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 Kentucky Derby Recordings (Horse Racing)

1 MP3 CD - 51 episodes


"1938 Call"
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Churchill Downs 1940
Twighlight Tear 1944Kentucky Derby Experience the thrill of The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports, the Kentucky Derby!

The Kentucky Derby is one of the oldest thoroughbred horse races in the United States. It is the first jewel in the Triple Crown which includes the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. At one andquarter miles, the race is known as "The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports".

The Kentucky Derby occurs every May and is one of the most well-attended races in the Triple Crown. Tradition is an enormous part of the Derby experience. Think about strolling around sipping a Mint Julep, watching the celebrities and the well-dressed ladies in large hats. At the end of the, take a walk over to the winner's enclosure to see the winning horse blanketed with a coverlet of 554 red roses.

Listen to the runs of past Triple Crown winners, War Admiral (1937), Whirlaway (1941) and Citation (1948). There have only been 11 Triple Crown winners in the over 100 year history of the race. It is a hard feat for a horse to accomplish. A horse has to run three races within five weeks, and each of those races is longer than others the horses have run in the past.

As a bonus: included are several of the races of the legendary Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit, born in 1933, quickly gained a reputation as a knobby-kneed, lazy and underperforming "also ran". Trainers saw potential in the horse, but could not bring it out until Seabiscuit began racing in California. On the West Coast, Seabiscuit began to live up to his potential, winning many races but finishing in extremely narrow seconds in the Santa Anita Handicap races. After a highly publicized race against Bing Crosby's Ligaroti, Seabiscuit was given a shot at the "Match of the Century" against Triple Crown winner War Admiral. After the match of the century, Seabiscuit received what was expected to be a career ending leg injury, but with care and perseverance. Seabiscuit's last race was the incredibly dramatic 1940 Santa Anita Handicap. Seabiscuit's performance and comeback made him a symbol of hope during the Depression Years.

One thing that can be said about any horse race, but especially these significant historic races they are the most exciting two minutes in sports!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

51 recordings - total playtime 5 hours 43 minutes

Ky Derby 360501 62 Running Pt 1 Preview Show
Ky Derby 360502 62 Running Pt 2 Prerace Show End Cu
Ky Derby 360502 62 Running Pt 3 Hanford Aboard Bold Ven
Ky Derby 360502 62 Running Pt 4 Postrace Show Begin
Ky Derby 370507 63 Running Pt 1 Preview Show
Ky Derby 370508 63 rd Running Pt 2 Pre Race & Race Call
Ky Derby 370508 63 rd Running Pt 3 Kurtsinger Aboard War A
Ky Derby 380507 64 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Lawrin
Ky Derby 390504 65 Running Preview Show Abruptly Ends
Ky Derby 400503 66 Running Pt 1 Preview Show Fragment
Ky Derby 400504 66 Running Pt 2 Prerace & Call
Ky Derby 400504 66 Running Pt 3 Bierman Aboad Galahadio
Ky Derby 410503 67 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Whirlaw
Ky Derby 430501 69 Running Longden Aboard Count Fleet
Ky Derby 450609 71 st Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Hoop J
Ky Derby 460504 72 Running Call Post Race Mehrtens On
Ky Derby 460504 72 Running Pre Race & Po Call Inc
Ky Derby 470503 73 rd Running Guerin Aboard Jet Pilot
Ky Derby 480501 74 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Citatio
Ky Derby 480501 74 Running Pre Call And Post
Ky Derby 490507 75 Running Pt 1 Pre Race Show
Ky Derby 490507 75 Running Pt 2 Call Brooks On Ponder
Ky Derby 490507 75 Running Pt 3 Post Race Show
Ky Derby 500506 76 Running Boland Aboard Middleground
Ky Derby 510505 77 Running Mccreary Aboard Count Turf
Ky Derby 510505 77 Running Pre Race Cut Short
Ky Derby 520503 78 Running Eddie Arcaro Aboard Hill Ga
Ky Derby 530502 79 Running Moreno Aboard Dark Star
Ky Derby 540501 80 Running York Aboard Determine
Ky Derby 550507 81 st Running Shoemaker Aboard Swaps
Ky Derby 570504 83 Running Hartack Aboard Iron Liege
Ky Derby 580503 84 Running Valenzuela Aboard Tim Tam
Ky Derby 590502 85 Running Shoemaker Aboard Tomy Lee
Ky Derby 610502 87 Running Sellers Aboard Carry Back
Ky Derby 620505 88 Running Hartack Aboard Decidedly
Ky Derby 630504 89 Running Baeza Aboard Chateaugay
Ky Derby 640502 90 Running Hartack Aboard Northern Dan
Ky Derby 640502 90 Running Post Race Show Excerp
Ky Derby 650501 91 st Running Shoemaker On Lucky Debonair
Ky Derby 660507 92 Running Call Post Race Brumfield On
Ky Derby 690503 95 Running Hartack Aboard Majetic Pri
Ky Derby 710501 97 Running Pre Race And Call Avila On Ca
Ky Derby Memories Of 1938 Eddie Arcaro Wins On Lawrin
Ky Derby Memories Of 1951
Ky Derby Memories Of 1963 Baeza Wins On Chateaugay
Seabiscuit 370227 Santa Anita Handicap
Seabiscuit 380305 Santa Anita Handicap
Seabiscuit 380812 Vs. Ligaroti
Seabiscuit 381101 Vs. War Admiral
Seabiscuit 400302 Santa Anita Handicap
Sports Memories 1951



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