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 Creepiest Old Time Radio Show Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 142 episodes

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"Escape: Judgement Day at Cripple Deer"
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"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the
oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown."
-H.P. Lovecraft

Scared WomanThe very purpose of the Horror Genre is to give us feelings of fear, disgust, and terror. And what fun it is!

Horror has always been a part of story telling. It is easy to imaging the ancient cave-men sitting around the campfire, munching on left-over mastodon steaks, and getting tired of hearing the same story about the brave mastodon hunters. So on this night the story-teller shares a tale that frightens his listeners to their very cores. But rather than shunning the story-teller who frightened them, they ask for more!

The elements of a horror story are familiar to all of us from literature and film, but those who are new to the experience of Old Time Radio may not realize just how wonderfully frightening radio horror can be.

The Horror Film became popular in 1931 with the release of Dracula and Frankenstein by Universal. The popularity of the movies wasn't lost on producers in the growing radio industry. The fun of movie monsters and horror films is sitting in the dark (hopefully with your best girl next to you) and enjoying the frights.This requires a good deal of acceptance on the part of the audience, a "suspension of disbelief".

Boris Karloff at the microphoneRadio horror requires this same suspension, but radio fans know that it is much more effective. Movies have to show you the images, but on the radio they grow in your own mind, and are more powerful than any image on the screen could be.

Radio tales of horror use most of the same conventions and techniques used in movies and literature. Probably the most universal fear is that of death and being murdered. Or collection start in the Black Castle and the Black Chapel. Both shows found similar formulas for scaring us. In both a cackling host dares us to listen to the 15 minute show, and all of the characters are played by a single actor. On one of the Black Castle episodes a made scientist captures a victim who won't be missed and conducts his evil experiments. "The Mahogany Coffin" on the Black Chapel is a tale of one who sees perhaps too much death as a gravedigger, and prepares for his own death, one that he won't go to alone!

Crime Classics is extra frightening because the stories are based on True Crimes. Although the victims are not always the most uplifting of people, like Billy the Kid and Jesse James, murder is never pleasant. But it isn't always Murder that does away with unpleasant sorts, such as the Mysterious Traveler's story "Death Comes for Adolph Hitler"; Orson Welles & Skullone of the most evil men of all time makes his escape in a submarine, but in the dark and frightening world under the sea, the souls of his victims find a small degree of revenge!

What would Horror Shows be without a few genuine Monsters. Perhaps none are as frightening as the Undead Vampire. Orson Welles chose the tale of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" for his first Mercury Theater Broadcast, the show that would soon bring us Radio's ultimate Halloween prank, the 1938 "War of the Worlds" broadcast. The Hermit's Cave also chills us with a Vampires strange and other-worldly powers in "The Vampires Desire". Creeps by Night features one of the greatest Movie Monster men of all time, Boris Karloff. In "The Hunt" Karloff is as scary as ever in a Werewolf story, but there is a surprise twist when we find out who the werewolf really is.

There are almost too many good scares to describe in this collection. Of course we have included some great episodes from Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Escape!, Suspense! Quiet, Please, and Lights Out! We even managed to find a mysterious monster on Have Gun, Will Travel.

Our Creepiest Radio Shows Collection is a good excuse to turn the lights down, let the fire burn low, and plug in the MP3 player for some creepy, chilling and frightening fun!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 52 shows - total playtime 22 hours 50 minutes

Black Castle 421216 Escape To Death
Black Castle 430925 Jungle Adventure
Black Chapel 000000 Tale Of Crawling Terror
Black Chapel 390601 Mahogany Coffin
Creeps By Night 440502 011 Final Reckoning
Creeps By Night 440509 012 Hunt
Creeps By Night 440516 013 Walking Dead
Creeps By Night 440606 016 Three Sisters
Creeps By Night 440711 021 Six Who Did Not Die Afrs Mystery Playhouse Version
Crmclassics 530706 E 04 Shrapnelled Body Of Charles Drew Sr
Crmclassics 530720 E 06 Death Of A Picture Hanger
Crmclassics 530914 E 14 Bloody Bloody Banks Of Fall River
Crmclassics 531014 E 16 Seven Layered Arsenic Cake
Crmclassics 531021 E 17 Billy Bonnie Blood Letter
Crmclassics 531111 E 20 Blackbeards Fourteenth Wife
Crmclassics 540210 E 32 Twentythree Knives Against Ceasar
Escape 471015 010 A Shipment Of Mute Fate
Escape 471022 011 Fall Of House Of Usher
Escape 471210 018 An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
Escape 471217 019 Wild Oranges
Escape 480523 054 Leiningen Versus Ants
Escape 490825 088 Evening Primrose
Escape 500317 114 Three Skeleton Key R
Escape 500630 117 Blood Bath
Escape 501105 131 Earth Abides 1 O 2
Escape 501112 132 Earth Abides 2 O 2
Escape 501119 133 Journey Into Fear
Escape 540624 228 Judgment Day At Cripple Deer
Hall Of Fantasy 470403 Judges House
Hermits Cave 11 Vampires Desire
Hermits Cave 17 Buried Alive
Hermits Cave 18 House With A Past
Hermits Cave 470414 05 House Of Murder
Hgwt 590308 E 016 Monster On Moon Ridge
Hollywood Sound Stage 520117 06 Ox Bow Incident
Inner Sanctum 450424 225 Song Of Slasher
Inner Sanctum 450501 226 Girl And Gallows
Inner Sanctum 451009 240 Death By Scripture
Inner Sanctum 451016 241 Till Death Do Us Part
Inner Sanctum 451023 242 Corridor Of Doom W Boris Karloff
Inner Sanctum 451218 250 Undead
Inner Sanctum 460212 258 Man Who Couldnt Die
Inner Sanctum 460909 284 Murder Comes At Midnight
Inner Sanctum 490321 414 Only Dead Die Twice
Lights Out 380406 85 Cat Wife
Lights Out 380511 090 It Happened
Lights Out 421013 E 02 Revolt Of Worms
Lights Out 421020 E 03 Poltergeist
Lights Out 421117 Come To Bank
Lights Out 421222 E 012 Meteor Man
Lights Out 421229 E 013 Valse Triste
Lights Out 430216 E 020 Oxychloride X

