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 Golf Collection

1 MP3 CD - 44 episodes

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"Bill Stern with Byron Nelson"
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"Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air." - Jack Benny

Try not to hack at the ball in jail or put the ball in pocket, just choke down on your nine-iron and hit that jumper out of the kitty litter!  This is a quadruple bogey!

If that made sense to you, you will enjoy OTRCAT's new Golf Collection featuring golf-themed old time radio shows from a variety of genres including comedy, drama, and even science fictionSport broadcaster Bill Stern interviews famous golfers.  Avid celebrity golfers Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, Phil Harris, and even Charlie McCarthy have many a golf playing antics. 

Bob HopeMore highlights in this special Golf Old Timed Radio Collection include:

  • Fibber & Molly go to a picnic on a golf course!!! 
  • Charlie McCarthy & WC Fields spend some time together on the green.
  • In X-Minus One,  a golfer is challenged by a perfect robotic golfer for the hand of a millionaire's daughter.
  • Rare broadcast of Coca Cola Top Notchers with Grantland rice interviewing professional golfer, Stewart Maiden.
  • In the March of Time, a female golfer in the Philippines, a former  washerman, wins an open golf tournament.
  • Detective Frank Race is kept on par by beautiful golfing women and a murder.
  • In a rare recording of Eversharp Schick Varities, Ted Husing interviews golfer Craig Wood.
  • In an early 1935 broadcast of Ripley's Believe It or Not,  Robert Ripley talks about strange marriage practices, hair weaves and golf oddities.
  • Olin Dutra (the 1934 US Open Golf Champ) guest stars on Al Jolson's Shell Chateau.

Many more aces are included in this collection sure to almost beat 18 holes on the fairway.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

44 recordings - total playtime 18 hours 57 minutes

Al Jolson 350803 Shell Chateau
Avalon Hour Fights And Golf
Bcrc Show 600422 040 First Song At Sundown
Believe It Or Not 351103 005 Beautiful People
Bergen Mccarthy 440326 321 W C Fields Jane Powell
Bill Stern 450727 299 W Byron Nelson
Bob Hope 500606 461 From Washington Dc
Bob Hope 520311 525 Guest Bing Crosby Charles Farrell
Boston Blackie 480929 194 Carl Grady Golf Instructor
Calling All Detectives 480831 254 Golf Game
Coca Colatop Notchers 300326
Cpusa 420419 009 S Temple F Brice
450328 86 Golf
Ever Sharp Schick Varieties 460506 Annie Get Your Gun
Father Knows Best 500511 038 Golf Challenge
Favorite Stories Of Grantland Rice 440722 31 Fore
Fibber Mcgee 500516 Picnic In Orchard
Fibber Mcgee 510515 Hole In One
Fibber Mcgee 530414 0729 Mcgee On The Lam
Frank Race 491113 29 Taot Fairway Beauties
Frank Watanabe 340606 011 Discuss Golf Game Score
Fun At Breakfast 1946 Talking Golf V End Cut
Gang Busters 480807 0541 Case Of Golf Course Murder
Great Gildersleeve 420906 Golf Tournament
Great Gildersleeve 521105 Gildy Vs Golf
Jack Benny 341028 603 Bennys O
Jack Benny 420322 Jack And Phil Play Golf
Jack Benny 471019 Golf Match At Hillcrest Country Club
Jack Benny 501217 Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas
Jack Benny 531011 2505 Jack Tries To Sell House
Komedy Kingdom 1937 03 Topic Sports He Took Up Golf
Kraft Music Hall 410619 Guest Bert Lahr
March Of Time 380210 Washerwoman Wins Golf Crown
My Favorite Husband 500409 083 Hobbies
Phil Harris 510225 Golf Game
Rudy Vallee 360618 Theres Always Juliet Margaret Sullivan
Secret Life Of Walter Mitty 481007
Sports Answer Man 400000 17 Oldest Golf Tournament
Strollin Tom 481017 14 Golf
Theater Five 650618 230 Banana Ball
Uncle Josh 62 Playing Golf 1909
Vic and Sade 410400 40 Lbs Of Golf Clubs
X 1 570123 085 Open Warfare



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