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 Frances Langford Collection

1 MP3 CD - 56 episodes


"Cleaning the House"
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Frances Langford
(1914 - 2005)

Francis LangfordFrances Langford, born Frances Newbern Langford on April 4, 1914 in Lakeland, Florida, started out just like every other famous singer of the time, being a Vaudevillian. As a child, Langford had a knack for the stage, mainly geared towards Operatic singing. Langford's proficiency as an operatic soprano would have earned her a successful career in that field, but a throat operation in her teenage years shattered her aspirations of ever being under the limelight of Broadway Opera.

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Frances recovery from her surgery found her in the beginning again, trying to work with a new voice. Given that most singers adapt to the change in their voices at a young age, Frances worked tirelessly to find her perfect tone, just like Frank Sinatra did when he was told that his natural singing voice was just too plain! After many personal singing lessons, and years of building a reputation as a sexy, but easy-going lounge singer at a quasi-famous nightclub in Florida, Frances was ready for Hollywood, or rather, was Hollywood ready for Frances!

While singing at a local Tampa Bay radio station in 1931, Rudy Vallee discovered young Langford and offered her a guest spot on his radio program. After she established a small following while frequenting the Rudy Vallee radio program, Frances began to win more acclaim in the Vaudeville scene. Her star was continually increasing in both worlds! After a couple years, her reputations in Vaudeville and on the radio collided, and, like a beautiful Phoenix, from that beautiful mesh of both worlds, Frances became a hot commodity.

Frances Langford and Bob Hope
Frances Langford, unknown service woman, and Bob Hope

Frances is known for her role in the Alice Faye movie Every Night at Eight, which consisted of her most famous hit to date, "I'm in the Mood for Love." With loads of scripts being tossed in her direction, and with the influx of demand for more records, Frances was pretty busy as it is, but she did not mind. In 1940 she got a part in the film version of the George Abbott Broadway musical "Too Many Girls", starring Lucille Ball, Eddie Barcken, Richard Carlson and Ann Miller. If this was not enough, she replaced Judy Garland in Bob Hope's old time radio show. Fact actually has it that if it were not for Frances Langford being on the show and being a strong influence on Bob, he would not have done his famous USO tours. Sources claim that a couple of high-ranking government officials asked Bob Hope directly if he could do a show for the service men in their training camps, due mostly to his immense popularity with the soldiers. Bob was not too keen on the idea, but he replied that he would do it if the rest of his cast did not have any objections to the notion. He insisted this to the officials because, in the back of his mind, he believed that the only one who would object to this was little innocent, easy-going Frances. To his immense disbelief, Frances thought very highly of the idea! After their first show, Bob was convinced that foregoing his personal objections for the sake of his fellow compatriot soldiers was the American way. Frances continued on the Bob Hope show until the war was finished, where she jumped on board of Spike Jones' Chase & Sandborn Show.

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56 shows - total playtime 28 hours 40 minutes

Bob Hope Show
4203xx Guest Jerry Colonna
430525 Bob Hope 036 FromStocktonAirField
431109 Frances Langford Los Vegas with Jane Wyman
431228 Frances Langford San Diago with Cary Grant
440104 Frances Langford Guest Gary Cooper
440208 Frances Langford Guest Ginger Rogers
440222 Frances Langford Guest Jerry Colona
441018 From Camp Wheeler, Georgia
450107 Frances Langford Guest Tyrone Power
450130 Frances Langford guest Edward G Robinson
450227 Frances Langford Guest Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope 410610 038 FromCleveland
Bob Hope 450605 (AFRS 110) Bob Dreams He's Been CourtMartialled
Bob Hope 450911 Frances Langford Guest Robert Montgomery
Bob Hope 451016 Frances Langford Shore Leave Skit
Bob Hope 451023 At Santa Anna
Bob Hope 451120 Frances Langford GuestJoe E Brown
Bob Hope 451127 Frances Langford Peggy Ryan College Skit Jerry Colona
Bob Hope 451204 Frances Langford Guest Herbert Marshall
Bob Hope 460129 Frances Langford Guest Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope 460312 (AFRS 137) Guest Sonny Tufts Frances Langford
Bob Hope 460319 Frances Langford Cleveland Guest Gov Frank J Lowshee
Bob Hope Frances Langford and Jerry Colonna

Cavalcade of America
440214 (370) G I Valentine

Command Performance
440408 Command Performance Frances Langford, Ish Kabibble, Kay Kyser
451224 Command Performance Special ChristmasShow
CP420423 010 PO'Brien FMorgan FLangford B-A
CP431211 096 B.Hope F.Langford M.Raye
CP440115 101 Frances Langford Spike Jones
CP440913 138 B.Hope Johnny Mercer June Allyson
CP450308 165 F.Sinatra E.Taylor M.O'Brien

Frances Langford Show
Langford 470605 (01) Going to a Baseball Game
Langford 470612 (02) Holly's Graduation
Langford 470619 (03) Family Picnic
Langford 470626 (04) Father to Give Away the Bride
Langford 470703 (05) Holly's First Country Club Dance
Langford 470710 (06) Summer Barbeque
Langford 470717 (07) Concert in the Park
Langford 470724 (08) Performing MacBeth
Langford 470731 (09) Founder's Day Parade
Langford 470807 (10) Surprise Party for Frances
Langford 470814 (11) Church Social
Langford 470821 (12) Cleaning the House
Langford 470828 (13) College Days
Langford 47xxxx (AFRS) 'Exactly Like You'

Guest Star Radio
Guest Star Radio 084 Frances Langford

Hollywood Hotel
361218 Hollywood Hotel Dick Powell

Leo is on the air
1935 Broadway Melody of 1936 (1935)

Lux Radio Theater
lux450108 466 I Never Left Home

Mail Call
450214 (133) Frances Langford

Martin & Lewis
Martin Lewis 490726 17 w Frances Langford

showboat medleyradio transcription

Screen Guild Theater
Screen Guild Theater 410309 077 Variety Show

Sinatra Sings
Sinatra Sings 451010 Guests Ginny Simms and Frances Langford

Your All Time Hit Parade
Your All Time Hit Parade 440702 Dorsey, Frances Langford




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