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 Dana Andrews Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 97 episodes

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Dana Andrews Guest Appearances (DISK 1 ONLY)
Dana Andrews I Was A Communist for the FBI 1 (DISK 2 ONLY)
Dana Andrews I Was A Communist for the FBI 2 (DISK 3 ONLY)

"Lux Radio: Laura"
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Dana Andrews

LauraDana Andrew's biography (written by James McKay), is appropriately subtitled "The Face of Noir." He was a presence not only in Film Noir, but also in "Radio Noir".

"Carver Dana Andrews" was born the third of nine children to a Baptist minister. As a young man Andrew's traveled to Los Angeles to seek his fortune as a singer, in 1931. Success was slow in finding him; he spent the next nine years working various jobs while taking studying opera and acting lessons.

In 1940 he was offered a contract with Sam Goldwyn. His early movie roles included The Westerner (1940) with Gary Cooper, as a gangster in the comedy Ball of Fire (1941), and as a lynching victim in The Ox-Bow Incident (1943) with Henry Fonda.

Andrews' signature roles included an obsessed detective in Laura (1944), which he would reprise twice on radio (Lux Radio Theater and Screen Guild Players).  Other notable roles included a soldier returning home in The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) (Screen Director's Playhouse) and a crooked cop in Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950.)

Through the 50's Andrews was relegated to mostly B-Grade films as alcoholism took a toll on his life and career. At this time he was finding more and more radio work. He would make several appearances on Suspense! as well as The Screen Director's Playhouse and The Lux Radio Theater. His last appearance on theThe Lux Radio Theater would be the Feb 2, 55, version of "The War of the Worlds." Andrews was the star of the very dark Cold War drama, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. for over 70 episodes.

Andrews was finally able to get his alcoholism under control. He credits the example of former actor Ronald Reagan's discipline as an inspiration. In 1963 Andrews was elected as president of the Screen Actors Guild.

DanaIn the 1960 film, The Crowded Sky, Andrews play a pilot whose large passenger airliner is crashed into by a military jet flown by Efrem Zimbalist Jr's character. Fifteen years later Zimbalist is flying a 747 that collides with a private plane flown by Andrews after he has a heart attack.

Volume 1: Guest Apperances of this collection contains Dana Andrews's guest appearances on various old time radio shows including:

Volume 2: I Was a Communist for the FBI of this collection is the series is the series, I Was A Communist for the FBI, in which Andrews plays the star role of FBI informant, Matt Cvetic.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: Guest Appearances:
19 shows - total playtime 13 hours 35 minutes

Cavalcade Of America 450514 435 Weather Is A Weapon
General Electric Theater 530118 The Token
Hollywood Fights Back -'47-11-02 2o2 Special
Lux 450205 469 Laura
Lux 480405 610 Daisy Kenyon
Lux 481227 638 Luck of the Irish
Lux 521020 799 My Six Convicts
Lux 530727 839 One Foot in Heaven
Lux 540412 876 Strangers on a Train
Lux 541130 899 The Blue Gardinia
Lux 550208 War Of The Worlds
Screen Guild 450820 259 Laura
SDP 490417 015 Best Years Of Our Lives
SDP 510222 091 No Minor Vices
SUSP 450517 141 Two Birds with One Stone
SUSP 490120 324 If the Dead Could Talk
SUSP 500914 394 Over the Bounding Main
SUSP 500921 395 The Crowd
We Came This Way 441027 04 Story Of Andreas

Volume 2:
I Was a Communist for the FBI Volume 1: 38 shows - total playtime 17 hours 4 minutes

IWCF 520416 00 Audition Little Red Schoolhouse
IWCF 520423 01 I Walk Alone
IWCF 520430 02 I Cant Sleep
IWCF 520507 03 Little Red Schoolhouse
IWCF 520514 04 Red Red Herring
IWCF 520521 05 Pit Viper
IWCF 520528 06 Traitors For Hire
IWCF 520604 07 Card Game In Clouds
IWCF 520611 08 American Kremlin
IWCF 520618 09 Tight Wire
IWCF 520625 10 Riot Made To Order
IWCF 520702 11 Where Red Men Roam
IWCF 520709 12 Dangerous Dollars
IWCF 520716 13 Rich Man, Poor Man
IWCF 520723 14 Canadian Crossfire
IWCF 520730 15 Draw Red Curtain
IWCF 520806 16 Red Clouds On Good Earth
IWCF 520813 17 Exit On Left
IWCF 520820 18 Red Record
IWCF 520827 19 Burnt Offering
IWCF 520903 20 Squeeze Play
IWCF 520910 21 Violence Preferred
IWCF 520917 22 Rat Race
IWCF 520924 23 Jump To Whip
IWCF 521001 24 Pennies From Dead
IWCF 521008 25 Suit For Party
IWCF 521015 26 Party Got Rough
IWCF 521022 27 Little Boy Red
IWCF 521029 28 Unwelcome Hosts
IWCF 521105 29 No Second Chance
IWCF 521112 30 Red Gate
IWCF 521119 31 Red Rover, Red Rover
IWCF 521126 32 Home Improvement
IWCF 521203 33 Red Clay
IWCF 521210 34 Kiss Of Death
IWCF 521217 35 Treason Comes In Cans
IWCF 521224 36 Flames Burned Red
IWCF 521231 37 Hate Song

Volume 3:
I Was a Communist for the FBI Volume 2:
37shows - total playtime 16 hours 42 minutes

IWCF 530107 38 Little Boy Blue Turned Red
IWCF 530114 39 Red Gold
IWCF 530121 40 Charter City Square Dance
IWCF 530128 41 Study In Oils
IWCF 530204 42 Sleeper
IWCF 530211 43 Against Middle
IWCF 530218 44 Black Gospel
IWCF 530225 45 Red Ladies
IWCF 530304 46 One Way Ticket
IWCF 530311 47 Word Game
IWCF 530318 48 Red Waves
IWCF 530325 49 Trial By Fear
IWCF 530401 50 Wrong Green
IWCF 530408 51 Brass Monkey
IWCF 530415 52 Forged Faces
IWCF 530422 53 Red Clay Repeat
IWCF 530429 54 Kiss Of Death Repeat
IWCF 530506 55 An Unamerican Activity
IWCF 530513 56 My Friend Enemy
IWCF 530520 57 Canadian Backbone
IWCF 530527 58 Elspeth Club
IWCF 530603 59 Crossed Heart
IWCF 530610 60 Red Octopus
IWCF 530617 61 Abby, As In Abbigale
IWCF 530624 62 Tour Of Duty
IWCF 530701 63 Fifteen Minutes To Murder
IWCF 530708 64 Use Only As Directed
IWCF 530715 65 Double Exposure
IWCF 530722 66 Courier Of Disaster
IWCF 530729 67 Line Is Busy
IWCF 530805 68 Red Snow
IWCF 530812 69 Very Private Funeral
IWCF 530819 70 Rhapsody In Red
IWCF 530826 71 Kangaroo Court
IWCF 530902 72 Inhuman Element
IWCF 531007 77 Panic Plan
IWCF 531014 78 No Visitors



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