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 Churchill (Winston) Recordings

1 MP3 CD - 111 episodes


"Churchill On Hitler"
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Winston Churchill
Ask the typical American on the street to name an important British historical figure, and the answer will typically be Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill is seen as Roosevelt's greatest ally in the months before America entered the Second World War, and we admire the way he staunchly defended his homeland.

Winston Churchill 1894Our mental picture of Churchill is that of a British Bulldog who only took the Cuban Cigar out of his mouth long enough to delivery one of his incredibly effective speeches. Churchill was a great orator, it could be argued that Winston's speeches were nearly as important to the Victory in Europe as the material support coming from our side of the Atlantic.

Churchill was indeed a gifted speaker, and just the man Britain needed during WWII. His speeches were so important that there is little wonder that a myth has sprung up that someone other than Churchill delivered some of his speeches over the BBC. In reality, the "evidence" which supposedly supports this myth has been easily refuted.

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England during WWII and great orator, wrote his own speeches and delivered them on many radio broadcasts. Although Churchill is often credit for boosting morale for the Allied forces to win the war, controversy surrounds these recordings. For years, rumors have floated about that an actor was hired to deliver these speeches because Churchill was too busy at the height of the war. Recently, these rumors have thought to been confirmed when Norman Shelley's son found a 78 rpm record marked "Churchill: Speech. Artist Norman Shelley; September 7, 1942." This record is allegly of his father delivering one of Churchill's speeches for American radio. Although he wasn't fully believed, in the 1970's Norman Shelley (who played Watson on the Sherlock Holmes radio program) admitted to the recordings. Rumors of the day suggested Shelley supposedly even took his own false teeth out to impersonate Churchill's voice. Listen to these wartime broadcasts yourself and see if you can distinguish who is who.

Less well known is that the life Churchill led before the War, which was typically British in so many ways, uniquely qualified him to become the Wartime Prime Minister. Winston was born in Blenheim Palace on November 30, 1874. The palace was the ancestral home of the Dukes of Marlborough. His mother, the former Jennie Jerome, was an American Socialite. Young Winston developed a taste for things military while has grandfather served as Viceroy of Ireland and Winston's father served as his personal secretary, and parades constantly went by the official residence.

Winston was a precocious but not particularly successful student. His enthusiasm for the military led him to take the entrance exam for Sandhurst three time, and when he finally got in he choose calvary service since it did not require him to study mathematics. Churchill MidlifeWhen his father passed away at the age of 45, Winston became determined to make his mark at an early age, fearing he would not survive to advanced age.

In 1895, Winston was commissioned into the 4th Queen's Own Hussars. Realizing that a Second Lieutenant's pay was not going to support his family in the manor he expected, he decided to supplement his income as a war correspondent. This meant he would use what ever influence he could, including that of his family and his mother's social connections, to get posted where ever there was an active campaign. He came under fire for the first time in Cuba on his twenty first birthday, and developed a taste for Cuban cigars which would become his trademark.

In India he was known as his regiment's best polo player, and he fought with distinction in the Malakand Valley. He later sold his story of the fight, one of his first published pieces. He was transferred to the 21st Lancers in Egypt and was part of the British Empire's last meaningful cavalry charge at the Battle of Omdurman in 1898. He resigned from the Army in 1899 to run for Parliament but was defeated.

After failing in his first political campaign, Winston went to South African to cover the Second Boer War. He was accompanying a scouting party on an armored train which was ambushed. Although he was taken prisoner, there was talk of nominating Churchill for the Victoria Cross for his actions on the train. However, as a civilian he did not qualify for the medal.

Churchill 1945When he returned to England he again stood for Parliament and this time he was elected. In 1911 he was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty and set about modernizing the fleet, converting British warships from coal to oil power and developing naval air power. He served in the Admiralty into WWI, until the fiasco of Gallipoli and a change in government.

He rejoined the Army and took command a battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. As a Lt Colonel, he chose to lead from the front rather than sit at Regimental headquarters. This may have had less to do with Churchill's personal bravery than the fact that there was whiskey to be had at the front whereas HQ was dry.

After the first World War, Churchill returned to Parliament, serving as Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for War, Secretary of State for Air, and again as Lord of the Admiralty. A major preoccupation during his time at the War Office was intervention in the Bolshevik Revolution, and he declared that Bolshevism should be 'strangled in its cradle".

