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Top Radio Westerns

Western Stories are set in the rural South West United States and take place during the mid to late 1800's. But like the West itself, the genre is too big and wild to be constrained even by rules.

Cereal Serials
Kids and Cowboys go together, and producers knew it. Take a look at one of the earliest successful Kiddie Westerns:

Bobby Benson
Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders
Bobby Benson and the B Bar B Riders were a Western version of Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy. What better place to grow up and learn to be a better man than a working cattle ranch?
Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger is one of the iconic characters in American folklore, and he got his start on Mutual, airing from 1933 through 1954.
Red Ryder
Red Ryder
Best remembered today for his 1,000 shot Daisy Carbine Air Rifle, Red Ryder started out as "America’s famous fighting cowboy" in the comics and later on radio.

Straight Arrow
Straight Arrow
Hurry home from school and get your homework done, it is almost time for Straight Arrow, a Comanche boy raised by ranchers who becomes a great warrior to do good and right wrongs.
Tom Mix
Tom Mix
Tom Mix was one of the great American popular cowboys, and he was one who was a real cowboy, too! 

Adult Westerns

Scholars recognize three distinct but overlapping eras of Western Fiction in literature and movies. These are the Wholesome Era which lasted into the 1950's, the Flawed Hero Era of the 1960's, and the often violent Anti-Heroes of the 1970's which have lasted to a certain extent through the present day.

This series is considered by many to be the greatest classic radio show of all time. William Conrad is Matt Dillon in this classic western old time radio show.
Six Shooter
The Six Shooter
Jimmy Stewart plays the honorable drifter Britt Ponsett in the well-made Western The Six Shooter.
Frontier Town
Frontier Town
Frontier Town is the story of the individual sagas of different towns in the wild west starring Jeff Chandler. 

Hawk Larabee
Hawk Larabee
Texas cattleman Hawke Larabee seemed determined to prove that there was more to being a cowboy than days in the saddle chasing bad hombres and strumming a guitar. There were also lots of tales to tell where the characters wore hats that were often gray rather than just black or white

Have Gun Will Travel
Have Gun, Will Travel
Stories revolved around gun-for-hire with principles, Paladin. Played on the radio by John Dehner, Paladin preferred to try to work out problems without violence if possible, he worked for people who he felt were wronged and could pay.


Western Historical Programs
The great majority of Western Programs featured recurring characters and situations. An exception would be the western movie adaptations presented on Lux Radio Theater and Screen Director's Playhouse. Another exception is the Historical Anthology programs.

Death Valley Days
Death Valley Days
Join us with Real Stories of Life in the West
Frontier Fighters
Frontier Fighters
Follow the opening of the North American Continent as Frontier Fighters follow the exploits of the brave explorers who pioneered their way into the interior. Hear history unfolding before your ears.
American Trail
The American Trail
The American Trail tells the story of these brave men and women: from Louis and Clark to the great ol' California Gold Rush.

Like old movies, the radio western dramas continue to be great entertainment. 

They are a snapshot of our values and expectations during their time in history.

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