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 Father Coughlin

3 MP3 CDs - 60 episodes

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"An Appeal To The Laboring Man"
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Father CoughlinThis collection contains 60 recordings from 1937 through the late 1970's of Father Coughlin's popular radio broadcasts, sermons, and interviews.

Father Charles Coughlin is an interesting and influential figure in American radio broadcast and political history. In 1926, Father Coughlin took to the airwaves and eventually became one of the most successful radio personalities and greatest public speakers in American history. During his zenith, he was heard by a third of all radio listeners in the country. Father Coughlin was known as "The Radio Priest" and in his early years of broadcast, he spoke of theology and the Catholic Church. By the 1930's he shifted gears to discuss politics and economics; he was especially concerned with economic reform.

A strong supporter of Franklin D Roosevelt, he turned against the president when he enacted the New Deal. CoughlinHe was often concerned with whom he called "money changers", but would specifically refer to Jewish leaders and prominent figures. Amid evidence of anti-Semitism, the Catholic Church forced Father Coughlin to quit the radio in the 1940s and return to work as a parish priest. He wrote frequently about conspiracy theories about Jewish leaders and the communist party, to his death he was convinced that a Jewish organization caused the Russian Revolution.

Despite his objectionable and peculiar political leaning, Father Coughlin is a very important historical figure and was listened to many throughout his broadcast duration. This collection includes broadcasts from as early as 1937 and covers a multitude of political and historical events.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 24 shows - total playtime 21 hours 25 minutes

FC 370214 Primer On Communism Vs Christianity
FC 370221 Popular Front Vs Christian Front
FC 370328 Easter Broadcast
FC 370404 Still Paying For WW1
FC 370411 Relief That Fails To Relieve
FC 380206
FC 381120 Not AntiSemitism But AntiCommunism
FC 381127 Let Us Consider The Record
FC 381204 The Jew, The Christian And Persecution
FC 381211 Father Coughlin Jews Support Communism
FC 381218 Christian And Jewish Concept Of The Messiah
FC 381225 Christmas Message
FC 390101 Americanism, Neither Nazism Nor Communism
FC 390108 President Message To Congress
FC 390115 The Rightists Go Into Action
FC 390122 Ten Million Unemployed
FC 390313 Father Coughlin Bonds And Neutrality
FC 390319 NationWide AntiWar Context
FC 390326 Father Coughlin Czechoslovakia Problem Is In
FC 390402 History Of Holy Week
FC 390409 The Resurrection
FC 390423 Recap Of Previous Week
FC 390430 So This Is Democracy
FC 390507 Propaganda At Work

Volume 2 - 24 shows - total playtime 22 hours 41 minutes

FC 390514 Mother's Challenge To Warmongers
FC 390521 Where Do We Stand
FC 390625 Government By Man
FC 390702 Declaration And Washington Farewell
FC 390716 An Appeal To The Laboring Man
FC 390723 Response To Elliott Roosevelt
FC 390806 A Living Wage 1
FC 390806 A Living Wage 2
FC 390813 To The Laboring Men
FC 390820 The Popular Front
FC 390827
FC 390903
FC 390910 Cash And Carry Will Evolve Into Credit And Car
FC 390917 Strict Neutrality And No Cash And Carry
FC 390924 No Prosperity In Machinegunning Our Brothers
FC 391224 Feast Of Christmas
FC 391231 Review Of Past 10 Years
FC 400107 Concerns To The Christian Family
FC 400107 Fdr's Message To Congress (1st Half)
FC 400121 I Take My Stand (Last Half)
FC 400128 Discussing A Christian Front
FC 400204 No Father C Announcements
FC 400317 The Cross And It's Victims Sufferings
FC 400324 The Story Of The Resurrection

Volume 3 - 12 shows - total playtime 9 hours 5 minutes

FC 400407 Bonds Federal Reserve Bank
FC 400414 More Bonds
FC 600000 Cardinal Cushing Letter On Fr Coughlin's Jubi
FC 600000 Christmas The Word Made Flesh
FC 600000 Father Reads From Cardinal Newman's Idea Of A
FC 711107 Vatican Ii And Pope John Xxiii
FC 730608,9,10 Sermons At Old St Marys Church
FC 780000 Father Coughlin Interview on Howard Miller Program
FC 780000 Interview On Howard Miller Program
FC xxxxxx Blessed Virgin's Part In Man's History
FC xxxxxx Decadence In The Catholic Church
FC xxxxxx Start Of Flower



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