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 Danger Doctor Danfield

1 MP3 CD - 26 episodes

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"Harriet Miller"
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Detective melodrama (1946 - 47)

Starring Michael Dunne as Dr. Dan Danfield, criminal psychologist. Where are the complex criminal personalities for Dr. Dan to tinker with? There's the rub. In fact, the most complex person on the show is Dr. Dan Danfield's pretty young secretary, Miss Rusty Fairfax. Why does Dr. Dan always call her Miss Fairfax? Dr. Dan goes to extremes to keep her at arm's length, but it's obvious he's just taunting her. After all, he's a criminal psychologist, and the way he treats Rusty is criminal! She can flare up, but usually just slow simmers in her professionally feminine way. Mario is Dr. Dan's chauffeur. A classic working-class Italian who sounds like Chico Marx, Mario's god with an uppercut. Unfortunately, the toughs, society-types in trouble and necessary law enforcement officers are nearly as individual as furniture in a model home.

old time radio imageDanger, Doctor Danfield is a workman-like show. An organist does the music, and is nearly silent on sound effects. This show is most like Nick Carter, Master Detective. It's also in the same league as Casey, Crime Photographer and The Falcon. All three of these shows proceeded Danger, Dr. Danfield, however. The show is just a little too stodgy, especially as it was done post-World War II, when hard-boiled detective realism put a bleeding edge on the radio detective. It's not quite the top shelf detectives like Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade, or such film star doing radio vehicles as Richard Diamond, The Saint, Nero Wolfe, or Box 13.

Still, if detective drama is what you're looking for and you've tried the rest, then let Dr. Dan Danfield give you a little of a criminal psychologist's caseload. The show makes good drive-time or casual listening, since it doesn't make great demands on the emotions or intellect.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

26 shows - total playtime 11 hours 9 minutes
Danger Dr Danfield 460818 01 Professor
Danger Dr Danfield 460825 02 Manuel Abello
Danger Dr Danfield 460901 03 Murder Of Cora Rogers
Danger Dr Danfield 460908 04 Norman Miles
Danger Dr Danfield 460915 05 Nola Jerrolds Wants To Kill Her Husband
Danger Dr Danfield 460922 06 Case Of Darkened Face
Danger Dr Danfield 460929 07 Harriet Miller
Danger Dr Danfield 461006 08 Red Jacoby
Danger Dr Danfield 461013 09 Henry Comes Home
Danger Dr Danfield 461020 10 Death Paints Picture
Danger Dr Danfield 461027 11 Edgar Allen Poe Manuscript
Danger Dr Danfield 461103 12 Legend Of Windigo
Danger Dr Danfield 461110 13 Diamond Pendant Stolen
Danger Dr Danfield 461117 14 Who Killed Eve Shelton
Danger Dr Danfield 461125 15 Case Of Whirling Mirrors
Danger Dr Danfield 461201 16 Snowbound No Opening Or Closing
Danger Dr Danfield 461208 17 One Hundred Thousand Dollar Life Insurance Claim
Danger Dr Danfield 461215 18 Sam Hardy Makes Bet With Death
Danger Dr Danfield 461222 19 Case Of Counterfeit Ten Dollar Bills
Danger Dr Danfield 461229 20 Money In Basket No Opening Or Closing
Danger Dr Danfield 470105 21 Mad Men Strike Swiftly
Danger Dr Danfield 470112 22 Death Tunes In At 790 Kilocycles
Danger Dr Danfield 470119 23 Mental Hospital
Danger Dr Danfield 470126 24 Tunnel Smelled Of Death
Danger Dr Danfield 470202 25 Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be Star
Danger Dr Danfield 470209 26 Ghost Of Murdock Swamp


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