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 Boo Broadcasts (Ghost Stories)

2 MP3 CDs - 105 episodes

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"Boo BroadcastsóJohnny Dollar--The Ghost To Ghost Matter"
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Spooky, Mysterious Ghost Tales Compilation (1930s-1950s)

Grab the nearest sheet and cut a couple holes for your eyes, because you are about to join 105 other ghosts in this chilly collection of Boo Broadcasts. This collection includes some of the best ghost tales from popular shows such as Weird Circle, Quiet Please, The Saint, Suspense and Superman. Throughout this collection, you'll experience mysterious phone calls, eerie gusts of wind, bumping furniture in the attic, and strange voices that echo-echo-echo. Pull that sheet tight, and get ready for the spookiest 41 hours and 10 minutes of your life!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 55 shows - total playtime 24 hours 23 minutes

Allstarw 471129 0069 Ghost In Little Deer Cany
Authors Playhouse 441204 Inexperienced Ghost
Av 11 460113 The Ghost Murder
Av 20 460307 The Subway Ghost
Barry Craig 540907 Ghosts Don't Die In Bed
Bb 460319 The Worthington Ghost
Bb 470528 Ghost Of Flo Newton
Bb 470910 Lighthouse Ghost
Bc 540907 Ghosts Don't Die In Bed
Beyond Midnight Dear Ghost
Blackstone 481003 Ghost That Trap
Blackstone 481128 Ghost That Wasn't
Blue Beetle 400529 0910 Invisible Ghost
Blue Beetle 400821 4142 Dancing Ghost Of Rocky Hill
Bobby Benson 500728 Ghost Rider
Bobby Benson Ghost Rustlers
Calling All Cars 360101 E110 Ghost House
Clock 470112 Lively Ghost
Creaking Door 02 I See Ghosts
Creaking Door 08 Ghosts At Ridgeways
Curtain Time 480710 C105 Dishonest Ghost
Ddrd470209 E26 Ghost In Merdock's Swamp
Front Page Drama 330928 Ghost Of The Catacombs
Front Page Drama 350308 The Ghost Doctor
Front Page Drama 350906 The Ghost Painter
Front Page Drama 390407 The Ghost Fire
Front Page Drama 400412 The Ghost Ship
Front Page Drama 401213 The Ghost Knocks
Front Page Drama 410214 The Ghost Of Richard Riker
Front Page Drama 410704 Speaking Of Ghosts
Greenhornet Xxxxxx Ghostwhotalkedtoomuch
Harry Lime 511116 016 Inpursuitofaghost
Hop 500820 034 The Whistling Ghosts
Inner Sanctum 470210 The Ghost In The Garden
Let George 480816 Ghost On Bliss Terrace
Let George 520324 Graystone Ghost
Let George 540927 Ghost Of Ireland Betty
Lights Out 370714 Lord Marley's Ghost
Lights Out 460810 Ghost On The Newsreel Negative
Lr 420928 0724 Legacy For A Ghost
Lux450618 Canterville Ghost
Lux471201 593 Ghost And Mrs Muir
Mfi 540629 E309 Irma And Jane See A Ghost
Saint 500917 Ghost That GiggledSealed Book Ghostmakers
The Three Ghosts
371031 Three Ghosts
Ghosts Can Kill
Ghost Building
Sherlock 450903 Limping Ghost
Sq 471106 Kang's Treasure & The Ghost Of Tangolan Bay
Suspense 490623 Ghost Hunt
Tarzan 511025 Ghost Of The Karmiki
Theat Of Rom 460115 081 The Ghost Goes West
Ytjd 580518 589 The Ghost To Ghost Matter

Volume 2 - 50 shows - total playtime 16 hours 47 minutes

Black Ghost 1930 1
Black Ghost 1930 2
Coty 450828 0395 Magnamimous Ghost
Globe Theater 440821 The Ghost Goes West
Hermits Cave 19 Hansons Ghost
Is470210 Ghost In Garden Leslie Woods Af
Jack Benny 540815 Ghost Of Diamond Jim Brady
Jungle Jim 380319 E125 The Ghost Of The Java Sea
Melody Ranch Ghost Of Black Mountain
Mr Keene 520222 Murder And Revengeful Ghost
Mysterious Traveler 470706 Locomotive Ghost
Nick Carter 451230 216 Legend Of Shakespeare's Ghost
Nightmare Chanceofaghost
Origin Of Superstition 35 39 Ghost Ships
Phyl Coe 10 Laughing Ghost
Quietplease 480112 E032 The Room Where The Ghosts Live
Quietplease 481024 E071 Good Ghost
Saint 510408 Ghost Who Came To Dinner
Sdp 490403 E013 The Ghost Breakers
Ghost Of Captain Bayloe
Ghost On The Stair
Ghost Of Caleb Mackenzie
Ghost Walks Again
Ghost Without A Face
Ghost Wore A Silver Slippers
The Ghost That Gleams
Sp Ep 50 Ghosts Of Martiig
Superman 420209 E0313 Ghostcar,thepart1
Superman 420211 E0314 Ghostcar,thepart2
Superman 420213 E0315 Ghostcar,thepart3
Superman 420216 E0316 Ghostcar,thepart4
Superman 420218 E0317 Ghostcar,thepart5
Superman 420220 E0318 Ghostcar,thepart6
Superman 420223 E0319 Ghostcar,thepart7
Superman 420225 E0320 Ghostcar,thepart8
Superman 480504 E1417 Ghostbrigade,the1
Superman 480505 E1418 Ghostbrigade,the2
Superman 480506 E1419 Ghostbrigade,the3
Superman 480507 E1420 Ghostbrigade,the4
Superman 480510 E1421 Ghostbrigade,the5
Superman 480511 E1422 Ghostbrigade,the6
Superman 480512 E1423 Ghostbrigade,the7
Superman 480513 E1424 Ghostbrigade,the8
Superman 480514 E1425 Ghostbrigade,the9
Superman 480517 E1426 Ghostbrigade,the10
Superman 480518 E1427 Ghostbrigade,the11
Superman 490304 E0012 Mysteryofthetenthousanddollarghost
Superman 500107 E0011 Ghostofbillybaker
Weird Circle E42 Ghost's Touch
Weird Circle E53 Wooden Ghost



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