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South African
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 Epic Casebook

1 MP3 CD - 49 episodes


"Murder In The Bag"
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South African Detective Drama (1950-1977)

This South African program is pretty standard "Whodunit" fare, but as it turns out it is a very good Whodunit.

The series premiered on South Africa's Springbok Radio in 1957. Inspector Carr of the Murder Squad follows a pretty standard Whodunit formula. He is called in to investigate a murder which has occurred under unusual circumstances. There may be one or more obvious and not so obvious suspects, and Inspector Carr narrates as he works his way through the questioning and investigation. When he has the facts straight in his mind, he confronts the murderer and usually gets a full confession. After assuring us that justice will be satisfied, Carr breaks the forth wall, and asks the audience if they have saw the "one clue" that was the murderer's one foul up. After the final station break all is revealed.

For most of the run the series was sponsored by the Epic food company, a South African producer of cooking oil, margarine, and peanut butter. The original Inspector Carr was played by Don Davis, but the role is most closely identified with Hugh Rouse.

Like Inspector Carr, Rouse was a naturalized South African. After serving in the Royal Navy in WWII, Rouse went to work with the South African Broadcasting Company in an administrative capacity. Rouse thought he would make a better broadcaster than a clerk, and he got his chance when the Springbok commercial radio service open launched in 1950. for many years part of South African life was the call "The World at One, Seven and Ten-thirty, Hugh Rouse reporting". Rouse was interested in much more than reading the news, as evidenced by his portrayal of Inspector Carr and his association with the South African Radio version of The Avengers.  

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

49 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 42 minutes

Epic Casebook 64xxxx A Type Set for Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Consignment for Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Dead Lie
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Death Before Exposure
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Death Has No Pain
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Death Is No Accident
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Death on the Double
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Final Chapter
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Grand Prix Is Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Identification for Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Murder by Assignment
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Murder of Brave
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Murder on the Brain
Epic Casebook 64xxxx No Bed of Roses
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Pipeline to Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx The Snatch from Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx The Traffic of Death
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Til Death Do Us Part
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Too Close a Shave
Epic Casebook 64xxxx Warnings Anonymous
Epic Casebook 671208 No Holds Barred
Epic Casebook 680404 Death Among the Sleepers
Epic Casebook 691002 Murder in the Bag
Epic Casebook 691109 Antithesis of Life
Epic Casebook 691204 Death is the Victo
Epic Casebook 691211 Death On The Count
Epic Casebook 69xxxx The Fall of a Rich Girl
Epic Casebook 69xxxx The Final Interest
Epic Casebook 700319 Waters Of Death
Epic Casebook 711101 Keeping Death On The Road
Epic Casebook 720913 An Authors Ending
Epic Casebook 730612 Switch on for Deat
Epic Casebook 730811 More Precious than
Epic Casebook 791227 Concrete Evidence
Epic Casebook 79xxxx An Open and Shut Case
Epic Casebook 79xxxx Death Among the Rushes
Epic Casebook 79xxxx Murder on a False Note
Epic Casebook 79xxxx The Mask of Death
Epic Casebook 79xxxx The Plant That Died
Epic Casebook 800217 Stung into Action
Epic Casebook 850627 Murder Annonymous
Epic Casebook Conjurers Illusion
Epic Casebook Crossed Telephone Lines
Epic Casebook Death in the Wifes Name
Epic Casebook Death Most Known
Epic Casebook Gates to Death
Epic Casebook Rapture Of Death
Epic Casebook The Clue That Nev
Epic Casebook Threads Of Death



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