He became Chancellor of the Exchequer and oversaw the return the Pound Sterling to the gold standard. Although leading economists warned that such a move would lead to world wide depression, it was very popular at the time. Churchill later said it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

111 recordings - total playtime 29 hours 38 minutes

Churchill 330424 Locust Years
Churchill 341116 Causes Of War
Churchill 360300 Loaded Pause
Churchill 361000 Meeting With Von Rippentrop
Churchill 370000 Mr Edens Resignation
Churchill 380430 To Royal Academy Of A
Churchill 380900 Munich Winter
Churchill 381016 We Must Arm
Churchill 381100 Soviet Enigma
Churchill 381200 War
Churchill 391001 First Month Of War
Churchill 391112 Ten Weeks Of War
Churchill 391218 Sinking Of Graf Spee
Churchill 400000 Dunkirk
Churchill 400000 This Was Ir Finest Houre
Churchill 400120 0016 Neutralsliberation Is Sure
Churchill 400120 House Of Many Mansions
Churchill 400223 Navy Is Here
Churchill 400312 Before Storm
Churchill 400330 A Sterner War
Churchill 400400 Frustration In Norway
Churchill 400400 Narvik Norway
Churchill 400500 National Coalition
Churchill 400513 New Administration
Churchill 400519 Battle Of France
Churchill 400519 Be Ye Men Of Valor
Churchill 400519 E Churchills 1st Speech As Pm
Churchill 400519 First Speech As Prime Mi
Churchill 400528 On Capitulation Of Belgiu
Churchill 400600 0026 French Agony
Churchill 400604 We Shall Never Surrender
Churchill 400613 1st Speech To Parlia
Churchill 400618 Ir Finest Hour [excerpt]
Churchill 400618 Ir Finest Hour
Churchill 400619 On Dunkirk Escape
Churchill 400714 War Of Unknown Warriors
Churchill 400820 First Year
Churchill 400911 Crux Of Whole War
Churchill 400915 Battle Of Britian
Churchill 400917 London Secret Session
Churchill 401200 Winston Talk
Churchill 401230 Canada House Of Commons
Churchill 410000 Russia Invaded
Churchill 410209 Give Us Tools
Churchill 410427 Westward Look Land I
Churchill 410612 Until Victory Is Won
Churchill 410616 Broadcast To America
Churchill 410621 Great Sp
Churchill 410622 Germany Invades Russia
Churchill 410714 Do Your Worst And We
Churchill 410729 War Production Speech
Churchill 410729 War Production
Churchill 410814 Atlantic Charter
Churchill 410824 Meeting With President R
Churchill 410824 Meeting With Roosevelt
Churchill 410829 Se Are Great Days
Churchill 410909 Masters Of Our Fate
Churchill 411029 Se Are Great Days
Churchill 411107 With Great Resolution
Churchill 411208 War With Japan
Churchill 411224 From White House
Churchill 411224 White House Christma
Churchill 411226 Address To Congress
Churchill 411230 Preparation Liberation
Churchill 420215 Reviews Atlantic Charter
Churchill 420510 Prime Minister For Two Ye
Churchill 421110 End Of Beginning
Churchill 421129 National Address
Churchill 430321 Churchills Speech
Churchill 430519 Second Address To Us Cong
Churchill 430630 Before Autumn Unity
Churchill 430630 Reaping Whirlwind
Churchill 430831 Broadcast From Quebec
Churchill 430906 Anglo American Unity
Churchill 431028 Rebuilding House Of Commons
Churchill 440326 On Allied Victories
Churchill 441109 Fruits Of 44
Churchill 441123 Speech For Us Thanksgiving Da
Churchill 450325 Robert Barr Reports Crosse
Churchill 450508 At Big Party
Churchill 450508 Unconditional German Surrender
Churchill 450805 This Is Your Victory

Churchill 0001 Hour Of Armistace
Churchill 0002 Follies Of Victors
Churchill Address To Nation On Raf
Churchill Battleofbritainisabouttobegin
Churchill Churchilllendleasemostunsordidact
Churchill Dictatorsonirpedestals
Churchill Dunkirk
Churchill Fd420106 Fdr 0045 State Of Unionchurchill
Churchill Finest Hour
Churchill First Month Of War Radio Broadcast W
Churchill First Radio Address As Prime Minister
Churchill Give Us Tools07e4102
Churchill Great Speeches This Was Ir Finest H
Churchill Ihavenotalwaysbeenwrong
Churchill Ispeaktoyouforfirsttime
Churchill Measuremetedout
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 1
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 2
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 3
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 4
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 5
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 6
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 7
Churchill Memoirs & Speeches 8
Churchill Never Surrender
Churchill On Hitler
Churchill Reapingwhirlwind
Churchill To France
Churchill We Shall Fight



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