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 Frank Race

1 MP3 CD - 43 episodes


"Pharaohs Staff"
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Adventure melodrama (1949 - 50)
"The Adventures of Frank Race" 1949-50, produced by Bruce Eells in syndication

Red Old Time Radio"Before the war, Frank Race worked as an attorney,
but he traded his law books for the cloak-and-dagger of the OSS.
When the war was over, his former life was over, too . . .
adventure became his business! "

And business was good.

Tom CollinsThe Adventures of Frank Race premiered in May of 1949. The intrigue of espionage during WWII was still in the minds of audiences.Frank Race carried the intellect from his former career as an attorney, and added the cachet of experience with the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, fore-runner of today's Central Intelligence Agency. When his service to his country was over, Race was not satisfied to settle down in a law office. Along with his associate (Fancy word for Sidekick) Marc Donovan, Race's adventures often began in New York, but took him all over the world.

The program has been called a "Johnny Dollar meets James Bond." Race and Donovan do investigations for a major insurance firm, as in Johnny Dollar. Race's adventures will include a fist fight or two, and a rousing chase scene. In these situations Donovan, a former NY cab driver who hasn't lost the accent, is called upon to save the day. But with the other factor in Race's adventures, the attentions of innocent, beautiful, and not so innocent women, Tom CollinsRace is on his own. This is of course the James Bond part of the formula.

The series originally starred Tom Collins, former star of Chandu the Magician. About half way through the run of 43 episodes, the role was taken over by Paul Dubov. The show was produced for Syndication. It was sold to individual stations rather than the networks. Rather than advertising national sponsors, local businesses would advertise during the program. This accounts for the long breaks bracketed by organ music during the recording.

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See also Adventures by Morse, Barry Craig Confidential Investigator, Broadway is My Beat, Dragnet, Jack Webb Collection, Fat Man, Johnny Dollar, Nero Wolfe, and Pat Novak for Hire.

For more espionage and adventure see: The Silent Men, I was a Communist for the FBI, Cloak and Dagger, Counterspy - David Harding!, Top Secret, Dangerous Assignment, Harry Lime (The Third Man), Secret Agent K7 Returns, and The Man Called X.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

43 shows - total playtime 19 hours 24 minutes

Frank Race 490501 01 Hackensack Victory
Frank Race 490508 02 Darling Debutante
Frank Race 490515 03 Istanbul Adventure
Frank Race 490522 04 Tao Seventeen Black
Frank Race 490529 05 Enoch Arden Adventure
Frank Race 490605 06 Vanishing President
Frank Race 490612 07 Baradian Letters
Frank Race 490619 08 Airborne Adventure
Frank Race 490626 09 Shanghai Incident
Frank Race 490703 10 Juvenile Passenger
Frank Race 490710 11 Reckless Daughter
Frank Race 490717 12 Silent Heart
Frank Race 490724 13 Garrulous Bartender
Frank Race 490731 14 Vanishing Favorite
Frank Race 490807 15 Embittered Secretary
Frank Race 490814 16 Talking Bullet
Frank Race 490821 17 Fat Mans Loot
Frank Race 490828 18 Generals Lady
Frank Race 490904 19 Violent Virtuoso
Frank Race 490911 20 Fourth Round Knockout
Frank Race 490918 21 Tao Three On A Match
Frank Race 490925 22 Roughnecks Will
Frank Race 491002 23 Green Doubloon
Frank Race 491009 24 Sobbing Bodyguards
Frank Race 491016 25 Divers Loot
Frank Race 491023 26 Mormon Country
Frank Race 491030 27 Brooklyn Accent
Frank Race 491106 28 Six Week Cure
Frank Race 491113 29 Fairway Beauties
Frank Race 491120 30 Runway Queen
Frank Race 491127 31 Lady In Dark
Frank Race 491204 32 Silent Tongue
Frank Race 491211 33 Kandy Killing
Frank Race 491218 34 Undecided Bride
Frank Race 491225 35 Gold Worshipper
Frank Race 500101 36 Pharoahs Staff
Frank Race 500108 37 House Divided
Frank Race 500115 38 Count Trefanno Chest
Frank Race 500122 39 Night Crawler
Frank Race 500129 40 Kettle Drum
Frank Race 500205 41 Lovable Character
Frank Race 500212 42 Black Friars Bridge
Frank Race 500219 43 Big Top



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