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 Amos and Andy

3 MP3 CDs - 269 episodes

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"Andy Inflates His Tax Return To Impress A Girl"
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Amos n Andy
Comedy (1928 -1956)

Comedy milestone that grew out of a pre network series, Sam n' Henry -- heard in various formats and time slots during its 34-year run.

Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll at the microphone
Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll at the microphone
Freeman Gosden & Charles Correll

This show must be considered as what it was - one of the most popular shows in 20th century entertainment - on radio especially, as it even continued on TV with other actors. That white actors played black actors is reason for much of the dismissal of this show's impact on its listening audience. However, for 34 years Amos and Andy held a very singular place in the American old-time radio experience.In its early prime, the early 1930s, it was common for entire towns to be listening to the show. Stores would close, even movie theatres would stop the film while the Amos and Andy show was played instead for the movie audience. The national audience was estimated at 40 million, and that very large audience was made up of Americans of many races and national backgrounds.

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All this was the creation of two men, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll. They were Amos and Andy from the beginnings of national network radio until that form had passed on, beaten on radio Top 40 bland and blatant Rock 'n' Roll. John Dunning, in his authoritative On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, gives a comprehensive overview of this singular pair who became Amos and Andy.

Amos & Andy

For years, Gosden and Correll wrote the shows themselves, often finishing just before airtime. They did all the voices. They were in character every minute they were on the air, they never looked at each other, they did the show cold without any rehearsal, and they used different mikes to get just the sound and emotions they were looking for. From Chicago they grew to national fame, and together, they made the world of Amos and Andy live and

Through ups and downs in popularity through the 1930 and 1940s, they grew their characters and that world they inhabited. The lawyer Stonewall, and the Kingfish grew to be nearly as popular as the originals. Throughout the 1940s, the show went on, although the world had changed with WWII. The 1950s began an era that was to bring Amos and Andy to a close as major American entertainment figures. Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll lived to see the comedy form they had embraced, black face, had come to mean a very different thing from what it did then.

For other similar series, see also Amos And Andy Music Hall, Beulah, Pick and Pat, Johnson Family, Black Crows, Johnson Family, Southland Echoes, and Sam n' Henry. See also: article on the history of Minstrel Shows and Old Time Radio.

(Please note that many of the rare recordings in this collection may be of inferior sound quality.)

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Volume 1 - 131 shows - total playtime 45 hours 58 minutes

