burns and Allen.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

86 shows - total playtime 41 hours 36 minutes

Lux 411124 327 Maisie Was a Lady
Maisie 491124 The Department Store Clerk
Maisie 491201 The Poet Effie
Maisie 491208 The Truck Driver
Maisie 491215 Eddie, the Boyfriend
Maisie 491222 The Phony Doctor
Maisie 491229 Bobby Kent
Maisie 500105 Eddie Designs a Bridge
Maisie 500112 Sonja, the Smart Dog
Maisie 500119 Lord Deveridge and Lady Revere
Maisie 500126 Stranded in Bartonville
Maisie 500202 Owes Hotel Bill to the Night Clerk
Maisie 500209 Trouble with the Law
Maisie 500216 Clothes for the Poor
Maisie 500223 The Sales Contest
Maisie 500302 On the Farm
Maisie 500309 The Manicurist Bookie in the Barbershop
Maisie 500316 Chester Drake, Actor, Is Maisie's Idol
Maisie 500323 Jasper Love Sick Fan of Chorus Girl
Maisie 500330 The Missing Heir
Maisie 500406 Maisie Wrecks Old Car and Must Pay
Maisie 500413 The Costume Ball
Maisie 500420 Safe Cracking
Maisie 500427 Professor Elliot
Maisie 500504 Hazel
Maisie 500622 Paul Jones, Soldier on Leave
Maisie 500629 Stranded in India
Maisie 500706 33 Anniversary for Eddie and Maisie
Maisie 500713 In Hollywood to See Stars
Maisie 500727 Two Speakers With Same Speech
Maisie 500729 Maisie's Lovelorn Advice Column
Maisie 500803 The ExConvict
Maisie 500810 Phony Screen Test
Maisie 500817 The Money Manager
Maisie 500824 The Orphanage
Maisie 500831 Birthday Gifts
Maisie 500907 Theatrical Agent
Maisie 500914 Eddie Sells Cemetery Plots
Maisie 500921 Helping a Working Girl
Maisie 500928 The Nightclub
Maisie 501005 Hollywood Waitress
Maisie 501012 Small Town Newspaper
Maisie 501019 New York Banquet
Maisie 501026 The ExConvict
Maisie 501102 The Phony Screen Test
Maisie 501109 The Money Manager
Maisie 501116 The Orphanage
Maisie 501123 The Birthday Gift
Maisie 501130 The Theatrical Agent
Maisie 501207 The Skin Restorer
Maisie 501214 Helping a Working Girl
Maisie 501221 Home Movies
Maisie 501228 The Stolen Bracelet
Maisie 510104 Eddie Changes Apartments
Maisie 510111 Yvonne of the Ballet
Maisie 510118 The Artists Model
Maisie 510125 Insurance
Maisie 510201 Duke Johnson
Maisie 510208 Off to Rio
Maisie 510215 The Napoleon Letter
Maisie 510222 Muscles
Maisie 510301 The Wild West Dude Ranch
Maisie 510308 Merton's Dreams
Maisie 510315 The Hayfields vs the McCoys
Maisie 510322 The Fortune Teller
Maisie 510329 The Newspaper Columnist
Maisie 510405 Las Vegas
Maisie 510412 Millie Faraday of Hollywood
Maisie 510419 Eddie Jordan, Private Eye
Maisie 510426 Manganese Gold Mine
Maisie 510503 Hotel Social Director
Maisie 510510 The Universal Elixer
Maisie 510517 The Indian Guide
Maisie 510524 1001 Soaps for the Maharajah
Maisie 511004 Killer Diller
Maisie 511011 Aunt Hattie
Maisie 511018 The Spicy Novel
Maisie 511025 The African Guide
Maisie 511101 Stanley Trotter from Ampop
Maisie 511108 Beatrice Butterfield, Inc
Maisie 511115 Thursday Island Oink Bear
Maisie 511122 The Efficiency Expert
Maisie 511129 Jimmy Harris for Mayor
Maisie 511206 The Magic Act
Maisie 511213 Tex's Oil Stocks (last episode)



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