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Income Tax Old Time Radio Shows

Old Time Radio Tax Shows

Nothing in life is certain except death and laughing at old time radio shows about taxes.

Ease your annual tax pains by listening to these Income-tax-themed old time radio shows free to download from the Tax Time Collection.  Read about each episode and listen to these old time radio programs:

Fibber McGee and Molly

Fibber McGee and Molly - (Comedy)

"Fibber Interviewed by Tax Assessor" from May 20, 1947
Hilariousness ensues when Fibber McGee brags about his "price heirlooms" around the house to the visiting female tax assessor, "Mrs Pushcart."




Great Gildersleeve - (Comedy)

"Income Tax Forms" from March 25, 1951
"Gibberish!" Gildy has to must decide to complete income tax forms or build a doghouse for Leroy's new dog, "Stinky."



Luigi, on Life with Luigi

Life with Luigi - (Comedy)

"Income Tax Season" from March 7, 1950
In this week's adventure in America: poor Luigi must pay his income tax. Pasquale's calculates Luigi's tax debt at $300,000. Then after playing Monopoly with Luigi's ledger, Luigi's is convinced he owes 1 million dollars.


All these episodes are from the
Tax Time
Tax Time Collection in the Holiday Collection

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