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 Andrews Sisters Collection

1 MP3 CD - 41 episodes

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"Andrew Sisters on Bing Crosby"
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Loaded with appeal and hopefulness, the Andrews Sisters were cherished by the numerous soldiers they untiringly entertained at some stage in World War II. During their timeless career, the marvelous trio recorded more than 1,800 songs and sold over 90 million records. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Andrews Sisters began their music careers when they were still in their teens.

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Andrew SistersIn 1937, the Andrews Sisters were discovered by Dave Kapp, who heard them over a taxi cab radio in 1937 and signed them to Decca Records. They had Patty as the lead soprano, Maxene as the 2nd soprano and LaVerne fulfilled the sound with a reverberating contralto or bass. The sisters became first the first million selling record for an all-female group when their first "big break" came in 1938 with "Bei Mir Bist du Schoen," a Yiddish jingle. The sisters even performed with other popular artists such as Ernest Tubbs, Bing Crosby, Les Paul, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Danny Kaye, Morton Downey, Carmen Miranda, Guy Lombardo. They also made 17 films such as "Follow the Boys," "In the Navy" and "Buck Privates," in which they usually depicted themselves. Monetary success followed the trio's fame. In 1954, Patty parted with the group to attempt a solo career. It only took a year before Maxene followed in her sister's steps. However, the severance was not extensive. The sisters reunited in 1956 and made a pledge to stay together. In 1966, LaVerne had to retire due to poor health. She died of cancer the following year.

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With their jovial songs and buoyant moods, the three sisters gave optimism to an entire country trying to survive the hardships of war. It was that dedication that made them "America's Wartime Sweethearts."Please note these recordings are also available in the larger chronological Divas of Old Time Radio Collection. See also: The Chestfield Show (Moonlight Serenade).

(Please note that many of the rare recordings in this collection may be of inferior sound quality.)

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41 shows - total playtime 18 hours 40 minutes

Andrews Sisters
451121The Andrews Sisters Ethel Merman

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby 450125 with Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 470226 Les Paul, Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 500222 Andrews Sisters
Bing Crosby 510228 Andrew Sisters

Bob Hope
450102 (AFRS 088) Guest Andrew Sisters

Chesterfield Time
Chesterfield 400130 Moonlight Ser Miller Andrews Sisters
Chesterfield 500329 Guest Andrews Sisters

Command Performance
CP450125 159 F.Morgan F.Sinatra Foy Willing
CP460110 206 AndrewSisters Pied Pipers

450110 With Andrews Sisters

GI JIVE AFRS 466 Harry James - Backbeat Boogie
GI Jive AFRS 834 Swanee River

GI Journal
GI Journal 441222 074 Bob Hope

GI Xmas special
431225 The Christmas Package

Guest Star Radio
293 Treasury Guest Star Hoagy Carmichael
Guest Star Radio 031 The Andrew Sisters
Guest Star Radio 534 The Andrew Sisters

Kraft Music Hall
450125 Guest The Andrews Sisters
KMH 450906 Guest The Andrew Sisters
KMH 490224 Guest The Andrews Sisters

Mail Call
441122 (120) Bing Crosby, Andrew Sisters

Andrews Sisters Oh MaMa! (The Butcher Boy)

Nash Kelvinator Musical Showroom
NKMS 450902 (026) Penn's Polka
NKMS 451017 (003) Sophie Tucker
NKMS 451024 (004) Navy DayLou Holtz
NKMS 451031 (005) Jane Powell
NKMS 451107 (006) Morton Downey
NKMS 451114 (007) MIlls Brothers
NKMS 451121 (008) Ethel Merman
NKMS 451128 (009)
NKMS 451205 (010) Xavier Cugat
NKMS 451212 (011) George Jessel
NKMS 451219 (012) Ray Noble
NKMS 460109 (015) Al Pearce
NKMS 460123 (017) Guest Eddie Duchin
NKMS 460130 (018) Guest Hoagy Carmichael
NKMS 460220 (021) Guests The Charioteers
NKMS 460227 (022) Andrews Sisters Guest Gene Austin

Philco Radio Time
Philco 470226 e20 Uncle Remus Said

Sinatra Sings
Sinatra Sings 451114 Andrews Sisters



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