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 Dame Detectives - Rare Female Crimefighters

1 MP3 CD - 35 episodes


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Mercedes McCambridge From the Defense RestsThere were over 120 detective old time radio dramas feature men in the lead role and only a handful of women detectives or private eyelashes.  The roles for women in traditional detectives dramas are limited to specific archetypes: the innocent victim, the conniving femme fatal, the chatty secretary, and so on.  There are colorful names for women including: broad, frail, tomato, skirt, babe, jane, kitten, looker, sister, dame, etc. 

In 1936 the first female detective on old time radio was Phyl Coe, which is a play of the sponsor's name Philco Radio Tube.  The show was 15 minutes in length and Phyl Coe shared the solution on the next episode—keeping everyone enthralled. 

Kitty Keene, the grandma detective and former Ziegfried Follies girl, debuted in 1937 and proved to be a popular show with a four year run.  Kitty Keene was co-written by a female writer Day Keene. 

Carolyn Day is a little known crime show with a female detective lead; its origins are unclear. 

Meet Miss Sherlock was a summer filler show about a ditzy Jane Sherlock and her attorney boyfriend Peter Blossom.

Police Woman debuted in 1946 and was the first radio detective show featuring a female sleuth in a purely dramatic presentation.  Lieutenant Mary Sullivan is the title character in Police Woman, which takes place in the New York City Police Department and is sponsored by Carter's Little Liver Pills (a sort of laxative) and Arid Deodorant. In one episode, Lieutenant Sullivan poses as a woman answering a personal ad of a murderer!  A west coast version of Police Woman called Police Woman USA takes place in Los Angeles with Sylvia Rollins of the LAPD. 

Monty Margetts of Meet Miss SherlockLady in Blue is lady detective old time radio show featuring a beautiful, smart, and rich detective.  

Monty Masters created Candy Mason and originally wanted a man in the leading role of a San Francisco Detective drama.  At the persuasion of his mother-in-law, he reformulated the show and cast his wife Natalie Parks Masters in the lead role.  Candy Mason was sassy and levelheaded detective and is an all around entertaining show. 

The Defense Attorney, staring Mercedes McCambridge, features an attorney named Martha Ellis Bryant who solves crime by "defending the defenseless."

The Dame Detectives--Rare Female Crimefighters collection is a diverse collection of crime fighting women of all professions: detectives, police officers, attorneys.  Some use their brains, some use their beauty, and some use both to solve crime. 

For other detective compilations, see also: Hardboiled Detectives, Defective Detectives, Softboiled Detectives, and Detectives Collection. See also: Fatal Females Collection, Wacky Women Collection, .

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

35 shows - total playtime 12 hours 18 minutes

Anne of the Airlines
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E10
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E11
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E12
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E13
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E14
Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s E15

Candy Matson
Candy Matson 490404 The Donna Dunham Case
Candy Matson 490707 The Cable Car Case
Candy Matson 491110 The Devil In The Deep Freeze
Candy Matson 491219 Jack Frost
Candy Matson 491227 Valley Of The Moon

Carolyn Day
Carolyn Day Audition 1
Carolyn Day Audition 2
Carolyn Day Audition 3
Carolyn Day Audition 4
Carolyn Day Audition 5
Carolyn Day Audition 6

Defense Attorney
Defense Attorney 510831 Client Mike Kelley
Defense Attorney 510914 Client Jim Leonard
Defense Attorney 520410 Client Joshua Masters

Defense Rests
The Defense Rests 510417 1st Show

Kitty Keene
Kitty Keene 390120 Jill And Kitty At Hospital
Kitty Keene 390405 Jill On Trial Tomorrow

Lady in Blue
Lady In Blue 510505 01
Lady In Blue 510512 02

Meet Miss Sherlock
Meet Miss Sherlock 460707 The Case Of The Deadmans Chest
Meet Miss Sherlock 460912 Wilmer & The Widow

Miss Pinkerton
Miss Pinkerton Inc 410721 01 The Bentley Emerald

Phyl Coe
Phyl Coe 01 Dead Magician
Phyl Coe 02 Case Of The Missing Masterpiece
Phyl Coe 03 Missing Death
Phyl Coe 04 Murder In The Sky
Phyl Coe 05 Death Boards The Sea Serpent

Police Woman
Police Woman 470629 Scheming Bridegroom
Police Woman The Red Rose Murder (aud)



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