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 Lionel Barrymore

2 MP3 CDs - 80 episodes

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"A Christmas Carol"
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Lionel BarrymoreLionel BarrymoreLionel Barrymore

Lionel Barrymore: "I've got a lot of ham in me."

Lionel Barrymore was an actor, composer, writer, director, and inventor (he invented the boom microphone).  The elder brother of Ethel Barrymore and John Barrymore, Lionel was the first child of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Drew Barrymore (daughter of famed Arch Street Theatre owners Louisa Lane Drew and John Drew). 

Lionel Barrymore at MicrophoneLionel Barrymore stage career began in the early 1900s, his sibling soon followed suit.  His brother, John Barrymore, was best know for his rugged good looks and starred in lead roles; Lionel Barrymore was better known as a character actor.  In 1909, Lionel began working in the new medium of movies with D.W. Griffith.  He was the first of the Barrymore siblings to move from stage to screen and received much criticisms from his sister Ethel Barrymore.  However, she also made the move to movies in 1914. 

In 1925, Lionel quit his theater career and moved to Hollywood to make films.  Lionel Barrymore on The Campbell's PlayhouseHe won an Academy Award for his role in A Free Soul in 1931.  He had an illustrious film career starring in such films as The Mysterious Island, Grand Hotel, Dinner at Eight, and Key Largo. He soon became typecast as a grouchy old man such as Mr. Potter in the film It's a Wonderful Life

On radio, Lionel Barrymore is best know for his roles as Doctor Gillespie in the Doctor Kildare, a role in which he reprised from the Doctor Kildare movies.  He also played the title role in another 1940s radio series, Mayor of the Town.  He was in a number of other old time radio shows including Command Performance, Kraft Music Hall, Lux Radio Theater, and Lionel Barrymore Concert Hall.  Barrymore died on November 15, 1954 from a heart attack.

For additional Barrymore, see also: Hallmark Hall of Fame.
Lionel Barrymore

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 41 recordings - total playtime 28 hours

AFRS Thanksgiving Show
AFRS Thanksgiving Show 441123 Lionel Barrymore Dinah Shore

Amos and Andy
aa431112 Matrimonial Mishap

Bergen and McCarthy
Bergen McCarthy 540620 672 Nelson Eddy

Big Show
Big Show 510401 Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, Ethel Barrymore

Campbells Playhouse
Campbell Playhouse 391224 42 A Christmas Carol

Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade Of America 470317 515 The Man With Green Finge

Command Performance
CP450405 169 B.Crosby L.Barrymore Marilyn Maxwell

Dr. Kildare
DrKildare 500201 01 Angela & Steven Kester
DrKildare 500215 03 B.Barkley
DrKildare 500301 05 Vernon Pendleton-Hypocondriac
DrKildare 500315 07 Caroline Shelly
DrKildare 500412 11 Warren Jackson
DrKildare 500426 13 Phillip VanCort's Amnesia
DrKildare 500524 17 Dr. Carew's Fat Wife
DrKildare 500601 19 Colonel Beauregard's Paralysis
DrKildare 500713 25 D.Malloy
DrKildare 500810 29 B.McClure
DrKildare 510209 55 Anthrax Infection
DrKildare 510223 57 B.Houtson
DrKildare 510309 59 E.Carlton
DrKildare 510323 61 C Morton
DrKildare 510406 63 Award

Encore 460806 10 A Man To Remember

GI Journal
GI Journal 169 Crosby Marilyn Maxwell L Barrymore

Good News
Good News 371230 009 w Myrna Loy
Good News 380331 022 w Louis B Mayer From London
Good News 381013 042 w Lionell Barrymore
Good News 381027 044 w Clark Gable
Good News 381110 046 w Lionel Barrymore
Good News 381215 051 w Reginald Owen
Good News 381229 053 w Bill Stern
Good News 390309 063 w Rita Johnson
Good News 390406 067 Dedicated To Jeanette Macdonald
Good News 390427 070

Hallmark Playhouse
Hallmark Playhouse 480923 015 Captain January
Hallmark Playhouse 521214 191 Home For Christmas
Hallmark Playhouse 521228 192 A Man Called Peter

I Can Hear it Now
I Can Hear It Now 510511 ep22

Information Please
Info Please 430524 Ethel Barrymore Richard Maney

Kraft Music Hall
KMH 410306 Lionel Barrymore
KMH 410306 Lionel Barrymore Connie Boswell

Volume 2: 39 recordings - total playtime 20 hours 35 minutes

Leo on the Air
Com 18 David Copperfield(1935) W.c. Fields-Lionel Barrymore
Com 30 Camille (1936) Greta Garbo-Lionel Barrymore

Lionel Barrymore Concert Hall
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 420609
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 420612
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 420808
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 430301

Lionel Barrymore Story
Lionel Barrymore Story

lux360706 88 The Voice of Bugle Ann
lux361130 109 Polly of the Circus
lux390213 The Return of Peter Grimm
lux420119 335 The Devil And Miss Jones
lux420518 352 A Man To Remember
lux450129 469 Lady In The Dark
lux450205 470 Laura

Mail Call
Mail Call 440308 081 Lionel Barrymore

Mayor of Town
Mayor 421007 01 An 11YearOld War Orphan
Mayor 421021 03 Abandoned Baby
Mayor 421104 06 Emergency Operation
Mayor 421202 10 Musician Going Deaf
Mayor 421209 11 Enemy Agents
Mayor 421224 13 a christmas carol
Mayor 430106 15 Janey's Baby
Mayor 430217 21 Finding Mary Meyer
Mayor 430303 23 Dick Miller's Submarine Accident
Mayor 430324 26 A Fraud Painter
Mayor 430512 33 Susie's Engagement to a Movie Star
Mayor 430623 39 Taking Care of 5 Cats
Mayor 430630 40 Toni Falls for Captain Kennedy
Mayor 460525 Memorial Day Parade
Mayor 460713 Rocking Chair

Radio Almanac
Orson Welles Almanac 440202 02 Lionel Barrymore

Radio Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame 441015 044 Amos and Andy pt 1

Recollection at 30
RecollectAt30 570410 42 Info Please G.Garbo-Marian Anderson

Rudy Vallee
Rudy Vallee 410501 Barrymore Brothers
Rudy Vallee 410821 reh Real Estate

Screen Guild Theater
Screen Guild Theater 461007 317 Old Lady Shows Her Medal

Sealtest Variety Hour
Sealtest 481230 16 New Year's Show

Treasury Star Parade
TSP 052 Modern Scrooge

We Hold These Truths
We Hold These Truths 411215



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