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Staying Healthy At Home with Old Time Radio

Listening to radio

These days we're all looking for extra smiles and joy to bring the fun home. Here are some nifty ideas for radio listening:

Daily Routine. Pick times to listen to a specific shows (i.e. Breakfast Club at 8:00am, Jack Benny at 7:00pm, Suspense at 8:00pm) and repeat it throughout the week. 

Stay Connected. Share shows with friends or family then talk about them via phone or video chat. 

Exercise. Do exercise or walk while listening to shows. Exercising is good for your mind and body and when you stay entertained, it's easier to walk longer. 

We at OTRCAT have spent decades researching, cataloging, and investigating old time radio shows and their creators. It is our mission to help people everywhere listen to old time radio shows and share the rich history with the next generation.  

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Listening to these shows during the pandemic have been a life safer for us. These recordings are great!!!


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