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 Words with Music

1 MP3 CD - 16 episodes

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"Music with Poetry"
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DH LawrenceWords with Music featured organ music reveries and intertwined with poetry.  Some guest stars include Agnes Moorehead, Ona Munson, Merle Oberon, and Raymond Burr reading poetry.  The organ music is dreamy and relaxing which sets a beautiful tone for the features poetry from amateurs and well known writers like William Shakespeare, John Keats, D. H. Lawrence. 

Words with Music could sometimes be called No Words with Music andalternative broadcasts were created that omitted the poetry from the program. The show was produced by AFRS and Hilton Spaninger, Milton Charles, and Bob Mitchell Ona Munson, guest star and poetry readerserved as organist for Words with Music respectively.

Poetry and Music radio programs were very popular during the golden age of old time radio. For more dreamy music, see also: Anthology, Moon River, Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade, The NEHI Program, Enchanted Hour, Tony Won's Scrapbook, and Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

"The Sea," by D. H. Lawrence

You, you are all unloving, loveless, you;
Restless and lonely, shaken by your own moods,
You are celibate and single, scorning a comrade even,
Threshing your own passions with no woman for the threshing-floor,
Finishing your dreams for your own sake only,
Playing your great game around the world, alone,
Without playmate, or helpmate, having no one to cherish,
No one to comfort, and refusing any comforter.

Not like the earth, the spouse all full of increase
Moiled over with the rearing of her many-mouthed young;
You are single, you are fruitless, phosphorescent, cold and callous,
Naked of worship, of love or of adornment,
Scorning the panacea even of labour,
Sworn to a high and splendid purposelessness
Of brooding and delighting in the secret of life's goings,
Sea, only you are free, sophisticated.

You who toil not, you who spin not,
Surely but for you and your like, toiling
Were not worth while, nor spinning worth the effort!

You who take the moon as in a sieve, and sift
Her flake by flake and spread her meaning out;
You who roll the stars like jewels in your palm,
So that they seem to utter themselves aloud;
You who steep from out the days their colour,
Reveal the universal tint that dyes
Their web; who shadow the sun's great gestures and expressions
So that he seems a stranger in his passing;
Who voice the dumb night fittingly;
Sea, you shadow of all things, now mock us to death with your shadowing.


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

16 shows - total playtime 3 hours 56 minutes

Words With Music 131
Words With Music 132
Words With Music 279 With Poetry
Words With Music 280 Without Poetry
Words With Music 281 With Poetry
Words With Music 282 Without Poetry
Words With Music 643 With Poetry
Words With Music 644 Without Poetry
Words With Music 659 With Poetry
Words With Music 660 Without Poetry
Words With Music 669 With Poetry
Words With Music 670 Without Poetry
Words With Music 673 With Poetry
Words With Music 674 Without Poetry
Words With Music Gift Of The Magi
Words with Music with Poetry



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