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 Black Museum

1 MP3 CD - 51 episodes

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Crime Drama (1951)

"The Black Museum. A Repository of Death.
Here in the grim stone structure on the
Thames which houses Scotland Yard
is a warehouse of homicide, where every
day objects . . . all are touched by murder.

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Orson Welles MicA pink powder puff and a spotted bed sheet. A tan shoe and a rain slicker. Each week, Orson Welles walks through the museum, picks up one of these objects and tells its murderous horrific story. After each dramatization, Orson Welles ends the show as he did in Mercury Theater of the Air, "obediently yours.Black Museum is based on Scotland Yard's Black Museum (aka Crime Museum) in London, where crime artifacts are stored. This is the largest and oldest museum of its type. Although it is not open to the public, we can get a glimpse of what lays inside through Black Museum. Each program is based on a real crime story and object from the museum.

Black MuseumPlease note this collection is also contained in the updated Orson Welles Collection.

Also included in the 'extras' folder is an intriguing list and short details of many of the actual murder cases matched up with the episode titles.

See also: The Police Reporter.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

51 shows - total playtime 20 hours 37 minutes

Black Museum - 01 The .22 Caliber Pistol AKA Little Blue 22
Black Museum - 02 .32 Calibre Bullet
Black Museum - 03 Bath Tub
Black Museum - 04 The Black Gladstone Bag
Black Museum - 05 The Brick
Black Museum - 06 The Brass Button
Black Museum - 07 Can of Weed Killer
Black Museum - 08 Canvas Bag
Black Museum - 09 The Car Tire
Black Museum - 10 The Champagne Glass
Black Museum - 11 A Claw Hammer
Black Museum - 12 Door Key
Black Museum - 13 The Yellow Scarf
Black Museum - 14 Four Small Bottles
Black Museum - 15 French-English Dictionary
Black Museum - 16 Gas Receipt
Black Museum - 17 Frosted Glass Shards
Black Museum - 18 The Hammerhead
Black Museum - 19 The Jack Handle
Black Museum - 20 jar of acid
Black Museum - 21 The Khaki Handkerchief
Black Museum - 22 A Lady's Shoe
Black Museum - 23 The Leather Bag
Black Museum - 24 A Letter
Black Museum - 25 The Mandolin String
Black Museum - 26 Meat Juice
Black Museum - 27 The Notes
Black Museum - 28 The Old Wooden Mallet
Black Museum - 29 The Open End Wrench
Black Museum - 30 A Pair Of Spectacles
Black Museum - 31 A Piece Of Iron Chain
Black Museum - 32 The Pink Powderpuff
Black Museum - 33 Post Card With Picture Of The Rising Sun
Black Museum - 34 A Prescription
Black Museum - 35 The Raincoat
Black Museum - 36 Length of Sash Cord
Black Museum - 37 Auto Service Card
Black Museum - 38 The Sheath Knife
Black Museum - 39 The Shopping Bag
Black Museum - 40 Shilling
Black Museum - 41 A Silencer
Black Museum - 42 The Small White Boxes
Black Museum - 43 The Spotted Bedsheet
Black Museum - 44 The Straight Razor
Black Museum - 45 The Tan Shoe
Black Museum - 46 The Telegram
Black Museum - 47 The Trunk
Black Museum - 48 Two Bullets
Black Museum - 49 Walking Stick
Black Museum - 50 A Women's Pigskin Glove
Black Museum - 51 last show The Wool Jacket



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