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 Aliens Martians and UFOs

2 MP3 CDs - 86 episodes

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"The Knock"
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War of The WorldsSaucermenAliens have been a staple in science fiction and fantasy when humans imagine how would alternative forms of intelligent life look like and behave.  This OTRCAT collection includes science fiction old time radio's versions of aliens, UFOs, Martians, and little green men, including many adaptations from science fiction writers. 

Science fiction with aliens allowed audiences to play out the fantasy of invasion during the red scare by substituting Communists for aliens.  Before the red scare, the precursor to alien invasion old time radio show is Orson Welles version of H.G. Welles "War of the Worlds" for Mercury Theater, which aired on October 30, 1938.  On the cusp of the next great war, Orson Welles' tale of Martians invading Earth terrified the American public who were accustomed to news bulletins. 

Writers allowed their imagination to expand making these science fiction old time radio show especially engaging.  

  • UFOs that land on military airbases
  • Little green men threatening patients at a sanitarium
  • Martians planning parades
  • Aliens warning humans of the fate of mankind
  • Meteors carrying mind-controlling alien heads

Old Time Radio Shows included in this collection: 2000 Plus, Dangerous Assignment, Dimension X, Escape, Exploring Tomorrow, Hall of Fantasy, Quiet Please, Space Patrol, Suspense, Tales of Tomorrow, X-Minus One, and more.

See also: Sci-Fi Listener's Favorites , Science Fiction Authors Collection, and Robots Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 41 shows - total playtime 20 hours 31 minutes

2000 + 500000 Rocket & the Skull
2000 + 500329 The Men from Mars
2000 + 500503 When the Worlds Met
2000 + 500705 17 A Veteran Comes Home
2000 + 500928 23 The Green Thing
2000 + Flying Saucers
Abc Radio Workshop Mars Is Heaven
Dangerous Assignment 500417 14 Flying Saucer Over Santa
Dhcs 500502 Soaring Saucer
Dimension X 500506 Knock
Dimension X 500603 The Embassy
Dimension X 500707 Mars Is Heaven
Dimension X 500728 The Potters Of Firth
Dimension X 500818 The Martian Chronicals
Dimension X 500825 The Parade
Dimension X 510114 The Martian Death March
Dimension X 510726 Courtesy
Dimension X 510906 First Contact
Dimension X 510927 Nightfall
Edward R Murrow 500624 The Case For Flying Saucers
Escape 500331 Green Splotches
Escape 530329 The Invader
Escape 531004 Zero Hour
Exploring Tomorrow Desert Object
Exploring Tomorrow First Contact
Exploring Tomorrow Madeinavak (Fairfight)
Exploring Tomorrow Mimic
Exploring Tomorrow Planet Of Geniuses
Exploring Tomorrow The Martian Queen
Fibber Mcgee 500328 The Flying Saucer
Hall Of Fantasy 530420 Out Of Sky
Hall Of Fantasy 530810 Man From Second Earth
Hollywood Radio Theater The Day The Earth Stood Still
Lights Out 370616 The Meteor Man
Long John Nebel Flying Saucer Story
Lux Radio Theater 540104 The Day The Earth Stood Still
Lux Radio Theater 550208 War Of The Worlds
Mt 381030 117 The War Of The Worlds
Mt 381030 117a War Of The Worlds Uncut
Mysterious Traveler 480622 159 Zero Hour
Phil Harris 500402 B68 Frankie And The Flying Saucers X

Volume 2:
45 shows - total playtime 18 hours 55 minutes

Quiet Please 490220 Where Do You Get Your Ideas
Quiet Please 490508 Other Side Of The Stars
Sp 530307 Crystals Of Zeldabran
Sp 540116 Exiles From Danebula
Sp 540220 Visitors From Galaxy 9
Sp 541016 Visitor From Arctrona
Suspense 530202 Plan X
Suspense 540215 The Outer Limit
Suspense 551011 Heavens To Betsy
Suspense 570317 The Outer Limit
Suspense 600103 Zero Hour
Suspense 600710 Report From A Dead Planet
Tales Of Tomorrow 530312 Martians Never Die
Tales Of Tomorrow 530402 Morrow On Mars
X Minus One 550501 The Parade
X Minus One 550508 Mars Is Heaven
X Minus One 550522 Knock
X Minus One 550728 The Embassy
X Minus One 550818 Courtesy
X Minus One 551006 First Contact
X Minus One 551123 Zero Hour
X Minus One 551207 Nightfall
X Minus One 560208 Cchute
X Minus One 560508 The Seventh Order
X Minus One 560529 Lulungameena
X Minus One 560612 If You Was A Moklin
X Minus One 560731 Student Body
X Minus One 560807 The Last Martian
X Minus One 560911 The Lifeboat Mutiny
X Minus One 561003 Protective Mimicry
X Minus One 561017 Soldier Boy
X Minus One 561024 Pictures Don't Lie
X Minus One 561114 The Martian Death March
X Minus One 561212 Hostess
X Minus One 570109 Saucer Of Loneliness
X Minus One 570130 Caretaker
X Minus One 570213 The Trap
X Minus One 570320 Protection
X Minus One 570327 At The Post
X Minus One 570403 Martian Sam
X Minus One 570711 Early Model
X Minus One 570808 The Scapegoat
X Minus One 571003 The Wind Is Rising
X Minus One 571128 Shocktroop
X Minus One 571219 Double Dare



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