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 Gothic Horror Collection

1 MP3 CD - 52 episodes


"Suspense: The Body Snatchers"
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ScreamGothic Horror is a form of fiction that successfully combines the elements of Romance and Horror. Combining these elements heightens the terror of the stories, allowing us to sympathize the plight of the desperate, virginal lovers as they move inexorably closer to their dark and horrible fates.

Gothic Horror has its roots with the Romantic Poets during the Enlightenment period at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Enlightenment philosophies influenced, among other things, the Founding Fathers of the United States, the beginnings of Feminism, and a decline of the influence of Religion. Curious and even fun from a modern perspective, the Enlightened Romantics would have been recognized as a threat to the old guard.

The terror that the monsters inspire works best in contrast to the innocence of the lovers, and Gothic Horror needs both to be successful. It is a formula that truly found a home in Radio's Theater of the Mind.

Peter LorreOur collection begins with Orson Welles' Mercury Theater. The program and its young creator would be catapulted to national prominence with the 1938 "Halloween Prank" broadcast of War of the Worlds, a terrific example of Gothic Horror in its own right. The program actually began in July of that year with one of the definitive Gothic Horror tales, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Successful Gothic Horror is usually driven by the imagination of a talented writer. Such is the case with Dark Fantasy. Oklahoma City writer Scott Bishop originally developed the series for WKY in 1941, and the series soon found a national audience over NBC. The stories may have seemed far-fetched, like the airplane flying, opera singing gorilla in "Spawn of Sub Human", but in actuality they were very well performed and produced. So well done that the radio network felt obligated only air the show well after bedtime for 1940s kids.

John Dickson CarrThe long running Suspense, "radio's outstanding theater of thrills", featured many scripts that fit the definition of Gothic Horror. Many of the early scripts were written or adapted by noted mystery author John Dickson Carr. Primarily known for his mysteries, especially Closed Door Mysteries, Carr was also a genius of Gothic Horror.

The villains of Gothic Horror are usually a personification on Evil. This means that everything is secondary to their nefarious and selfish schemes. In Carr's "Will you Make a Bet With Death" the tyrannical stepfather stumbles on to a plot to drive a young man insane and frame him for murder, all for the stepfather's own amusement.

Boris Karloff at the microphoneAfter the Blue Network became the American Broadcasting Company, there came a call to capitalize on the formula created by Suspense. Specifically, a supernatural thriller program featuring the voices of celebrities. ABC's answer was Creeps By Night, initially hosted by Boris Karloff, which attracted a number of the screen's "scream stars" along with Karloff, including Peter Lorre, Bela Legosi, Raymond Massey, and Basil Rathbone. Mostly drawn from the Dashiel Hammett edited World's Finest Mystery Stories, Creeps By Night, managed to find stories that were even scarier than Suspense, although the network show could not equal other's success.

The Strange Doctor Weird was an even creepier follow-up to Mutual's Mysterious Traveler.The Strange Doctor Weird had the same narrator, Maurice Tarplin, and sponsor, Adam Hats, and writer, Robert Arthur, as Traveler. Doctor Weird's villains were not always supernatural, like the desperate robbers in "The House Were Death Lives". There is plenty for them to fear, when they are locked up with their dead accomplices.

This creepy collection will send shivers up your spine and make you scream in terror as you root for the innocent victims and hide in terror from the scary villains.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

52 shows - total playtime 24 hours 13 minutes

Creeps By Night 440502 011 Final Reckoning
Creeps By Night 440516 013 Walking Dead
Creeps By Night 440606 016 Three Sisters
Creeps By Night 440711 21 Six Who Did Not Die
Dark Fantasy 420102 Resolution 1841
Dark Fantasy 420123 Headless Dead
Dark Fantasy 420227 Spawn Of Sub Human
Dark Fantasy 420313 Superstition Be Hanged
Dark Fantasy 420320 Pennsylvania Turnpike
Escape 501119 133 Journey Into Fear
Haunting Hour 450519 09 Hands Of Mr Smith
Haunting Hour 450527 10 Homicide House
Haunting Hour 450728 14 Unidentified Body
Haunting Hour 450810 16 Revenge
Haunting Hour 450817 17 People In House
Hoax -AFRS Frankenstein Castle Hoax 1952
Macabre 611113 01 Final Resting Place
Macabre 611127 03 Man In Mirror
Macabre 620108 08 Edge Of Evil
Mercury Theater 380711 Dracula
Mercury Theater 380925 Immortal Sherlock Holmes
Mercury Theater 381009 14 Hell On Ice
Strange Dr Weird 441107 01 House Where Death Lives
Strange Dr Weird 441128 04 Murder Comes Home
Strange Dr Weird 441212 06 Man Who Talked With Death
Strange Dr Weird 450227 17 Murder Will Out
Strange Dr Weird 450327 21 He Woke Up Dead
Strange Dr Weird 450515 28 Last Show Revenge From Grave
Suspense 420617 001 Burning Court
Suspense 420902 011 Hitchhiker
Suspense 420916 012 Kettler Method
Suspense 421110 017 Will You Make A Bet With Death
Suspense 421124 019 Body Snatchers
Suspense 421215 021 Till Death Do Us Part
Suspense 421222 022 Two Sharp Knives
Suspense 430112 024 Pit And Pendulum
Suspense 430119 025 Devils Saint
Suspense 430316 033 Cabin B 13
Suspense 430406 036 Fire Burn And Cauldron Bubble
Suspense 430420 038 Moment Of Darkness
Suspense 430427 039 Diary Of Sophronia Winters
Suspense 430511 041 Mr Markham Antique Dealer
Suspense 430518 042 Abc Murders
Suspense 430525 043 Sorry Wrong Number
Suspense 430601 044 Banquos Chair
Suspense 430622 047 Man Without A Body
Suspense 430629 048 Uncle Henrys Rosebush
Suspense 430727 051 Last Letter Of Dr Bronson
Suspense 430803 052 A Friend To Alexander
Suspense 430810 053 Fountain Plays
Suspense 431230 072 Finishing School
Us Steel Hour Of Mystery Journey Into Fear 1946



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