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 Barbara Jean Wong Collection

1 MP3 CD - 56 episodes


"Halls of Ivy: The Chinese Student"
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Barbara Jean Wong with cast of Amos and Andy
Barbara Jean Wong with the cast of Amos and Andy
Barbara Jean Wong with I Love a Mystery Cast
Cast of I Love a Mystery
Chinese Shirley Temple at Microphone
Young Barbara Jean Wong

Barbara Jean Wong in 1954
Barbara Jean Wong in 1954

OTRCAT is interested in complying collections of lesser known radio actors who none the less deserve a place of tribute in the history of Old Time Radio. 

Barbara Jean Wong, the Chinese American Shirley TempleBarbara Jean Wong was a fourth generation Chinese-American born to produce market owners Thomas and Maye Wong on March 3, 1924.  She began her performance career at the age of five and was soon dubbed the Chinese-American Shirley Temple due to her long black hair curled into ringlets and her charming persona.  It was recently discovered that she was one of the twins in the children's Christmas old time radio show Cinnamon Bear.  She attended the Mar-Ken School of Professional Children in Hollywood and Mickey Rooney was a classmate. 

Her biggest radio role was on the comedy show Amos and Andy where she played Amos' daughter Arbadella.  Radio audiences are often surprised to learn that the African-American Arbadella was performed by a Chinese American young woman.  She also performed on Lux Radio Theater, Cavalcade of America, Hallmark Playhouse, I Love a Mystery (although her appearances are uncredited), Romance, and many other series. She also starred as the spunky daughter on the rare audition recording, Smiths of San Fernando, which is included in this collection.

She attended the University of Southern California (USC) and Columbia University to earn degrees in drama and English.  After college, she branched into films and worked in 20 films including "The Good Earth", "The Man from Button Willow", "Love is a Many Splendored Thing", and many Charlie Chan films.

When Barbara Jean was married, she retired from acting and earned her teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles to begin serving her community as a teacher.  She was very active in civic organizations throughout her life and died of respiratory illness on November 13, 1999.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

59 recordings - total playtime 29 hours 34 minutes

Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade Of America 431101 355 Burma Surgeon
Cavalcade Of America 440327 376 So Sorry, No Mercy
Cavalcade Of America 440403 377 Ambulance Driver
Cavalcade Of America 440925 402 Lifetide

Cinnamon Bear
Cinnamon Bear 001 Paddy O Cinnamon
Cinnamon Bear 002 Weary Willie
Cinnamon Bear 003 Crazy Quilt Dragon
Cinnamon Bear 004 The Inkaboos
Cinnamon Bear 005 Weasley The Wailing Whale
Cinnamon Bear 006 Samuel Seal
Cinnamon Bear 007 Presto The Magician
Cinnamon Bear 008 Candy Pirates
Cinnamon Bear 009 Rolypoly Policeman
Cinnamon Bear 010 Professor Whiz
Cinnamon Bear 011 Fee Foo The Gentle Giant
Cinnamon Bear 012 Rhyming Rabbit
Cinnamon Bear 013 The Wintergreen Witch
Cinnamon Bear 014 Queen Melissa
Cinnamon Bear 015 Snaper Stick The Crocodile
Cinnamon Bear 016 Oliver Ostrich
Cinnamon Bear 017 Muddlers
Cinnamon Bear 018 Cocklebur Cowboys
Cinnamon Bear 019 Wooden Indian
Cinnamon Bear 020 Flying Hat
Cinnamon Bear 021 Snowman
Cinnamon Bear 022 Santa Claus
Cinnamon Bear 023 The Bad Dolls
Cinnamon Bear 024 The Parade
Cinnamon Bear 025 Captain Tintop
Cinnamon Bear 026 North Pole

Halls of Ivy
HallsIvy 500217 The Chinese Student

Lux Radio Theater
lux391225 243 Pinocchio
lux400212 Sidewalks of London
lux400506 262 Our Town
lux400624 Show Boat
lux401014 The Littlest Rebel
lux401104 280 Wuthering Heights
lux410303 My Bill
lux410407 Stand-In
lux410616 312 The Lady From Cheyenne
lux410922 Lydia
lux411110 325 Hold Back the Dawn
lux411201 A Man's Castle
lux411222 Remember the Night
lux420706 359 Love Affair
lux420921 363 How Green Was My Valley
lux421221 376 The Pied Piper
lux430412 392 Once upon a Honeymoon
lux431122 416 China
lux431227 421 Kathleen
lux440306 The Letter
lux450305 474-Disputed Passage

Nightbeat 500417 Tong War

Romance 540605 03 Lost Horizon

Smith of San Fernando
Smiths of San Frenando 460920 Audition



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