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 Birds on the Radio

2 MP3 CDs - 128 episodes

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"Lux Radio: The Birds"
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Bird on HeadThey are feathered, winged, warmblooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animals. There are more that 10,000 bird species in the world, but on radio we usually only find three basic types; birds that tell us secrets, birds that find a way to scare us, and birds that taste good!

The talking parrot is comic device that goes back to the earliest days of radio. Cecil and Sally was an early program broadcast from San Francisco in the late 1920s and early 30s. The program featured a pair of teenagers who faced the trials of growing up together. In the story arc featured in our Bird Collection, Sally is sure the neighbor lady, Mrs. Mason, has some secrets from her past and she is dying to know what they could be. Finally she hits upon the idea of interviewing Mrs. Mason's "Polly Parrot", because everyone knows that parrots talk. Cecil tries but can't talk her out of following through with her plan. Poll Parrot is the name of the the ship, its mascot, and the sponsoring shoe company in The Cruise of the Poll Parrot. In this wonderful children's serial, the parrot joins on a whaling voyage that has a pair of young stowaways, little Sue Grange and her young friend Johnny Robbins.

Jack Benny had a lot of fun with his parrot, Polly, who was preformed by Mel Blanc. In our collection Polly has been feeling melancholy for several days, so jack takes her to a psychiatrist, for birds! Not all the messages from birds come from parrots, of course. A golden pigeon guides Superman to save Jimmy Olsen in a nick of time.

Birds have a way of scaring us much more than there small size would seem. What could be more frightening than a combination of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in scenes from their movie The Raven. Birds rarely get the chance to be scarier than in the story The Birds by Daphne Du Maurier. The story would be adapted by Alfred Hitchcock into one of his most frightening films in 1963, but first the story was adapted for both Escape and Lux Radio Theater. Birds manage to give us the creeps on Escape on several other occasions, including the large gray parrot who figures so prominently in "How Love Came to Professor Guildea", and of course it is greed that drives the hunter in "The Bird of Paradise".

Bird lights a cigaretteThe Inner Sanctum finds a few birds inside the creaking door to help chill the blood, including "The Black Seagull" who seems to be the spirit of Peter Lorre's dead lover. "Birdsong For a Murderer" is presented twice in our collection, the second time featuring Boris Karloff, is the story of a homicidal maniac who is only calmed by the songs of his canaries. Suspense has its share of bird related shows as well, with "five Canaries in a Room", "Pigeon in a Cage", and "Raven Notice".

As beautiful as they are, and as wonderful as it is to hear them sing, some of our favorite birds are the ones that we can eat! Fibber McGee is quite an enthusiastic sportsman as it turns out, and very fond of duck hunting. But like Doc Gamble points out when it comes to McGee and ducks, if there is a shotgun involved, everyone around had better! More edible birds come into the McGee household when Doc Gamble receives a gift of some pheasants, and insists on cooking them "Indian style" by roasting them wrapped in clay- can Molly save the day?

Probably the most edible bird is the Thanksgiving Turkey. Sam Spade has an interesting adventure with a man named Thomas Turkey who is afraid he'll be murdered over Thanksgiving, and it is a very interesting tale that he dictates to his secretary. Jack Benny has a lot of experience with turkeys, including the one he cooks himself for his cast, and another time he dreams that he is a turkey! And of course there is the "free" turkey that falls into Kingfish's life on Amos 'n' Andy. Is it the answer to his prayers or will it drive him to a life of crime? Or is it an even bigger surprise for Kingfish?

There are many more birds in our collection, including contributions from Sherlock Holmes, Dragnet, My Favorite Husband, Henry Aldrich, and many others!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 70 Shows: 24 hours, 20 minutes

