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 Birdbrains Behind the Wheel

1 MP3 CD - 45 episodes


"Gracie Smashes Into a Parked Car"
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Henry Ford invented the car and changed the world.  He gave people a quick and easy way to span great distances.  What he wasn't able to do, however, was to check the impulse in many of us to do some goofy things behind the wheel.  Whether it's parking in the red zone, driving with one hand on a sandwich, or trying to fix the car with used lawn mower parts, all of us can relate to the characters on these old-time radio shows who get into trouble of the comically vehicular kind.  This compilation has episodes about Birdbrains Behind the Wheel from a variety of shows.

Gracie AllenGeorge Burns and Gracie Allen, the quintessential couple of radio comedy, star in several car-themed episodes. Gracie the ultimate birdbrain, parked George's car in front of a hydrant and landed him a date in traffic court.  The episode included an embedded ad for Swann's soap and references to the wartime effort, including an admonition to eat a large breakfast to fuel wartime production.  In another Burns and Allen episode, Gracie sideswipes a parked car.

In Our Miss Brooks, Mr. Conklin at Madison High institutes a safe driving initiative right after Miss Brooks receives a ticket for "speeding, going through a red light, reckless driving, driving on the sidewalk, and hitting a fruit stand."

In My Favorite Husband with Lucille Ball and Richard Denning, Liz gets her driving license and, she gets into an accident; George thinks she's intentionally run over his old high school sweetheart. In the episode "Teaching Iris To Drive"...do you think it's a good idea for Liz to try to teach Iris Atterbury (Bea Benaderet) how to drive?

In the Milton Berle Show, "Salute To Motoring Season" Berle picks up a lemon at the local dealership, negotiating with a ruthless salesman whose catchphrase is "shaddap!"

The Great Gildersleeve, after a sales pitch for defense bonds, we listen as Gildy drives his nephew LeRoy to his rabbit breeding competition.  After stopping for sandwiches, Gildy blunders his way into accidentally driving off with a state commissioner's car, and what happens next is explosive.  Be sure to slow up before you blow up! In "Auto Accident with Judge Hooker", backing out of his driveway, Gildy bangs into Judge Hooker and the two men try to solicit Bertie to witness for their side of the story.

Fibber McGeeFibber McGee and Molly, in "Motorcycle Cop," Fibber is ticketed for running a red light.  In front of the judge, he becomes The Irish Poet Fibber McGee by uncorking this breathless stream:

"If a red light is the kind of light a red light oughta be
It'd be a lit light not a dead light
A dead red light ain't no more a red light
Than a lit light is a dead light
And I claims that anytime my headlight sees
A red light dead light or no red light
And I ride right by the light
I'm in my right"

In "Traffic Conditions--Safe-Driving Campaign," the fictional home of the McGees, Wistful Vista, is waging a campaign to reward safe drivers and to punish unsafe ones.  The police commissioner tries to talk Fibber into staying housebound during this campaign to avoid a flurry of citations.  So strict were the officers that they "arrested a man for driving under the influence of his wife."  Confusion ensues and you'll just have to listen to find out what kind of award Fibber ends up winning.

This collection of Birdbrains Behind the Wheel will have you rolling with laughter. See also: Highway of Horrors.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

45 Shows: total playtime 21 hours, 49 minutes

Amos Andy 531115 Ship Leroys Car To La
Burns & Allen 430601 J35 Gracie Appears In Traffic Court
Burns & Allen 490303 Gracie Smashes Into A Parked Car
Burns & Allen 490519 34 Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney
Burns & Allen 490602 Gracie The Magician
Burns & Allen 490609 Gracie Joins A Womens Rights Group
Burns & Allen 490616 636 George & Gracie Watch Neighbor
Burns & Allen 490623 39 Preparing For England
Charlotte Greenwood 441112 05 Charlottes Car Mix Up Wedding
Columbia Workshop 410202 Help Me Hannah
Father Knows Best 500914 047 Family Car Stolen
Fkb 510621 086 Mother Drives A Car
Fmm 350416 0001 Motorcycle Cop Judge And Fibber
Fmm 360420 0054 Street Car Motorman
Fmm 371011 0131 Shopping For New Car
Fmm 410401 0281 Molly Loses Leftrear Fender
Fmm 411014 0296 Acting Fire Commissioner Mcgee
Fmm 430518 0365 Mcgee Steals Car And Goes To Jail
Fmm 460402 0473 Protectorejecto Ignition Lock
Fmm 471021 0524 Late Car Payment Carl Snarl Finance Co
Fmm 480406 0548 Fixing Docs Car
Fmm 490301 0577 Old Jalopy
Fmm 491129 0601 One Hundred Nineteen Dollar Innertube
Fmm 501128 0637 Parking Meter Returns Razors
Fmm 510424 0658 Soapbox Derby Racer For Teeny
Fmm 510522 0662 Running Red Light
Fmm 530609 0737 Traffic Court Campaign
Gg420111 Arrested As A Car Thief
Gg420208 Auto Mechanics
Gg430404 Gildy Repairs His Car
Gg430411 Car Wreck With Hooker
Gg470129 Marjories Hotrod Boyfriend
Hardy Family Hot Rod
Life Of Riley 501013 Rileys First Car Traffic Court
Lor 501013 288 Rileys First Car Traffic Court
Lor 501110 292 Wins Hudson Guessing Number Beans In A Jar
Milton Berle 470923 29 Automobile Industry
Milton Berle 480406 Salute To Motoring
My Favorite Husband 481113 018 Learning To Drive
My Favorite Husband 500113 071 Liz Teaches Iris To Drive
Our Miss Brooks 500528 094 Reckless Driving
Phil Harris 491002 A Car For Alice
Phil Harris 500319 Alices New Car
Phil Harris 531127 Traffic Problems In Los Angeles
Redsk 470401 Willie Lump Lump And Traffic Court



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