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 Western Rarities

1 MP3 CD - 56 episodes


"Rin Tin Tin"
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Rin Tin TinThis collection contains many rare episodes of western-theme old time radio shows, many of which are the only known existing episodes to have survived. Included in the collection are episodes from:

  • Death Valley Days
  • Rin Tin Tin
  • Saunders of the Circle X
  • Silver Eagle
  • Wild Bill Elliott
  • Zane Grey
    .... and much more!

One of the first genres that highlighted a uniquely American-historical subject was western-theme television, radio, comic books, and film. This genre began in the 1880's and gained popularity through the 1950s and 1960's and continues today. This collection includes some of the most rare western-theme old time radio shows known to exist.

Text on OTRCAT.com 2001-2011 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

Death Valley DaysThis collection celebrates the rare radio shows celebrating and exploring the western genre. Death Valley Days was an extremely popular show in the late 1930s and was based on true western stories about bandits, rangers, and other western themes. Rin Tin Tin is most known for his films and television shows, but the famous dog also starred in a radio show; there are some very rare episodes included with this collection. Additionally there is a number of "Other Episodes with Western Themes" in a folder which contains some excellent episodes from various other series (including Lux Radio Theater, Bill Stern, Silver Theater, Suspense and others...) all with a western flair.

For more adventurous animals, see also: Adventures of Champion (Gene Autry's Horse), Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, The Challenge of the Yukon, and the Original OTRCAT Dog Collection.

For more OTRCAT singing cowboys, see also:

See also: Western Sampler and Western Adventures with Historical Figures.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

56 shows - total playtime 29 hours 24 minutes

Death Valley Days
Death Valley Days - Sam Bass
Death Valley Days 380617 398 Burro That Had No Name
Death Valley Days xxxxxx Dear Teacher

Hawk Durango
Hawk Durango 460802 Brazos John & The Eastern Bride

Hawk Larabee
Hawk Larabee 461107
Hawk Larabee 470718 mountain central railroad
Hawk Larabee 470906 blind chuckaluck
Hawk Larabee 471228 Brannigan

Rin Tin Tin
Rin Tin Tin 551127 The White Buffalo
Rin Tin Tin 551113 The Ambassador

Saunders of the Circle X
Saunders of the Circle X 411113 07 The Dam

Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle 540720 Decoy For Death

Wild Bill Elliott
Wild Bill Elliott 480703 First Show
Wild Bill Elliott ep. 3 500

Zane Grey
Zane Grey Show Tex Thorne

Other Episodes with Western Themes
AAT460504 06 Stagecoach
AAT460608 11 Ruggles Of Red Gap
Bill Stern 450914 e306 Brace Beemer
Bill Stern 461025 e364 Gene Autry
Bill Stern 470613 e396 Roy Rogers
Bill Stern 471010 e419 Gene Autry
Bing Crosby 440629 with Roy Rogers
bm471207 with Roy Rogers
bm541226 Hoppy
Bob Hope 520610 San Diego Nas Dale Evans & Roy Rogers
Bugle ThemeJosef BonimeU.S. Borax, Inc (0.32)
fred 421025 Roy Rogers Courting of Jenny Sugs
KMH 490317 Guests Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
lux370531 Plainsman
lux390403 Silver Dollar
lux390710 227 Ruggles Of Red Gap
lux410616 312 The Lady From Cheyenne
lux420413 347 Northwest Mounted Police
lux440313 431 In Old Oklahoma
lux451105 501 Destry Rides Again
lux470428 570 My Darling Clementine
lux490307 Red River
lux510122 Broken Arrow
lux510312 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
lux510910 756 Fancy Pants w Bob Hope & Lucille Bal
lux550222 912 Shane (poor sound quality)
Martin Lewis 490802 18 w Hoppy
Roy Rogers Audition Bloopers And False Starts 480328
SA 000000 Fast Runner2 nd half
SA 480506 e001 Stage to Calvaydos
SA 490324 e060 Land Our Fathers
SA 490324 e244 Wasteland
SA 500102 e156 The Leader
SA 500207 e171 Sands of Gold
SA 510621 e292 Long Summer Big Pow Wow
SA 510621 e292 Long SummerLast Broadcast
SDP 490805 e028 Fort Apache
SDP 500303 e058 The Paleface
Silver Theater 390409 (28) The Man from Medicine Bow
Spns407 501214 A Killing In Abilene


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