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Top Ten Reasons to Listen to Scary Radio Shows

Witchs Tale

1.) Have a Halloween Party? Get an instant download to your order and pop in those spooky shows for all your guests!

2.) Radio shows are the perfect solution to waiting for Trick or Treaters. Listen to scary radio shows while you wait for the little goblins and ghouls to get their treats. 

3.) Have a radio listening party! Pick your favorite spooky radio show and listen by the fire with some warm apple cider.  

4.) Best of old time radio! Many consider mystery and horror radio shows to be the best for the theater of the mind. Check out our best of collections

5.) Lights Out Everyone! There is nothing scarier than listening to a creepy radio show at night in the dark. We recommend only for the brave!

6.) Grandkids and kids love spooky shows. Listen to the radio show first to make sure it's not too scary, but even teens will love a classic spooky radio show. Witch's Tale is a good start, but be careful what little ears hear.

7.) Road Trips with the fall leaves. Cruise in the crisp autumn air and listen to a great radio play. May we recommend our open road collection.

8.) Share a radio show over long distances. Cousin or brother lives far away? You can both listen to the same radio show and talk about it! 

9.) Raking leaves? Nothing makes a chore more fun than listening to radio shows! Listen to The Whistler to "whistle while you work." 

10.) Around the campfire: Get some s'mores and some spooky shows for a memorable night around the campfire and enjoy some ghost tales.

Did we miss one?

When do you listen to spooky old time shows and what's your favorite spooky program?

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