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 Big Town

1 MP3 CD - 41 episodes


"An Angel Of The Street"
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Big Town Cast
Crime Drama (1937 - 1952)

"Freedom of the press is a flaming sword! Use it justly…hold it high…guard it well."

Big TownEdward G RobinsonThe American public is endowed with all the freedoms that our forefathers set down upon us. Without the freedom of speech or press, life in America would be a very bleak place, indeed. Big Town utilized these freedoms freely and often. Big Town is a story about Steve Wilson, managing editor of the crusading Illustrated Press, and his pursuit of truth and justice. The role was first played by the illustrious Edward G. Robinson from 1937 to 1942 and was broadcast out of Hollywood.

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Mr. Robinson was paired with STAGECOACH star, Claire Trevor who played the role of Society Editor, Lorelei Kilbourne. Actress Ona Munson also played the role of Lorelei in some of the later episodes starring Mr. Robinson. From 1943 to 1951, the role of SteveWilson was played by stage and movie actor, Edward J. (Joel) Pawley, and the role of Bigtown performersLorelei Kilbourne was played by radio actress Fran Carlon.During these years, the 30-minute show was broadcast out of New York. Big Town garnered as many as 10 million listeners and was rated, at one point, the number one crime drama show on radio. The fortitude of Steve and Lorelei allowed them to get the scoop on many untouched issues in America, such as juvenile delinquency, racism, and drunk driving. Big Town chronicles the stories of these diligent, sober champions of justice!

For more newspaper-crime reporting, see also: Big Town, Big Story, Casey Crime Photographer, Europe Confidential, Front Page Farrell, Night Beat, and Shorty Bell Cub Reporter. See also: Hardboiled Detectives.

Edward G Robinson and Clarie Traveor star in Big Town

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

41 shows - total playtime 19 hours 52 minutes

Big Town 371019 001 Pittsburgh Lil
Big Town 371026 002 Fire Trap
Big Town 381014 000 Poultry Racket Rehearsal
Big Town 390630 000 Reform School Rehearsal
Big Town 400102 098 Deep Death
Big Town 400326 Death Rides Highway
Big Town 401211 131 Every 18 Hours
Big Town 420514 192 Occupied Paris
Big Town 480914 447 Blind Justice
Big Town 480921 448 Final Payment
Big Town 480928 449 Trap Political Murder
Big Town 481012 451 Double Murder
Big Town 481019 452 Angel Of Street
Big Town 481109 453 Fatal Chain
Big Town 481116 454 Death By Plan
Big Town 481123 455 Deadly Doll
Big Town 481130 456 I Remember Murder
Big Town 481207 457 Tcot Lost And Found
Big Town 481214 458 Deadline At Dawn
Big Town 481221 459 Prelude To Christmas
Big Town 481228 460 Dangerous Resolution
Big Town 490104 461 Masks Of Evil
Big Town 490111 462 Nightmare House
Big Town 490118 463 Date With Death
Big Town 490125 464 Fatal Fix
Big Town 490201 465 Murder In Snow
Big Town 490208 466 Death At Wheel
Big Town 490215 467 Prisoners Song
Big Town 490222 468 Charity Killers
Big Town 490301 469 Fatal Joke
Big Town 490308 470 Crooked Eye Aka Fatal Eye
Big Town 490315 471 Shiny Gun
Big Town 490322 472 Deadly Summons
Big Town 490329 473 Chill Of Death
Big Town 490405 474 Deadly Gimmick Of Squeaking Rat
Big Town 490412 475 Tcot Lonely Heart
Big Town 490419 476 Tcot Iron Fist
Big Town 490426 477 Death Stalks Hunter [next Week = Fatal Alibi]
Big Town 490503 478 Fatal Alibi
Big Town 490510 479 Confession
Big Town Teenage Terror Aka Teenage Drug Seller



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