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Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in OTR

Roy Rogers Collectibles

Roy and DaleAs a Western Figure in old time radio, Roy Rogers wasn't the gruff Matt Dillion on Gunsmoke or stern Luke Slaughter.  The public was well aware that Roy Rogers wasn't really rounding up cattle in turquoise fringed western shirts.  However, Roy Rogers glamorized the representation of American Cowboy and created an icon with a trick horse, a beautiful cowgirl, an amazing dog, a bumbling sidekick, and lighthearted songs. His beautiful cowgirl was Dale Evans.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans married and became an unstoppable force in the singing cowboy genre.  They made 28 movies together and recorded over 300 songs.  Both talented singers, they joined their horses Trigger his Golden Palomino, and Buttermilk as well as the Wonderdog Bullet his German Shepherd Dog, in the fantastic Roy Rogers Show.   The couple marketed their image on Lunch Boxes, dolls, song books, and even a Fast Food Restaurant Chain.

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Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers Collection
The original "King of the Cowboys" is packed with new recordings of The Roy Rogers old time radio show and many guest appearances. Join Roy, "Queen of the West" Dale Evans, Trigger, Bullet, and the gang in this fun western adventure-variety show.

Dale Evans
Dale Evans Collection

Married to Roy Rogers, AKA King of the Cowboys, she was the Queen of the West. An unstoppable duo in the singing cowboy genre, together they made 28 movies and recorded over 300 songs. This collection includes some of Dale Evans early classic radio works on the Bergen and McCarthy show and as well as a sampling of her performances on the Roy Rogers old time radio show.

"Happy trails to you,
Until we meet again.
Happy trails to you,
Keep smiling until then."

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