Volume 2 - 44 shows - total playtime 23 hours 41 minutes

Lights Out 430309 E 023 Ball Aka Paris Macabre
Lights Out 430406 E 027 Superfeature Aka Familiar Suddenly
Lights Out 430420 Kill
Lights Out 430511 Murder In Script Department
Lights Out 430518 033 Spider
Lux 540914 889 Wuthering Heights
Lux 541012 892 Great Expectations
Lux 550208 War Of Worlds
Mercury Theater 380711 Dracula
Mercury Theater 380925 Immortal Sherlock Holmes
Mita 470807 Ep 06 Great Barastro
Mita 470814 Ep 07 Lodger
Mita 470821 Ep 08 Horla
Mita 470918 Ep 12 Black Cat
Mita 470925 Ep 13 Crime And Punishment
Morse 440108 E 01 City Of Dead Adventure Begins
Morse 440115 E 02 City Of Dead Ive Dug Up Something Ghastley
Morse 440122 E 03 City Of Dead Body That Walked Off
Morse 440129 E 04 City Of Dead Old Clawfoot Again
Morse 440205 E 05 City Of Dead Skeleton Walks In
Morse 440212 E 06 City Of Dead Ghoul In Grave
Morse 440219 E 07 City Of Dead Captian Friday Vanishes
Morse 440226 E 08 City Of Dead Kidnapping Of Clawfoot
Morse 440304 E 09 City Of Dead Trail Of Phantom Church Bell
Mt 381009 114 Hell On Ice
Mt 381030 117 War Of Worlds
Mt 381209 Rebecca Cp
Mysterious Traveler 441007 043 Man Insects Hated
Mysterious Traveler 450324 066 Death Comes For Adolph Hitler
Mysterious Traveler 490524 205 Behind Locked Door
Mysterious Traveler 491011 225 Last Survivor
Mysterious Traveler News 450501 Adolf Hitler Is Dead Mutual Bro
Quiet Please 480809 060 Thing On Fourble Board
Sherlock 341111 Hebraic Breastplate Hector Lovell
Sherlock 460415 211 3222 27 Mystery Of Headless Monk
Sherlock 461012 Stuttering Ghost
Sherlock 640918 Sussex Vampire
Sherlock Holmes 471102 06 Copper Beeches
Sherlock Holmes 541221 Final Problem
Suspense 420916 012 Kettler Method
Suspense 430112 024 Pit And Pendulum
Suspense 430202 027 Doctor Prescribed Death
Suspense 430518 042 ABC Murders
Suspense 430525 43 Sorry Wrong Number V 2 Wc

Volume 3 - 46 shows - total playtime 22 hours 14 minutes

Suspense 430629 048 Uncle Henrys Rosebush
Suspense 430727 051 Last Letter Of Dr Bronson
Suspense 430803 052 A Friend To Alexander
Suspense 431109 065 Cabin B 13
Suspense 431223 071 Back For Christmas
Suspense 431230 072 Finishing School
Suspense 440203 077 Sisters
Suspense 440217 079 Life Ends At Midnight
Suspense 440316 083 Narrative About Clarence
Suspense 440601 094 Alt Fugue In C Minor Broadcast
Suspense 440803 103 Banquos Chair
Suspense 440817 Diary Of Sophronia Winters Agnes Moorehe
Suspense 450531 143 August Heat
Suspense 451101 165 Dunwich Horror
Suspense 461205 222 House In Cypress Canyon
Suspense 470213 232 Thirteenth Sound
Suspense 470828 260 Double Ugly
Suspense 480207 283 Donovans Brain
Suspense 480214 284 Lodger
Suspense 480729 300 Yellow Wallpaper
Suspense 481014 311 A Little Piece Of Rope
Suspense 490616 345 Trap.mp 3.temp
Suspense 500413 380 Six Feet Under
Suspense 510917 439 Neal Cream Doctor Of Poison
Suspense 520114 456 Fall River Tragedy
Suspense 520922 479 Jack Ketch
Suspense 550614 602 Whole Towns Sleeping
Suspense 551004 618 Goodbye Miss Lizzie Borden
Suspense 561009 668 Digger
Suspense 570106 680 A Shipment Of Mute Fate
Suspense 570303 688 Present Tense
Suspense 590104 784 Dont Call Me Mother
Suspense 590517 802 Friend Of Daddys
Suspense 590726 812 Night Man
Suspense 590823 816 Headshrinker
Suspense 600417 849 Tonight At 5 55
Weird Circle 430829 01 Fall Of House Of Usher
Weird Circle 430919 04 Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym
Weird Circle 431031 10 William Wilson
Weird Circle 440102 19 Murders In Rue Morgue
Weird Circle 440130 23 Telltale Heart
Weird Circle 440409 33 Cask Of Amontillado
Weird Circle 450218 64 Oblong Box
Weird Circle 450408 71 Case Of Monsieur Valdemar
Weird Circle 450429 74 Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Weird Circle E 37 Werewolf



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