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Old Time Radio and Exercise

1933 Gym


Many of our listeners have mentioned the benefits of exercise while listening to old time radio shows.  It's never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes and everyone can benefit from moving their body.  While listening to old time radio shows while exercising, you will be done before you know it. 

If you are new to exercise, try walking around your living room 3 times a week while listing to a 5-minute radio show like Five Minute Mysteries or Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries.  After a couple of weeks, move on to 15-minute radio shows like the 5-part Yours Truly Johnny Dollar series.  When you are feeling stronger, trying walking for longer lengths of time to 30-minute radio shows like Dragnet or your favorite radio drama. 

Whatever your fitness levels it is important to make a point to move everyday.  But please check with your health care provider before beginning any exercise program.  A good exercise for seniors is a range of motion workout, which can improve quality of life.  Range of motion exercises can include touching both hands overhead or try passing a ball in front and behind your midsection. 

Honor your body and know where your physical limits are.   Modify workouts to fit your needs.   Remember any activity is better than none, even if that just includes tapping your toes to old time radio shows!

Happy Listening and Happy Health!

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How can I listen when on a walk?

Richard Blamey

Thank you very much. I absolutely adore your site and look forward to your news letters. I am considering to download all my purchased recordings to my MP3 player in order to listen to your nostalgic music, whilst out on my daily walk during this coronavirus lockdown.


Another health benefit from Old Time Radio at least for me. I have always had a hard time getting myself to walk for exercise. I would get so bored. Now I look forward to walking--because I listen to Old Time Radio while I walk. Listening to the various programs has become a real motivation to walk.


Thank you so much for the advice on trying to keep fit while listening to your huge variety listings of old-time radio programming. It sounds like an ideal way to try getting in exercise and enjoying old-time radio at the same time. I still have very fond memories of listening to "Suspense", "The FBI In Peace And War" among many others on my Grandparents' old Philco Floor Console Radio.


I’m feeling much better after seeing Your health and fitness illustration! Thank you


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