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 Atomic Radio Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 69 episodes

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"There Will Come Soft Rains and Zero Hour"
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Atomic Fallout Signs
What an interesting time: AtomicFallout Shelters and Fins on Fenders, Air Raid Alarms and Rock and Roll. The future was full of the wonders that science and technology could bring us. And science and technology had also given us the means to decimate all life on the planet. Improvements in Rocket Science had brought us to the edge of the Space Age, but the same technology brought the ICBMs that could deliver world-ending Atomic destruction.

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The beginning years of the Cold War (approx 1946-1963) were also the waning years of the Golden Age of Radio. The improved broadcast and recording technology developed during WWII combined with greater sophistication on the part of writers and audiences, and resulted in some great programming. We call this programming Atomic Radio.

In this collection we will share some of radio's efforts to teach us about the new Atomic Technology with documentary shows like The Fifth Horsemanand The Quick and the Dead. The collection explores how our leaders reacted to the dawning of the Atomic Age in Keys to the Capitoland President Harry Truman: Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima.

Text on OTRCAT.com 2001-2015 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

Fiction is a great way to explore concepts as complex as the Atomic Age, and Radio doesn't disappoint. Many programs dealt with the espionage world that was such a large part of the conflict between the Superpowers. I was a Communist for the FBI was based on Soviet Sponsored Communist infiltration of our country. Man Called X, The Saint, and Mr Moto were all called to secretly protect us from our devious enemies.

This extensive collection contains episodes from the series:

Science Fiction was filled with tales of the horrors of Atomic War, and morality fables of how easily the horrors could be released. Stories from the best Science Fiction writers would be featured in Dimension X, Exploring Tomorrow, Suspense, and X Minus One. Probably the best way to defeat something that you fear is to laugh at it, and we can find these laughs at Duffy's Tavern and Fibber McGee & Molly.

The Cold War is finally over. But Fear and the Bomb are still with us. Perhaps we can be reassured by knowing we have survived them before.

See also: Apocalypse Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 34 shows - total playtime 14 hours 35 minutes

2000 Plus 500517 Insect
2000 Plus 501112 Worlds Apart
2000 Plus Brooklyn Brain
2000 Plus Green Thing
Action 80 520326 Project Swordfish-1st Atomic Sub
Biography In Sound 550809 26 Atom
C 4 Fbi 520611 E 08 American Kremlin
C 4 Fbi 521112 E 30 Red Gate
Dimension X 500721 16 Beyondinfinity
Duffys Tavern 511221 Archie To But A Split Atom
Escape 490305 070 Conquerors Isle
Escape 530517 196 North Of Polaris
Escape 530906 212 Train From Olbiefelde
Exploring Tomorrow 16 580000 Martian Queensnd Decision
Exploring Tomorrow 21 580000 Space Baby
Fibber McGee 540813 0964 Fibber Buys Geiger Counter
Fifth Horseman 460711 02 Dawn
Fifth Horseman 460718 03 Promise
Hall Of Fantasy 540208 Automaton
Harry Truman Atomic Bomb Destroys Hiroshima
Hedda Hopper 501014 Helen Broderick Fear Russians Or Bomb
Hop Harrigan 460701 1001 Dropping Atom Bomb On Bikini Island
Indiana School Of Sky Atom Yields Power
Keys To Capitol 540825 Fight Over European Defense Treat
Lear 460630 Bikini Atomic Test
Man Called X 501103 04 Atomic Scientist Missing
Man Called X 510113 14 Five Ounces Of Treason
Mr Moto 510520 001 A Force Called Xo 7
One Out Of Seven 460313 Third World War
Pstory 460630 154 Spcl Broadcast Atomic Bomb Bikini Atoll
Quick And Dead 500706 Episode 1
Quietplease 481121 E 075 One For Book
Readerdigest 470417 59 Eleven Against Nazi Atom Bomb
Saint 510325 Intruder

Volume 2: 35 shows - total playtime 15 hours 16 minutes

Sci Magazine Of Air 075 Atomic Energy
Screen Guild 460610 301 House On 92 Nd Street
Suspense 510628 435 Case For Dr Singer
Suspense 600710 861 Report From A Dead Planet
Suspense 620121 909 2462
Suspense 620304 915 Doom Machine
Theater Five 650324 168 Point Of Impact
This Is Civil Defense 1956 01 River
This Is Civil Defense 1956 02 Guardian Eyes
This Is Story 137 Decision To Use Atomic Bomb
This Is Your Fbi 520502 370 Courier
Uocr 450812 Atomic Force Meaning For Mankind
Uocr 481024 764 Atomic Energy & U.n.
Uocr 511125 Atomic Weapons & National Defense
Vox Pop 480121 Glen Seabord Atomic Sci Chatanooga Tn
X 1 551103 023 Hello Tomorrow
X 1 551110 024 Dwellers In Silence
X 1 560104 032 Roads Must Roll
X 1 560201 036 Cave Of Night
X 1 560208 037 Cchute
X 1 560328 044 A Pail Of Air
X 1 560522 052 Defenders
X 1 560911 067 Lifeboat Mutiny
X 1 561031 073 Sam This Is You
X 1 561121 076 Chain Of Command
X 1 561128 077 Castaways
X 1 561205 078 There Will Come Soft Rains & Zero Hour
X 1 561226 081 Honeymoon In Hell
X 1 570102 082 Moon Is Green
X 1 570410 096 Something For Nothing
X 1 570417 097 Discovery Of Mornial Matha
X 1 570424 098 Mans Best Friend
X 1 570801 105 End As A World
X 1 571226 123 Target One
Your Army Air Forces 450712 More News Abt Atomic Bomb



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