aa29 xxxx Andy Helps Ruby Make Amos Jealous
aa290114 The Efficiency Expert
aa290115 Checking Things Out
aa290117 Stepping On Andy s Toes
aa290421 Everyone Is Signing Andy s Name
aa290422 Ruby s Father Sees Amos Talking To Another Girl
aa290423 Raising Money For Lodge Renovations
aa290425 Amos Gets A dear John Telegram
aa290426 Getting Contract Bids For Lodge Hall Renovations
aa290427 Reviewing Contracts For Lodge Hall Renovations
aa290519 Amos And Andy Suspect Kingfish Is Embezzling
aa290520 The Taxi Company Gets Competition From Earl Dixon
aa290521 Earl Dixon Applies For Lodge Membership
aa290523 Kingfish Helps Earl Compete With For Taxi Business
aa290608 May Lose Fresh Air Taxi Company
aa290609 Miss Ruby Taylor Arrives
aa290616 Earl Dixon Tries To Break Up Amos And Ruby
aa290617 Amos Is Worried That He Has Lost Ruby
aa290618 Amos Gets Cut Off While Calling Ruby
aa290620 Andy Receives A Letter From Detroit
aa290621 Andy Prepares A Budget For The Cab Company
aa290622 Amos Is Framed In A Fur Robbery
aa290623 Andy And Kingfish Visit Amos In Jail
aa290624 Andy And Kingfish Get A Lawyer For Amos
aa290625 Andy Kingfish And Earl Dixon Talk About Amos
aa290627 Mr Taylor Bails Amos Out Of Jail
aa290628 Amos Tells His Story To His Lawyer
aa290629 Amos And Andy Go To The Lawyer s Office
aa290703 Andy Reads A Law Book To Help Amos
aa290705 The Real Criminals Talk About Framing Amos
aa291122 Amos Talks About Working At A Dairy
aa291122 Amos Tells Andy About Bullfighting
aa300404 Andy Has A Rough Time Trying On Shoes
aa300404 I se Regusted
aa300404 Wrestling Holds
aa330109 Andy Learns To Work The Hotel Desk
aa330222 Madam Queen Gets Engaged
aa360819 2 395 th Day Of Broadcasting For Nbc
aa361204 Annual Minstrel Show At Lodge
aa390403 The Marriage Of Andrew H Brown
aa390404 Andy Is Shot In The Arm
aa390921 Singing Recital Postponed
aa411224 Annual Christmas Show
aa43 xxxx Auditions For 30 Minute Series
aa431008 Andy s New Wife
aa431015 The Maestro
aa431022 Kingfish Is Sued With Walter Huston
aa431105 The Locked Trunks Secret
aa431112 Matrimonial Mishap
aa431119 Turkey Trouble
aa431126 Man s Best Friend
aa431203 Candy For Caroline
aa431210 Bookends And Babies
aa431217 The Marriage Counselor
aa431231 Mister 1943 With Edward G Robinson
aa440107 Making Sapphire Proud
aa440114 Violets And Orchids
aa440121 Charles Boyer s Valet
aa440128 Windfall
aa440204 Missing Persons Bureau
aa440211 Three Strikes And You re Out
aa440218 Ruby s Diamond
aa440225 Sunday Monday Or Always
aa440303 Trying To Find Madame Queen
aa440310 Sign On The Dotted Line
aa440317 Insurance Fraud
aa440324 Between Life And Death
aa440331 Long Lost Harold
aa440407 Dating Club Disaster
aa440414 The Butler Did It
aa440421 Of Sound Mind And Body
aa440428 Sapphire s Brother Leroy Visits
aa440505 The Electric Clock Caper
aa440512 Impersonating An Officer
aa440519 And The Winner Is
aa440526 Andy The Fugitive
aa440602 Nazi Spy
aa440609 Shirt Trail
aa440616 One Step Ahead Of The Law
aa440804 Alice Mainweather Dead Or Alive
aa441006 Andy The Actor
aa441110 The Employment Agency
aa441117 Marriage Proposal Mixup
aa441124 Spot Removal Formula
aa441201 Ink Flow Fountain Pen Agency
aa441208 The House Of Frank Morgan
aa441215 Fake Suicide
aa441222 Annual Christmas Show
aa441229 Not Invited To The Party
aa450105 Honesty Insurance Company
aa450112 Washington s Love Letters
aa450119 Adoption Woes
aa450126 Advice To The Lovelorn
aa450202 Lovelorn Lawsuit
aa450209 Andy Plays Soldier
aa450216 Sapphire Kicks Kingfish Out
aa450223 Wax Mustache
aa450302 Andy Inflates His Tax Return To Impress A Girl
aa450309 More Tax Woes
aa450316 The Lecture Bureau
aa450320 Kingfish Buys A Car
aa450323 Prentice Clothing Company
aa450330 Easter Hat
aa450406 A Place To Call Home
aa450420 The Second-Hand Car
aa450427 Marriage Vows
aa450504 Beautiful Baby Contest
aa450511 Kingfish Thinks Sapphire Is Out To Kill Him
aa450518 A Case Of Bullion
aa450525 Andy The Sailor
aa450601 Engaged To Hattie Mcdaniel
aa460312 Birthday Gift For Sapphire
aa461015 Sapphire Is A Wanted Criminal
aa461210 The Stolen Car
aa461217 The Cigar Stand
aa470107 Homesteading In Alaska
aa470121 sapphire s Sister Floresca
aa470128 Kingfish Wants Andy To Marry Sapphire s Sister
aa470204 With Fibber Mcgee And Molly
aa470218 Proposal To Nancy Simpson
aa470304 Birthday Gift For Sapphire Compare With 460312
aa470325 Kingfish Sells Andy A Trailer
aa470422 Kingfish s Travel Bureau
aa470429 Sapphire Wants A Vacation
aa470527 Kingfish s Rest Home
aa470701 Pearls
aa470722 Renting Out The Spare Room Compare With 470408
aa470729 Andy The Gentleman Farmer
aa470902 Insurance Plan
aa470909 Raiding The Piggy Bank
aa470916 Adopting Andy

