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 Best of Gunsmoke

2 MP3 CDs - 103 episodes

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"The Cabin"
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William Conrad on GunsmokeGunsmoke has been called Americaís Iliad and Odyssey. When considering the Radio series and the Television Series together Gunsmoke is easily one of the longest running non-serialized scripted dramas of Broadcast media.

Gunsmoke is a treasure, especially on Radio, thanks to its great acting, well crafted stories and writing, and peerless production values. CBS Chairman William Paley was an enthusiastic fan of the Hard-Boiled Detective series The Adventures of Phillip Marlowe. He made the suggestion to his staff that a "Phillip Marlow of the Old West" might make a good series. The Kiddie Westerns like Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger were very popular at the time. A Hard-Boiled Western seemed to be a natural, but it would have been a risk without high production values.

The series premiered on Apr 26, 1952, with the episode "Billy the Kid". Young Billy gives Marshal Dillon leads in a murder case. However other evidence that comes to light doesnít quite fit. When the Marshal goes back to question Billy they find that he has run away from home. Billyís mother gives the lawman a description of a budding psychopath, as well as the evidence to implicate young William Bonnie.

William ConradThe story is set in the 1870ís Dodge City. Dodge City is the actual rail head where many cattle drives were destined. The town has a rich history of cowboys, lawmen and gunslingers, †so it is understandable, given the realism of theGunsmoke series, that there were incidences of people who should have known better, such as the Dodge City Chamber of Commerce, writing the show looking for information concerning Marshall Dillonís service in Dodge.

Gunsmoke was created by director Norman MacDonnell and writer John Meston. As preparations were begun for production the pair disagreed over their lead actor. William Conrad was one of the last to audition for Matt Dillonís role. His deep and distinctive voice was one of the busiest on radio; his credits include †Escape, Lux Radio Theater, Suspense, This is Your FBI, Nightbeat, and Suspense. Meston was immediately won over by Conrad for the role, but MacDonnell thought him too exposed. After how hearing him read just a few lines though, MacDonnell was won over, and would later state that much of the Dillon character was Conradís creation.

Conradís Matt Dillon is a lonely and brooding man, capable of great affection and great violence. He is very difficult to get close too because he realizes that the violence that is such a part of his life could easily damage any that he loves. Writer John Meston would write the Dillon "was almost as scarred as the homicidal psychopaths who drifted into Dodge from all directions." A defining characteristic of Matt Dillonís is his dedication to the Law that is his duty to enforce. But he recognizes that fate is a higher law, and whether he curses it or accepts it, there just isnít much he can do about it. In an early episode Matt is faced with a seemingly impossible situation; he is forced to amputate a manís leg to save him from gangrene, but the man still dies.

The only people who manage to get close to Dillon are Doc, Miss Kitty, and his assistant, Chester. Doc Adams is a man with a tragic past, and though a competent physician, he is almost as hard to get close to as Dillon. However, through the years the character, played by Howard McNear, became softer and almost lovable.

Miss Kitty would be a complicated character; historically women would only be in an Old West saloon for the purpose of "entertainment". It is never made implicit in the series that Kitty is a prostitute- that would be a little much for audiences of the time, but director MacDonnell admitted the situation in a 1953 Time magazine interview. Kitty was played by Georgia Ellis, who first appeared as a former girlfriend of Dillonís in the premier episode.

Cast of GunsmokeChester Proudfoot, played by Parley Baer, is Marshal Dillonís assistant, and probably his closest friend. Chester is a little slow witted at times, but marked by his dedication and admiration of Marshal Dillon. His easy going attitude and slightly off center way of looking at things makes him appealing to both the Marshal and the audience. If he is a little slow, Chester is by no means a fool.

This Collection are some of the OTRCAT Favorite Gunsmoke episodes. Some of the high lights include:

  • "Billy the Kid", the premier episode, a young boy gives the Marshal leads on a murder, but it turns out to be Billy the Kids first Murder.
  • "Boughten Bride", a young woman is kidnapped in a stage robbery while she is on her way to meet her fiance in Dodge. But the marriage wonít be a happy one, and the girl would rather be with the bandit than the man who "bought" her.
  • "Home Surgery", Marshal Dillon has to help a man the only way he can, by cutting off his leg, but the man still dies.
  • "Kitty", there is a big public dance, and Matt wants to take his favorite girl, Miss Kitty. But Kitty knows what trouble her appearance will cause.
  • "Cabin", the Marshal is returning to Dodge City in a snow storm, and takes refuge in a cabin on the prairie. He doesnít know that a pair of murderers are staying in the cabin.
  • "Jayhawkers", Marshal Dillon rides with a cattle drive that is under attack by Kansas Jayhawkers and earns the respect of the cowboys.
  • "Buffalo Hunter", the hunter lives for one thing, to kill. And in the end it catches up with him in a horrible fashion.
  • "Sundown", was written by William Conrad. A beautiful Indian girl dies of exposure because she is caught in between cultures.
  • "Blacksmith" the immigrant German blacksmith will patiently take a lot of abuse, but when his pretty new wife is threatened, he serves up justice in a way the Marshal approves of.
  • "Flashback", the retired Calvary Officer learns too late that he canít treat his trail crew like a military outfit. He also learns that his son is a better man than he thinks, but is the lesson too late?
  • "Cavalcade", we learn about Doc Adams past when it comes to Dodge City to haunt him.
For additional Gunsmoke, see the extensive Gunsmoke Collection which entails over 500 episodes of the classic western show.
All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 52 shows - total playtime 24 hours 52 minutes

