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 Horatio Hornblower

1 MP3 CD - 52 episodes


"Takes On The French Fleet"
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CS Forester
Author. CS Forester
A Tower of London syndicate, Horatio Hornblower was a 30 minute historical action and adventure radio series that was broadcast on Radio Luxumbourg. It first aired in 1952 and was produced by Harry Towers and Michael Redgrave
Michael Redgrave
starred Michael Redgrave. Son of the silent film actor Roy Redgrave, Michael was also known for his starring role in Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes as well as The Importance of being Ernest.

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Michael Redgrave played Horatio Hornbloweyr, a captain in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic era. The radio series was based on twelve Horatio Hornblower novels written by C.S. Forester. These novels were, and still are, well liked due to their realistic tone and historical accuracy in telling the tales of Naval life in the late 1700s through the mid 1800s. C.S. Forester was well known for his novels about military and naval life, including such fine titles as The African Queen, The Gun, The Barbary Pirates, and The General.

See also: Adventures of Sea Hound.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

52 shows - total playtime 18 hours 40 minutes

HHB 520707 01 Horaito Deals With a Mad King
HHB 520714 02 Horiato Captures the Natividad
HHB 520721 03 Shakey Alliance With El Supremo
HHB 520728 04 Battle Against El Surpremo
HHB 520804 05 Lydia Sinks the Natividad
HHB 520811 06 Damaged Lidia Heads for Panama
HHB 520818 07 Return to the Fleet
HHB 520825 08 Return to the Sea
HHB 520901 09 Protecting the Convoy
HHB 520908 10 Disguised as a French Ship
HHB 521003 11 Guerilla Action
HHB 521010 12 Spanish Fail to Attack
HHB 521017 13 Takes on the French Fleet
HHB 521024 14 Mutiny on the Flame
HHB 521031 15 Disguised as the Flame
HHB 521107 16 The Courtmartial of Berry McCool
HHB 521114 17 The Capture of La Harve
HHB 521121 18 Acting Govenor of La Harve
HHB 521128 19 Barbara Joins Horatio
HHB 521205 20 Napoleon Returns
HHB 521212 21 Napoleon is Defeated
HHB 521219 22 A Prisoner in 1811
HHB 521226 23 Horatio Meets Marie and Escapes
HHB 530102 24 Horatio Captures a Ship
HHB 530109 25 Rejoining the Fleet
HHB 530116 26 Horatio is Cour Martialed
HHB 530123 27 Into the Baltic
HHB 530130 28 Chasing the Blanchie Fluer
HHB 530206 29 Alliance With Russia
HHB 530213 30 Reception With the Czar
HHB 530220 31 Attack on Fort at Fisher's Half
HHB 530227 32 Port of Riga
HHB 530306 33 Delaying the French
HHB 530313 34 The French are Stopped
HHB 530320 35 The Duel
HHB 530327 36 The Spanish Leave Napoleon
HHB 530403 37 Hornblower's First Command
HHB 530410 38 Prisoner of the French on the Peek
HHB 530417 39 With the 43rd Marines
HHB 530424 40 Spain Becomes Neutral
HHB 530501 41 Exam for Lieutenant
HHB 530508 42 Quartined for the Plague
HHB 530515 43 Chasing the Papillion
HHB 530522 44 Command of the La Mouch
HHB 530529 45 Prisoner nd Rescue of Spanish
HHB 530605 46 First Meeting With Bush
HHB 530612 47 Planning Mutiny on the Renoun
HHB 530619 48 First Attack on Haiti Fails
HHB 530626 49 Attack on Haiti Fort
HHB 530703 50 Yellow Feaver
HHB 530710 51 Fighting the Spanish on the Renoun
HHB 530717 52 Promoted to Captain of the Retribution



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