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 Christmas Variety Shows

2 MP3 CDs - 54 episodes

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"Command Performance Christmas Special"
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Francis Langford & Bob Hope
Christmas is not a time to hold back. If you're going to have a party, make it the biggest party of the year; if your going to hang the lights, make sure there are more twinkling than there was last year; if you're going to roast a turkey, find the biggest bird you can.

And if your going to put on a show, it had better be the biggest of the season!

Variety Shows are a standard format dates back to Vaudeville. In those days the theater owners could promise everything the patron could want in one show.  Christmas is a time to pull out all the stops, and Variety shows were no exception!

  • John Barrymore Texaco Star Theater, 12/21/38, John Barrymore,hosting, shares some comic Christmas banter with Una Merkel, then introduces Tenor Kenny Baker who reminds us, "Don't Wait Until the Night Before Christmas to be Good".Later the cast performs a Christmas drama, "The Song Of Christmas".
  • Texaco Star Theater, 12/20/39, Ken Murray hosts, welcoming the Hollywood Santa Claus on the West coast portion of the program, as both Kenny Baker and Francis Langford sing, then the cast presents "The Murray Family on Christmas Eve". The dramatic half of the program presents "The Goose Hangs High" from New York.
  • Moonlight Serenade/Chesterfield Time. 12/24/41, Glenn Miller starts the show with a swinging version of Jingle Bells and a pitch for Chesterfield smokes.
  • Command Performance, 12/24/42, The Show's first Christmas Eve, and it is shared with the whole nation. M.C.'d by Bob Hope, after his monologue, the Andrew's Sisters sing "The Pennsylvania Polka", Harriet Hilliard and Red Skelton do a Christmas morning sketch, followed by a Spike Jones version of Jingle Bells. Toward the end of the program the G.I.s command that Fred Allen and Jack Benny put their feud aside, can they do it?
  • Command Performance, 12/25/43, Another Christmas, another Bob Hope show for the troops! This one starts with Kay Kyser's Orchestra with "St James Infirmary Blues, and Bob passes time with Jimmy Durante, and later with Archie from Duffy's Tavern. Jack Benny and Fred Allen show up again, and gee, they still aren't getting along...
  • Gordon MacRaeNBC Christmas Reunion, 12/25/43, An incredibly ambitious live Christmas Project from NBC, coordinating remote broadcasts from nearly every theater of the War. Not all of the remotes are an easy hook up, but we do get to hear servicemen and women having the best Christmas they can so far from home and family. We even get a visit from Amos 'n' Andy as well as Rudy Vallee!
  • The Dinah Shore Program, 12/23/43. Dinah sings, has some fun with comedian Wally Brown, who is playing Santa  on Hollywood and Vine (having been drafted by the Salvation Army). Dinah apologizes that there will be none of the sponsor Birdseye's frozen turkeys because of war-time demands.
  • Information Please, 12/25/44, The Quiz show originates from the Auditorium at the St. Alban's Naval Hospital, where the quiz show is spending the holiday with the veterans. A guest expert tonight is Fred Allen, who still manages to get a dig in on Benny.
  • The Railroad Hour, 12/25/50. Gordon MacRae hosts and sings for us, along with Lucille Norman and the Norman Luboff Choir. We are also treated to a wonderful interpretation of "The Nutcracker Suite" to remind us of the magic of the season.
  • Textron Theater, 12/22/45. Helen Hayes stars with Jose Ferrer in this version of the Nativity story told from the viewpoint of the Innkeeper's Wife.
  • Readers Digest/Hallmark Playhouse, 12/27/47. The town reprobate teaches the new minister the true meaning of Christmas.

...There are many more programs to enjoy!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 28 Shows: 17 hours, 20 minutes

Across Dial 531225 In Philadelphia
Andrew Sisters 451219 012 Ray Noble
Big Show 501224 Jimmy Durante Ed Wynn Margaret Obrien
Bristol Myers 421225 E 39 A Merry American Christmas
California Caravan 471221 When Santa Claus Came Simpsons Bar
Chesterfield 371224 Time Hal Kemp Alice Faye Xmas Show
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 1
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 2
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 3
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 4
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 5
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 6
Christmas Seals Show 50000 x W Frank Sinatra
Command Perf 421224 1942 Christmas Special
Command Perf 431225 1943 Christmas Special
Command Perf 441225 1944 Christmas Special
Command Perf 451225 1945 Christmas Special
Command Perf 481225 1948 Christmas Special 3
Command Perf 481225 1948 Christmas Special 4
Dinah Shore 421225 Merry American Christmas
Dinah Shore 431223 Exactly Like You
Doris Day Show 531223 Here Comes Santa Claus
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 1
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 2
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 3
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 4
Family Hour Of Stars 481219 Lullaby Of Christmas
Glenn Miller 441224 Glenn Miller Lost

Volume 2: 26 Shows: 11 hours, 52 minutes

Guy Lumbardo 461219 Favorite Christmas Tunes
Henry Hall Dance Band Show 361200 Christmas Show
Info Please 441225 F Allen J Wallace St Alban S Ny Nvl Hosp
Kate Smith Hour 441224 Guest Jackie Gleason
Louella Parsons 491225 Alan Ladd
Milton Berle 471223 42 Salute To Christmas
Moonlight Serenade 411224 Glenn Miller Christmas Show
Paul Whiteman 341220 Christmas Show
Quiz Kids 481205 442 Santa Claus
Quiz Kids 481212 Reason To Prove Santa Claus Real
Rail Road Hour 501225 A Christmas Show
Railroad Hour 521222 221 Christmas Party
Readers Digest 471225 Only Wise Man
Ripleys One Min 043 Floating Christmas Present
Rogers Of The Gazette 531209 22 Pastel Christmas Trees
Rogers Of The Gazette 531223 23 A White Christmas In Ill
Savings Bond Xmas Special 471221 039 Greer Garson
Serenade In Blue 531213 146 Jingle Bells
Serenade In Blue 531227 148 Frosty Snowman
Serenade In Blue 560129 257 Frosty Snowman
Texaco 391220 Santa Clausgoose Hangs High
Texaco Stars Inn 381221 Song Of Christmas
Textron Theater 451222 Helen Hayes A Child is Born
Treasury Star Parade 42 Modern Scrooge
Twenty Questions 511222 Santa Claus
Wartime 431225 Bob Hope Christmas Package



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