Guns 520426 ep001 Billy The Kid
Guns 520524 ep005 Slades Saloon
Guns 520712 ep012 Boughten Bride
Guns 520726 ep014 Gentlemans Disagreement
Guns 520802 ep015 Renegade White
Guns 520913 ep021 Home Surgery
Guns 520920 ep022 Drop Dead
Guns 521017 ep026 Lochinvar
Guns 521114 ep030 Square Triangle
Guns 521129 ep032 Kitty
Guns 521220 ep035 Xmas Story
Guns 521227 ep036 Cabin
Guns 530110 ep038 Word Of Honor
Guns 530117 ep039 Paid Killer
Guns 530207 ep042 Cain
Guns 530221 ep044 Meshougah
Guns 530314 ep047 Cyclone
Guns 530321 ep048 Pussy Cats
Guns 530404 ep050 Jayhawkers
Guns 530411 ep051 Gonif
Guns 530418 ep052 Bums Rush
Guns 530425 ep053 Soldier
Guns 530502 ep054 Tacetta
Guns 530509 ep055 Buffalo Hunter
Guns 530523 ep057 Print Asper
Guns 530606 ep059 Sundown
Guns 530613 ep060 Spring Term
Guns 530711 ep064 Grass
Guns 530718 ep065 Wild West
Guns 530725 ep066 Hickock
Guns 530801 ep067 Boy
Guns 530822 ep070 Gone Straight
Guns 530829 ep071 Jesse
Guns 530905 ep072 Sutler
Guns 530912 ep073 Prairie Happy
Guns 530919 ep074 There Wasnt A Horse
Guns 530926 ep075 Fawn
Guns 531003 ep076 How To Kill A Friend
Guns 531031 ep080 How To Kill A Woman
Guns 531107 ep081 Stolen Horses
Guns 531114 ep082 Professor Lute Bone
Guns 531121 ep083 Custer
Guns 531128 ep084 Kick Me
Guns 531205 ep085 Lamb
Guns 540123 ep092 Nina
Guns 540130 ep093 Gunsmuggler
Guns 540320 ep100 Old Friend
Guns 540515 ep108 Indian Horse
Guns 540522 ep109 Monopoly
Guns 540612 ep112 Cover Up
Guns 540802 ep120 No Indians
Guns 540906 ep125 Promise Aka Handcuffs

Volume 2: 51 shows - total playtime 22 hours 57 minutes

Guns 540920 ep127 F. U.
Guns 541225 ep141 Kitty Lost
Guns 550205 ep147 Cheyennes
Guns 550219 ep149 Poor Pearl
Guns 550226 ep150 Crackup
Guns 550305 ep151 Kites Reward
Guns 550312 ep152 Trial
Guns 550319 ep153 Mistake
Guns 550326 ep154 Horse Deal
Guns 550402 ep155 Bloody Hands
Guns 550409 ep156 Skid Row
Guns 550430 ep159 Reward For Matt
Guns 550507 ep160 Potato Road
Guns 550514 ep161 Robber Bridegroom
Guns 550521 ep162 Liar From Blackhawk
Guns 550528 ep163 Cow Doctor
Guns 550611 ep165 Trust
Guns 550618 166 Reed Survives
Guns 550618 ep166 Reed Survives
Guns 550625 ep167 Army Trial
Guns 550702 ep168 General Parsley Smith
Guns 550709 ep169 Uncle Oliver
Guns 550716 ep170 Twenty Twenty
Guns 550723 ep171 Ben Tollivers Stud
Guns 550730 ep172 Tap Day For Kitty
Guns 550813 ep174 Johnny Red
Guns 551225 ep194 Twelfth Night
Guns 560408 ep209 Widows Mite
Guns 560513 ep214 Cows And Cribs
Guns 560610 ep218 Daddyo
Guns 561111 ep240 Pretty Mama
Guns 561202 ep243 Speak To Me Fair
Guns 570106 ep248 Devils Hindmost
Guns 570113 ep249 Ozymandias
Guns 570407 ep261 Rock Bottom
Guns 570616 ep271 Summer Night
Guns 570714 ep275 Bloody Hands
Guns 570721 ep276 Kitty Caught
Guns 570922 ep285 Custer
Guns 580406 ep313 Yorky
Guns 580510 ep317 How To Die For Nothing
Guns 580629 ep325 What Whisky Drummer Heard
Guns 590201 ep356 Bobsy Twins
Guns 590405 ep365 Trappers Revenge
Guns 590621 ep376 Carmen
Guns 590628 ep377 Jailbait Janet
Guns 590726 ep381 Old Beller
Guns 591108 ep396 Cavalcade
Guns 600918 ep411 The Two Mothers
Guns 601127 ep451 Dirt
Guns 610423 ep472 Father And Son



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