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Old Time Radio Memory: James Goff: Remembering Sci-fi Radio

At the peak of children's action adventure radio shows, e.g, Jack Armstrong, I was 10 years old and it was July, 1941. My father sold bakery goods door-to-door for Helm's Bakeries in Los Angeles. I loved to go with him. My mother made me a uniform just like his. Bread, small loaf, sold for six cents, and my pay was the penny from every loaf.

Sometimes, I got tired in the afternoon and listened to my favorite adventure program, Buck Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century. My dad really did not like that program and said that rocket ships, trips to the moon, television, etc. was bunk and would never happen. He lived long enough to watch men on the moon, on TV. I reminded him that it was, according to him, bunk. He laughed and I got a big hug.

-James Goff, born 1931

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