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Best of Old Time Radio

These collections are hand picked by our fans and friends and we know that you will enjoy each episode. You know when you hear these collections, each episode was carefully chosen as one of the best in the series.

Popular Series like Suspense, Dragnet, and Gunsmoke can take hours upon hours of listening to hear the whole collection. It's true that hours listening to old time radio can the best hours of your life, it can be nice to have hand-picked episodes of the finest episodes in the most popular series. 

Best of Gunsmoke
Best of Gunsmoke
This collection includes OTRCAT's favorite Gunsmoke episodes including "Billy the Kid", "Buffalo Hunter", "Home Surgery" and many more of the classic old time radio western.
Jack Webb Dragnet
Best of Dragnet
"Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent". 
Best of Suspense
Suspense was a highly popular and successful radio program with over twenty years on the air. The show is widely considered to be the best radio program in the mystery and horror genre.
Best of Whistler
Best of The Whistler
One of the most popular and best Mystery shows in the history of old time radio, The Whistler ran for 15 straight years. 

Best of Escape
Featuring hand-picked radio shows from Escape, one of the best drama anthologies on the air.
Inner Sanctum
Best of Inner Sanctum
Best Inner Sanctum shows with host Raymond."Pleasant Dreeeeeams, hmm?"
Lux Radio
Best of Lux Radio Theater
Over the years, there were 900+ episodes of Lux Radio Theatre and we've handpicked the best for this original collection!
Best of CBS Radio Mystery Theater
There were 1,399 original episodes of CBSRMT recorded and this collection is of fifty of the very best.

Jack Benny
Best of Jack Benny Gags
This is a compilation of some of Jack Benny's best running gags and first appearances by his stellar comedy cast.
Sci Fi
Science Fiction Listener Favorites
This collection includes favorites from a wide range of classic series. From Suspense to Lights Out to favorites such as Mysterious Traveler and Quiet Please, this collection contains the best of old time radio science fiction.
Horror Listener Favorites
Horror Listener Favorites
Ghouls, mysteriously blinking green lights, and hitchhikers without faces! Listen to favorite shows from Lights Out, X Minus One, Suspense, and more.
and more!
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These are just great!! Love the old time radio programs. Love the Johnny Dollar's!!

Angeline Phillips

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