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 Fatal Females

1 MP3 CD - 57 episodes

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"Lights Out: Cat Wife"
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Crazy Woman with Knives

Lizzie Borden / Lizzy BordenCleopatraThe history of femme fatales in literature goes back to with villainous but alluring women characters Greek and Roman mythology.  An archetypal character, the femme fatal uses her famine charms for the ruin of a main character. 

This OTRCAT original collection features is called Fatal Females, because some of the women villains in this collection are less than charming.

This old time radio collection features the true bad girls of classic radio with murderesses, wives who poison their husbands, girls who hack their family with an axe, and downright crabby girlies. 

The fairer sex proves to be a tough bunch in the old time radio compilation sure to make single men everywhere glad to be bachelors!

Good luck, guys!  This collection includes shows from the old time radio series:Crazy Lady Shooting Gun

  • Academy Award Theater
  • Blackstone the Magic Detective
  • Burns and Allen
  • Calling All Cars
  • Crime Classics
  • Dragnet
  • Famous Escapes
  • Fat Man
  • Favorite Story
  • Front Page Drama
  • Have Gun Will Travel
  • Lights Out
  • Lux Radio Theater
  • Morse (Adventures By Morse)
  • Mr District Attorney
  • Mr Keen
  • Nightbeat
  • Nightwatch
  • Origin of Superstition
  • Ripley Believe It or Not
  • Sam Spade
  • Screen Director's Playhouse
  • Screen Guild Theater
  • Stroke of Fate
  • Suspense
  • Theater Guild on the Air
  • Theater of Romance
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • You are There
  • See also: Dangerous Dames & Dolls in Old Time Radio, Crazy Mamas and for "dames doing good," see also: Dame Detectives (Female Crimefighters) and Divas Collection.

    All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

    57 shows - 29 hours 30 minutes

    Academy Award Theater
    AAT460330 01 Jezebel
    AAT460814 21 Vivacious Lady [inc]

    Blackstone the Magic Detective
    Blackstone 490213 20 Coin Of Cleopatra

    Burns and Allen
    Burns & Allen 401223 G26 Christmas Show

    Calling All Cars
    Calling All Cars 381209 e263 The Poisoning Jezebel

    Crime Classics
    CrmClassics 530817 e10 Incredable Trial of Laura D Fare
    CrmClassics 530914 e14 Bloody, Bloody Banks of Fall River

    Dragnet 500209 e036 Big Girl
    Dragnet 500309 e039 Big Thank You
    Dragnet 501019 e071 Big Grandma
    Dragnet 501109 e074 Big Mother
    Dragnet 511206 e130 Big Canaries
    Dragnet 520403 e147 Big Streetcar
    Dragnet 520904 e167 Big Ray
    Dragnet 540202 e233 Big Filth
    Dragnet 540302 e237 Big TV

    Famous Escapes
    Famous Escapes 1945 14 Mary Queen Of Scots

    Fat Man
    Fat Man 490722 Murder is the Medium

    Favorite Story
    Favorite Story 480508 034 Mary Queen Of Scots

    Front Page Drama
    Front Page Drama 340507 Anthony & Cleopatra

    Have Gun Will Travel
    HGWT 600221 e066 That Was No Lady

    Lights Out
    Lights Out 360617 Cat Wife

    Lux Radio Theater
    Lux 370510 132 Mary of Scotland
    Lux 401125 283 Jezebel
    Lux 450205 469 Laura
    Lux 490606 661 Mildred Pierce
    Lux 501030 718 Double Indemnity
    Lux 501106 719 Rebecca
    Lux 501225 726 The Wizard of Oz
    Lux 511001 758 All About Eve
    Lux 511119 765 Samson and Delilah
    Lux 541012 892 Great Expectations

    Morse (Adventures By Morse)
    Morse 441021 e42 Land of Living Dead Grn Eyed Murderess Agn

    Mr District Attorney
    Mr District Attorney Murderess Junkman

    Mr Keen
    Mr Keen 540621 Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 1
    Mr Keen 540623 Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 2
    Mr Keen 540624 Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 3
    Mr Keen 540625 Shrieking Prisoner Murder Case Part 4

    Nightbeat 500731 The City At Your Fingertips
    Nightbeat 510525 Fear

    Nightwatch 541028 e27 Mississippi, Psyco 288 and Kingston

    Origin of Superstition
    Origin Of Superstition 35 18 Cleopatra's Chair

    Ripley Believe It or Not
    Ripley 386 Seductive Murderess

    Sam Spade
    Sam Spade 490619 B143 Apple of Eve Caper
    Sam Spade 490710 B146 Queen Bee Caper

    Screen Director's Playhouse
    SDP 490812 e029 Jezebel

    Screen Guild Theater
    Screen Guild 401027 058 Jezebel

    Stroke of Fate
    Stroke of Fate 531115 Julius Caesar

    SUSP 440203 077 The Sisters
    SUSP 440406 086 The Woman in Red
    SUSP 560327 643 The Murderess
    SUSP 590104 784 Don't Call Me Mother
    Suspense 551004 618 Goodbye Miss Lizzie Borden

    Theater Guild on the Air
    Theater Guild On Air 460428 034 Mary Of Scotland

    Theater of Romance
    Theat Of Rom 450828 061 Mary, Queen of Scots

    Unsolved Mysteries
    Unsolved Mysteries 01 Lizzie Borden Case

    You are There
    You are There 490403 ExecutionOfMaryQueenOfScots



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