Academy Aw Theater 460703 15 Maltese Falcon
Adv In Research 623 Way Of An Eagle
Aldrich Family 400220 Pigeon Coops
Aldrich Family 400227 Henry Starts To Raise Carrier Pige
Aldrich Family 491209 Grouse For Dinner
Aldrich Family 521123 Thanksgiving Turkey
Amos & Andy 491120 220 Turkey Falls Off Truck
Amos And Andy 431119 Turkey Trouble
Bergen Mccarthy 560527 Birds And Bees
Blackstone 490306 23 Riddle Of Red Goose
Blackstone 490703 40 Bird Of Doom
Buster Brown Gang 480515 Pirates And Parrott
Calv 400312 178 Raven Wins Texas
Calv 420921 297 Eagle To Britain
Can You Imagine That 16 Boy Battles Eagle
Cecil Sally 0489 Sally Wants Answers Mrs Masons Parrot Pt 1
Cecil Sally 0492 Sally To Borrow Mrs Masons Parrot Pt 1
Cecil Sally 0493 Interrogating Polly Parrot Pt 1
Cecil Sally 0494 Mrs Mason Thinks Her Parrot Is Crazy Pt 1
Cecil Sally 0496 Mrs Mason Accidentally Kills Her Parrot Pt 1
Cisco Kid 530106 049 Pancho And Parrot
Columbia Workshop 410223 067 Wings Of An Eagle
Comic Weekly Man 520120 248 Bread Crumbs For Pigeons Hoppy
Cruise Poll Parrot 370925 Episode 01
Cruise Poll Parrot 371002 Episode 02
Cruise Poll Parrot 371009 Episode 03
Cruise Poll Parrot 371016 Episode 04
Cruise Poll Parrot 371023 Episode 05
Cruise Poll Parrot 371030 Episode 06
Cruise Poll Parrot 371106 Episode 07
Cruise Poll Parrot 371113 Episode 08
Cruise Poll Parrot 371120 Episode 09
Cruise Poll Parrot 371127 Episode 10
Cruise Poll Parrot 371204 Episode 11
Cruise Poll Parrot 371211 Episode 12
Cruise Poll Parrot 371218 Episode 13
Dangerously Yours 440917 12 Shadow Of Raven
Dick Tracy 440110 000 Case Of Hooting Owl Stuck In Snow
Down Our Way 05 Bens Talking Pigeon
Dragnet 501116 E 075 Big Parrot
Dragnet 511206 E 130 Big Canaries
Dragnet 550201 E 285 Big Bird
Eb & Zeb 340410 E 409 Mr. Brown Has Parrott. Eb Writes T
Escape 480222 036 Ec How Love Came To Professor Guildea
Escape 540311 218 Bird Of Paradise
Escape 540710 230 Birds
Family Doctor 320000 08 race With Stork
Fmm 390523 0206 Stork
Fmm 440425 0401 Cannery Executive
Fmm 441031 0413 Duck Hunter Fibber
Fmm 471202 0530 Duck Hunting
Fmm 480427 0551 Passenger Pigeon
Fmm 481123 0563 Docs Pheasants
Fmm 491108 0598 Fix Coocoo Clock
Fmm 510529 0663 Birds Nest In Mailbox
Fmm 511113 0672 Duck Hunter Mcgee
Fmm 531007 0743 Buying Parakeet
Fmm 531008 0744 Teaching Parakeet To Talk
Fmm 531106 0765 Parakeets Preference
Fmm 531110 0767 Preparation For Duck Hunt
Fmm 531111 0768 Finding Hunting License
Fmm 531112 0769 Buying Groceries
Fmm 531113 0770 To Lake Wapahokey
Fmm 531116 0771 Its Raining
Fmm 531117 0772 Duck Hunting With Success
Fmm 531118 0773 Happy Hunter Returns
Fmm 550331 1128 Wistful Vistas Snowy Owl
Fred 400327 Who Killed Mack Borden
Fred Allen 400320 Eagle Gets Loose In Studio
Front Page Dramas 410124 Eaglette Returns

Volume 1: 58 Shows: 23 hours, 22 minutes

Gasoline Alley 481210 22 0013 The Adventure Of The Bird Be
Globe Theater 451009 Guilded Pheasant
Hartz Radio Canaries 441203
Haunting Hour 450331 02 Bird Of Death
Inner Sanctum 430307 114 Black Sea Gull
Inner Sanctum 490214 Birdsong For A Murderer
Inner Sanctum 510103 01 Death By A Fighting Bird
Inner Sanctum 520622 Birdsong For A Murderer
Jack Benny 371128 909 Jack Cooked Turkey
Jack Benny 391119 1107 Jack Buys An
Jack Benny 411123 1308 Thanksgiving
Jack Benny 431121 Jack Dreams He Is A Turkey
Jack Benny 451014 1703 Gaslight
Jack Benny 451014 556 Gaslight
Jack Benny 451021 557 Jack Dreams Race Horse Tx Sandman
Jack Benny 471130 1909 Turkey Dream
Jack Benny 521130 Jack Buys A Turkey
Jack Benny 530927 853 Polly Goes To Psychiatrist
Jungle Jim 520119 E 847 Crippled Bird
Let George Do It 500703 Scream Of Eagle
Lets Pretend 460803 Goose Girl The
Lets Pretend 470607 Six Swans
Life Of Riley 441119 045 Turkey Hunt
Lux 430208 382 Maltese Falcon
Lux 530720 838 Birds
Magic Island 1936 017 Homing Pigeon
Magnificent Montague 510330 E 21 Cuckoo Clock
Msa Fun With Speech Old Grey Goose
Mt 500403 Coyotes Of Sky 28
Mt 511003 Snowy Owl Bounty
My Favorite Husband 510113 114 Cuckoo Clock
Philip Marlowe 490611 Pigeons Blood
Railroad Hour 520303 179 White Eagle
Rcp 490613 How Love Came To Prof Guildea
Readerdigest 470821 76 Grandma And Seagull
Ripley 343 White Pigeons
Sam Spade 501124 C 002 Terrified Turkey Caper
Screen Guild 430920 162 Maltese Falcon
Sherlock Holmes 4346 Rathbone & Bruce 450423 173 Notorious Canary Trainer
Sherlock Holmes 460121 202 Tell Tale Pigeon Feathers
Sleepy Joe 06 Brer Rabbit S Goose
Story Lady 210 the Owl Who Was Not Wise
Strange Adventure 1945 [155] Bird Of Passage
Strange Adventure 450000 E 230 Double Eagle
Superman 440410 742 Golden Pigeon
Suspense 430608 045 Five Canaries In Room
Suspense 480110 279 Kandy Tooth Caper
Suspense 530525 514 Pigeon In Cage
Suspense 580601 753 Ravenotice
The Lives Of Harry Lime 510817 03 Clay Pigeon
The Raven Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff 1935 1 Of 3
The Raven Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff 1935 2 Of 3
The Raven Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff 1935 3 Of 3
Theatre Royal 540418 29 Snow Goose
This Is Your Fbi 520905 388 Seagull Shakedown
Whistler 480331 E 309 Bird Of Prey
Whistler 490828 E 381 Eager Pigeon
Whistler 491211 397 Swan Song



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