Volume 2 - 88 shows - total playtime 41 hours 17 minutes

aa470923 Kingfish's Marital Woes
aa470930 Replacing Money In Piggy Bank (probably later date)
aa471028 Hospitalization Plan
aa471223 Christmas Show
aa480107 Kingfish The Marriage Broker
aa480504 Andy Saves The Millionaire
aa480518 Selling Andy A Cabin For $250
aa480525 California Vacation
aa481010 Kingfish The Marriage Broker
aa481017 Kingfish Sells Andy A House
aa481024 The Hot Fur
aa481031 The Secret Melody
aa481107 Correspondence School
aa481114 Kingfish's Tour Service
aa481226 Mysterious New Years Card
aa490102 French Car
aa490109 Kingfish's Conscience (aka Cannery Stock)
aa490116 1877 Nickel
aa490123 Kingfish's Luggage Stand
aa490130 The Antique Piano
aa490206 Lapsed Insurance Policy
aa490213 Kingfish Sets Andy Up With Opalacha Parker
aa490220 Godfather To Amos' Baby
aa490306 Photo Of Jewelry Store Robbery
aa490313 Kingfish Breaks Up Andy's Romance With A Waitress
aa490327 Pawn Shop Robbery
aa490403 Deputy Dirt Commissioner
aa490410 Kingfish Is Evicted
aa490424 Andy Inherits $2000
aa490501 Kingfish's New Boarder
aa490508 Kingfish Has No Friends
aa490515 LeRoy's Lock Invention
aa491009 Kingfish Hires A Secretary
aa491016 Charmaign LaRue And Her Mother
aa491023 Kingfish's Car Used In Robbery
aa491030 Andy Has Two Dates At Once
aa491106 Four Hundred Dollar Loan To Rochester
aa491120 Turkey Falls Off Truck
aa491127 TV Set Raffle
aa500115 Andy Versus Abigail Simpson Brown
aa500129 The Bungling Burglars
aa500205 Sapphire Might Be Pregnant
aa500212 Kingfish's Flower Shop
aa500312 Sapphire's Dream Man Slim (date uncertain)
aa500319 Andy And Eloise Walker
aa500326 Imitating The Happy Harringtons
aa500402 Andy Goes To Charm School
aa500409 $500 Per Kid
aa500416 The Census Taker
aa500423 Lodge Convention In Chicago
aa500430 Andy's Inheritance Part 1
aa500507 Andy's Inheritance Part 2
aa500514 Andy's Inheritance Part 3
aa500521 Job At Pine Crest Lodge
aa501001 Kingfish Is Drafted
aa501008 Kingfish's Enlistment Problem
aa501119 Thanksgiving Dinner
aa501203 Policewoman Mix-up
aa501217 Kingfish Suspects Foul Play
aa501224 Christmas Show
aa501231 Sapphire's New Love Interest
aa510107 Is Sapphire Expecting
aa510114 Good Samaritans
aa510121 Mama And Mr Smithers Again
aa510204 The Parking Lot
aa510218 Lonely Hearts Club
aa510304 Kingfish Sees Sapphire On TV
aa510318 Uncle Sylvester to Marry
aa510408 Faith In Those You Love
aa510415 Job At Import-Export Garage
aa510422 Mother-In-Law Stays With Kingfish
aa510429 Cousin Sydney Moves In
aa510506 Annual Lodge Hall Picnic
aa510513 Ramona Thompson
aa510520 Kingfish The Nightclub Spotter
aa510610 Old Flame Florence Baxter
aa510930 $3000 Diamond Ring In Cracker Jack Box
aa511007 Aptitude Test
aa511014 Trip To South America
aa511021 DePiester's Party
aa511028 Engaged To Susan Bennett
aa511104 New Boarder Chester Benson
aa511111 Sapphire Is Looking For Romance
aa511125 Sapphire's Sister Moves In
aa511202 The New Neighbors
aa511209 Wedding Invitation Mixup
aa511216 Breaking Up Andy And Madame Queen
aa511230 Porch Wreckers

Volume 3 - 50 shows - total playtime 22 hours 53 minutes

aa520630 Kingfish Adopts A Great Dane From A Lodge Brother
aa520818 Andy Buys A Racehorse
aa521012 Long Lost Husband
aa521019 Jobs As Office Cleaners
aa521026 Leroy's Oil Stock
aa521102 Aunt Harriet Visits
aa521116 Ten Thousandth Show
aa521228 Old Mink Stole
aa530201 Mama And Percival Jackson
aa530202 rehearsal for 'The Love Letter' (date uncertain)
aa530215 Twenty Fifth Anniversary Show
aa530222 Andy's Photo In Detective Magazine
aa530315 Madame Queen's Chauffeur
aa530329 Andy The Coward
aa530412 Andy And The Model
aa530419 Kingfish The Detective
aa530426 Boat Trip Outing For Lodge Brothers
aa530503 The Stock Market Tip
aa530510 Cabin In Connecticut
aa530517 Proxy Marriage
aa530524 Old Love Letters
aa530927 Bad Check To Hospital
aa531004 Coat Checking Concession
aa531011 Pancake Mix Contest
aa531018 Kingfish's Kollege Of Knowledge
aa531025 Aunt Matilda's Dowry
aa531101 Cat Burglar
aa531108 Sapphire's Old Boyfriend
aa531115 Shipping LeRoy's Car To Los Angeles
aa531129 The Loan Business
aa531206 Cleaning 32 Typewriters
aa531213 The Baby Doctor
aa531227 Lucky Bucks Contest
aa540103 Tuxedo Rental Business
aa540207 The Love Letter
aa540404 Radio And TV Delivery Job
aa540411 Vacation At Lake Chipawawa
aa540913 with Jack Benny and Liberace (runs fast)
aa540926 A Trip To Florida
aa541031 Kingfish's Car Is Stolen
aa541219 Christmas Show Andy As Santa
aa550105 with Sara Berner as Gladys Zybysko
aa550109 Wealthy Girl
aa5503xx Kingfish & Sapphire Both Rent Cottage Out
aa550711 Kingfish's Day At Coney Island
aa550722 Kingfish Needs Money For Lodge Picnic
aa5xxxxx Andy to Marry D Richards
aa5xxxxx Two Brides for Andy
aa6002xx Phone Call From Mimi
aa601125 Last Episode



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